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Best Shot of the Week


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Mine was the first tee (par 4) where I shanked a 2 iron and sent it behind a tree. I was kinda bummed and got up to the ball and had to chip out sideways. I was 125 yards away shooting my 3rd shot and right when I hit it I knew it was pure. It landed short of pin high 3 feet to the right and hopped once and stopped pin high. I made the putt and went into the second hole feeling great about my save
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Par 5. Had a 20' downhill putt that broke slightly right (1.5 cups right). Drained it.

Par 3. Had a 50' uphill put for birdie. I was too aggressive and ran the put 8' past the cup on the wrong line for the speed I ran. My par putt was 8' downhill with 1.5' of break to the right. Saved my par after a horrendous misjudge on my birdie opportunity.

Par 4 #8. I had to hit my second shot around a tree, a punch to the fairway. Third shot into the green. Left myself with a 15' par putt that had 2 cups worth of break. Saved par.

My putting was good yesterday. I was very happy with it.
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My best shot of the week was on the first tee box Sunday afternoon. It was a Par 4, and I crushed my driver shot and left it about 30 yards short of the green. It was one of the longest, most beautiful drives I've ever hit. I chipped on nicely, left my birdie put 6 inches short, and cleaned up for par.
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Par 5 dogleg left with wetlands dissecting fairways from 280 to 330.
First shot, driver right up the gut and almost into trouble...
Second shot pulled my 3 iron too far left and just scooted into the bushes...
Third shot had to play left handed to get the ball out in play...
Fourth shot played a 60* wedge but hit a branch from an overhanging tree, ball flew about 1 foot short of the fringe...
Fifth shot chipped in with a 9 iron from 40 feet
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Mine came today on a 450 yard Par 5 at my home course. Tee shot is 215 yards to water or 275 over teh water(uphill). I played it safe and hit my tee shot(an easy 5 wood) about 205 yards, just short of the water. So I was about 235 or so out and I hit my 3 wood to within 2 foot of the pin for a tap in eagle, don't get too many of those!
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Par 5 17th at Riverpines in Alpharetta. I had pulled my drive a little left and had a serious hanging lie on a downslope that defied physics, so I just punched it up the fairway (and nearly sprained my left ankle in the process) to about 130 yards out with a creek fronting the green. With a large tree in front of me, I had no other option but to hit a high draw... so I did... and stuck it about six feet below the hole. I missed the birdie putt, but the shot came off just as I visualized it.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I was playing the 9th hole at my local course, 220 yard par 4 (should be a par 3, but whatever). I hit a hybrid 3 just perfect , it had a slight push-draw right down the middle. I've never driven the green before but this time i was right in the middle of it.

Got it on video, too. You can't really see where the ball went except for a quick glimpse at 26 seconds. Considering I just started golfing this year I'd say it was a pretty damn good shot.
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Hey all, newbie here.

I just started playing (hitting) 2 weeks ago after having walked this planet for 48 years. I thought I hit pretty decent at the driving range for a complete noob. I did take a 1/2 lesson with a local instructor. I got the driver out on the 3rd trip to the range and was hitting them nice and straight with alot of height. Each time out it got a little more erractic. I should have left the driver in bag like the instructor told me. I decided to go play a 9 hole to get it out of my system. I picked an out of the way place so I wouldn't be holding people up. Everything went out the window as far as me hitting the ball cleanly. Real grass is different from perfectly flat mats and things get really narrow out on the course. I sucked but was having a ball. I came up to the 4th hole (par 3 170 yards) and tee'd off and hit the fringe farthest away from the hole. I don't even remember the club. haha I ended up 3 putting it out but was happy because the Tiger was finally making his charge. Well that didn't last long because 5 through 8 was back to amatuer hour. Number nine was a dogleg left elevated par 4 @ 325 yards with water protecting one side. I managed a 5 while making 2 really stupid putts. I think next time out should be better because hopefully the second time jitters won't be as bad as the first. Also, I know what I'm aiming for because hitting up over a knoll and not really knowing whats out there is difficult. I only lost 3 balls and didn't hit any in the water so a fine day was had.

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I hit a 5 iron from the tee on a 177 yard par 3 and hit it dead on line. Hit the green and stopped 10 feet from where it landed and had a 30 footer for birdie but missed it but the shot was very good looking floating so high and far.
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I was up against a fence, 160 yards out on hard pan with an uphill lie. Green was down about 20 feet and there was a strong wind coming in against the shot. I hit a 6 hybrid dead solid and left it 6 feet under the hole.
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I was a bit disappointed that I missed a par 5 green in two and left myself in a nearly impossible situation in the green side rough. Having several challenges to negotiate, I thought through the shot and talked myself through what I needed to do, where I wanted to land, how much speed, where the green breaks, where I wanted to end up, etc. I executed the shot perfectly and nearly holed it, while gladly taking the birdie. After the missed approach I could have been convinced that a par would have been difficult and perhaps a bogey more likely, but a well thought game plan and walkthrough of the shot helped me take a confident swing and execute the shot. That is why I felt that it was is my best shot of the week.
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135 yard par three I hit the highest pitching wedge ive ever hit with a huge draw.....the ball tracked towards the whole the entire way and landed literally on the front edge of the cup hit the flag and stopped an inch away from the hole.....my ball mark actually pushed a good amount of the green into the cup.
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