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    • Thanks. My sibs and I get each other presents with about a $40 cap, so that works perfectly. I've told them that golf balls are always one thing I'm sure to use. 
    • I'll tell you what, if you happen to have a certain "big box sporting goods" store in your area that sells the Callaway Diablo Tour ball (3 dozen for $40.00 right now).....jump all over it. You can also order them on-line even if you don't have that "sporting goods" store in your area. Good three piece ball for the price.
    • There are a lot of people that just don´t care about learning the new rules.  I was playing with an old guy the other day, he proceeded to drop from shoulder height. I told him that it was from knee heigh. He said "Ah, ok, the new rules don´t they?" I said yes.. the "new rules" from a year ago! I´m 99% confident that he played all year long with the old rules, like many golfers out there.    
    • The 11th sends us to Rule 11, where the distinction between accidental and deliberate actions are crucial. CliffsNotes version: BALL MOVED BY ANOTHER BALL and BALL HITS ANOTHER BALL If a player's ball is accidentally moved by another ball or if a player's ball accidentally hits another ball, the moved ball must be replaced. (R9.6) The ball which did the "hitting" is played as it lies. (R11.1a & b) No penalty to anyone.    Exception: If a player's putt hits another ball at rest on the putting green, the player's ball must be played as it lies. (R11.1b) The moved ball must be replaced. (R9.6) The penalty to the player is two strokes. (R11.1a, Exception) BALL HITS THE PLAYER If a player's ball accidentally hits him or herself or their equipment, the ball must be played as it lies. No penalty. (R11.1a) DOUBLE HIT If a player accidentally hits the ball more than once with their stroke, they must play the ball as it lies. No penalty. (R10.1a) BALL HITS SOMETHING ELSE If a player's ball accidentally hits another player, their equipment or anyone or anything else, the ball must be played as it lies. No penalty to anyone. (R11.1a)    Exception: On the putting green, if a player's putt accidentally hits any person, animal or movable obstruction other than a ball-marker, the flagstick or person attending the flagstick, they must replay the stroke. No penalty to anyone. (R11.1b, Exception 2) Rule 11 - Ball in Motion Accidentally Hits Person, Animal or Object; Deliberate Actions to Affect Ball in Motion Purpose of Rule: Rule 11 covers what to do if the player’s ball in motion hits a person, animal, equipment or anything else on the course. When this happens accidentally, there is no penalty and the player normally must accept the result, whether favorable or not, and play the ball from where it comes to rest.  Rule 11 also restricts a player from deliberately taking actions to affect where any ball in motion might come to rest. This Rule applies any time a ball in play is in motion (whether after a stroke or otherwise), except when a ball has been dropped in a relief area and has not yet come to rest. That situation is covered by Rule 14.3. Parts of Rule 11: 11.1 Ball in Motion ACCIDENTALLY Hits Person or Outside Influence 11.2 Ball in Motion DELIBERATELY Deflected or Stopped by Person 11.3 DELIBERATELY Moving Objects or Altering Conditions to Affect Ball in Motion Relevant Interpretations: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=interp&section=rule&rulenum=11  
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