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For those who do NOT use Titleist golf balls...

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I used to always default back to the Pro V1 or Pro V1x after trying many balls from TM Penta, Nike 20xi, and various Bridgestone balls. Until I found the B330-S. The B330-S is in my bag for good :).

I think the technology for golf balls is getting narrower. Sometimes when I'm just having fun, I'll grab a 3-pack of balls from the Pro Shop before my round and just try them out.

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I am trying to decide what ball I should try next.  I think I am going to try out the Srixon Z star and Q star and see which I prefer.

I played a pro v1 last round and did like it but I don't really want to play those, too expensive and everyone uses them.   I did not really notice a difference in distance between the Pro v1 and Srixon AD333 though.

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I play Callaway balls. This summer I've been playing the Tour IS'. I really like them, and I've tried some PROV1's and they just weren't my kinda ball. I think that golf balls is 100% a feeling type of thing. The only ball I WILL NOT play (strangly because I love TM equip) is taylormade balls. They just feel like rocks around the green.

I have been buying Callaway CP1 balls from Cosco 24 for 29$. 2 piece ball, but I love playing them.

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That may be one of the most asinine things I've heard in awhile. There is a reason why everyone plays them, two actually. One, the are the biggest ball manufacture in the entire world, and two, they make great rocks and have for decades. Why you would simply overlook them for being the biggest is peculiar to say the least.

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When Im hitting them straight I buy Bridgestone e5's.  They stop on a dime if you need them to, and distance wise I haven't noticed a difference between them or anything else.   Otherwise I buy used grade A balls for $1 a piece.

Golf World (the UK magazine) put about 30 different balls on a robot and measured distance, spin, etc...   The E5 was the only sub $40 ball that performed in the $40 ball range.  Wish I could find the grid because it was pretty eye opening.  On the other hand the least spinning, farthest flying ball was the regular Taylormade Burner.

Originally Posted by Bryan SD2

Tell us why?

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I normally play Titleist, usually regular ProV's, but I'm picking up the Srixon Q-Star today based on some referrals....

I have a scramble tomorrow and do not want to use the Titleist.  I'll post again after I play them!

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I'm currently hitting Srixon Z-Star XV's & love em but Bridgestone is having their ball fitting clinic here in 2 weeks so I'm anxious to see the comparison. Titleist lost me after the '04 version of the Pro V1x. Nothing from them since then has had the best distance-control-spin combination for me like that one did. *Shot from my Bolt*
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i got 24 used prov1/x quite cheap and they are a good ball, but i wont buy them again. mainly the balls i got are beat up, so i not getting the best performance out of them, and i refuse to pay the price they ask for 12 new prov1/x purely because i will bankrupt my self,

im at the level where i lose a fair few balls so having tried a few cheaper middle of the road balls, i have 2 preferred choices

first nike pd soft, get good distance driver spin has been reduced yes i still slice/hook but 90% off the tee are playable around the green i get good check, learning to hit down onto the ball to impart back spin and theses balls do stop, actually got one to spin back at me a little on friday!

2nd choice are srixon ad333 very similar to the nike pd soft i just prefer to use the nike's i think thats the nike fan boy in me!

and i have just bought some srixon soft feel balls not used them yet so will report back my personal exp with the ball,

the nike pd soft and the srixons, are half the price and more forgiving for me and my playing abilty maybe when i used the same ball for a few rounds i will "upgrade" to a more exspensive high end premium ball

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I'm fond of my Callaway balls. I love the HX Hot Bite and the HX Diablo. I usually visit www.lostgolfballs.com and pay for AAAAA 1st Quality and usually 99.9% of the balls are flawless with a tacky luster on them as if they just came out of the box. I picked up 50 Big Bertha Diablos for $29.95 and several dozen Srixon AD333 for almost $9 a dozen. Just can't beat those prices anywhere. At first I was thinking it was a risk and they'd be shredded, chunked, discolored and nasty to look at. 1st quality are nearly flawless. I'll never buy a ball at GolfGalaxy again now.

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Never really used any 1 ball in particular. Tended to stick with the lower end golf balls, but they worked. The Nike MOJO and Maxfli Revolutions have usually been my ball of choice, but started using Srixon Z and Q stars this year and they're really growing on me.
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Note: This thread is 3802 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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