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Best Shot of the Week


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I've started, finally, after 35 years of life, learning to leave my ego in my pocket and just focus on hitting a pure shot, rather than a hard one.

I've been shaping shots like mad. Taking one less club than "normal" and throwing darts.

Loving the game right now.
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I was 5 yards off the green on a par 4. About 40' from the pin. Ball was pretty deep. I hit it pure with my 58* and it caught the break and dropped for birdie. Almost did it again later the same round. Hit the pin and rolled out about a foot.
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Hit one of the best shots of my life.

It was a short par 4 and I crushed a hybrid down to 100 yards out.
I hit a 54* that bounced in line with the hole. Bounced past it, and sucked back to 3 feet. Got a few claps since the green is in-line with the 1st teebox and there were a load of people waiting to tee off.
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My best shot was not on the golf course. I was chipping the golf ball in my front yard with my 9 iron and my friend was in my garage (about 15 feet away). My garage is about 5 feet higher the my front yard. So anyways I called out my friends name and as he was turning around I hit him in the stomach with the ball. hahah

That's great, made me laugh.

Mine was today on #2 a Par 4 351 yards. Hit a 250 yard drive dead middle of fairway. I clubbed up from a 56* to 52* because there is a bunker in front protecting green. Had 125 to back green, which slopes back to front. Hit a perfect, 3/4 52* to within 12 feet, parred the hole.
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7 iron from about 160 on a decently tricky par 3. The ball landed about 6 feet past the pin and spun back to 6 feet in front of the pin. It was a wonder it a) didn't hit the flag on the fly, and b) didn't roll into the hole. It much have missed by inches at the most.
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First shot on the course with my new Nike SQ Machspeeds. At the 150 stick I pull the 7iron (figuring I would get 135 max in the air and then it would roll to the green). I hit it flush and the ball takes off like it was shot out of a cannon, lands on the front of the green, and rolls right past the hole to the back fringe. Not a terrible great shot, but I got roughly 20 yards more carry on that shot than I used to get with my old set of irons so I got excited.
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Waialae Country Club

15th hole, 415 yards.

I drove a ball down the left side that had a soft fade (a little wind aide too) and ended up in the center of the fairway 82 yards to the center of the green.

I also rolled in a long downhill putt from the fringe but that felt a little lucky...

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Was on the 8th hole at my home course, par 3 173 yards. I hit a 7I far right to the hole, and then a PW into the bunker on the right side of the green. Took out my 64* wedge and shot. The ball went up, landed softly on the green, and rolled into the hole.
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Best was a 20 yard pitch shot with my 60° wedge after underclubbing on a 150 yard par 3. I was short-sided, going uphill about 5 feet, with a bunker's right edge a foot or two to the left of the line between the ball and the hole. Pin was probably 8 feet from the fringe, no more. Aimed right at the inside of the fringe, landed it maybe two or three feet past that, and watched it roll to about 8 inches, just past the hole. Easy tap in for the first par I've ever carded on that hole in probably a dozen attempts!
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Had a chip-in from about 15 feet off the green to a pin about 10 feet from the fringe. Beautiful shot that landed right and the scooted left and had just enough speed to drop into the cup.
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Par 3 148 yards at Stone Meadows in White Haven, Pa. Pull a 7 iron and hit it perfectly straight and very high, lands about 15 feet past the pin and rolls back to 10 feet. First time I have ever made a ball spin backwards. Damn, that was a great feeling.
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After a less than impressive lay up into the start of the tree line, laying in the rough at 179 yards. I took my 5 iron and 3/4 swing with the ball back in my stance and hit a low boring shot that nailed the green and 2 putted to save par.
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