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    • Day 319 Didn't get much sleep last night so felt crappy all day, and didn’t have great energy or focus practicing. Did some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and then hit about 25 balls with a 5-iron. Actually hit the ball surprisingly well considering how tired I felt. 
    • Today’s Session 10-27-20 GOALS: Internal rotation of trail hip Wider, shorter backswing (if goal 1 gets easier) Swings (with 8 iron today)   Goal 1: Trail legs This looks like success to me. Trail knee is facing pretty straight (FO). Goal 2: Wide arms, shorter backswing I was not able to try this too much today. Goal 1 still took too much mental effort. I will be able to work on shortening backswing soon.   I must get the club to go more “around” and less “up”. This path causes shanks for me. Takeaway must be more “low and away” Arm action seems wide enough. Just have to not hinge wrists up so fast. Also my head is not twisting and kinking as bad. I’m not thinking about it, but it is doing better.
    • I meant to post about this round a few days ago, but here it is! We played my birthday round this past weekend at UNC Finley. I briefly thought about the gold tees (~6800 yards), but we all ended up playing the blue tees which were about 6200 yards (yes, even my brother played these tees, even against recommendations from me, my mom and my dad to play the white tees), and I shot a 95 (46-49). I’m fairly happy with my front nine, two doubles and one par with 17 putts. The back nine, however, is where my putting went sour. I had a lot of 50-footers on the huge greens, and I took 23 putts, including a four-putt double on the 11th hole. That was the low point of the round, although I did finish with my only triple bogey of the day. It wasn’t even that hard a hole (straightforward 370-yard par 4).  Although a bit more penal than my home track, I loved this course, particularly the par-5 17th. This one was just over 500 yards from the blue tees, with split fairways on the second shot. The green was what I thought was the most difficult on the course. It was two-tiered, but the top tier was 18 inches above the low tier. The pin was on the lower tier, and my brother found himself on the upper tier. He three-putted, which is actually pretty fair from where he was.  This was a fun golf course, particularly the back nine. My favorite stretch was 15-17. I mentioned 17 above. 15 is a longish par 4 with water all down the left side. The 16th is another par 4, this one about 360 from the blue tees. The tee shot is over a huge area of gorse, making for a heck of a view, not to mention intimidating! The approach is all uphill, at least a club. I also played a twilight nine today. After making triple on the first hole, I played well (with the exception of a double from 90 yards on the sixth hole) on the last eight to shoot 46. My bother came along too. But when we finished the third hole, he hopped over to the sixth tee and played 6-9. He claims to have gone double-birdie-bogey-par after going +4 on the first three, meaning he shot +6 for seven holes. A really solid round from him. So 27 solid holes of golf in the past few days. I’m pretty happy with where my game is right now. I haven’t been scoring great, but I’m hitting the ball well. I need to work out a few bugs with putting (exactly 100 putts in my last 45 holes), but I’m playing well apart from that.
    • Good luck!  No excuses, you know the golf course.
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