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  1. I think @iacas has given reasons against that. I was listening to Hank Haney today at lunch and he basically echoed the same thing. The players don't want this because they can't endorse a product the public can't buy. Also, the kind of golfers that might have to buy extra equipment would be myself (lower handicappers that might play in both worlds)...and I'd be pissed about it. I'd have to have equipment to play in USGA events/qualifiers (if they enforce them there) and also equipment to play at my club in regular tournaments. I'd have to practice also with both equipment, spending more money on two different sets of the same damn thing. What about range balls? Are they going to provide two different types of balls for players that need to practice both? Do you think clubs are going to do that or be happy about that? Buying extra balls and having to sort them every day? It's just stupid. I don't see a product that is broken yet people are trying to find a fix.
  2. $299 for Pinehurst #2...but that included a stay at the hotel as well. This was about 8 years ago when they were running a special in the winter. Lucked out with decent weather in late February. Straight greens fees...hard to say since both Pinehurst and Kiawah included hotels. Outside of those I did drop around $100 (plus caddie fees) to play #2 another time when they had a deal for CGA Interclub members. I really can't remember paying any more than $100 to play other places. I'd be glad to do so if the opportunity arose like at Sawgrass, Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines.
  3. So the PGA Tour has gained 0.44 yards per year since 2003. That actually doesn't sound bad. I really don't believe things are so dire and worrisome as some may believe. I'd actually attribute a good portion of the gains to science....of the swing and ballfight. Trackman (which was started back in 2002) and other technology has allowed for players to optimize their equipment and swings. Sure, equipment and balls have been tweaked in the past years but with the data these guys are collecting they are looking at small changes in their equipment to hit those perfect numbers. I'm not saying the pros don't want to or aren't trying to hit it longer. They absolutely are but I just don't see it causing irreparable harm to the game.
  4. I'm a fan. Didn't like the 18 hole playoff since, 1) I could never watch it and 2) I always felt it a little excessive. The two-hole aggregate is good since one swing may not kill you and gives us a little more golf. I like the idea of knowing who the winner is on Sunday.
  5. Nice! I'm sure we @coachjimsc and I can meet up somewhere in the spring for a round of golf and a hand-off of the trophy.
  6. Ball needs to be below the lip to be considered holed. You can move the flagstick to let a ball come to rest under the lip but I think that to have to mark the ball and replace it (above the lip) on the edge of the hole. I’m guessing it’s like when you have a ball that is wedges against the flagstick and not below the lip...if you remove the flagstick and the ball comes out then the ball has to be placed on the lip with no penalty. You haven’t made a stroke to put that ball under the lip.
  7. Another vote for Oakley. Been very happy with them. As others have said, the lenses are not too dark and do a good job just lightening things up . Sometimes, I take them off to read greens if it is early or late in the day and the sun isn't as bright.
  8. Voted sand. I've grown accustomed and fond of sand down here in NC. Like @klineka, I enjoy the golf in the sandhills and pines. There is less water hazards here, which is fine with me. I like the look/constrast of sand against the green of the course.
  9. In the morning by myself - around 2:30 walking. I don't mind a little more if I'm hitting some extra shots and practicing a bit. Regular foursome - Four hours. Anything longer (without waiting) than that, even everyone walking and on a 6500-ish tees, is long to me. In carts, I would expect to be able to play a little faster but I've found carts don't help as much as you think.
  10. As bad as he sprayed it off the tee, for him to finish as well as he did and not have one round over par is pretty encouraging. Plus he's pain free. Don't know if you could have expected or wanted more out of Tiger. I was just hoping for him to make the cut and finish 4 rounds healthy.
  11. I've always worn mine and it's never bothered me. However, if it bothers someone and the wife insists, I like @RichWW2's solution with a silicone ring.
  12. All Dye courses for me. The Ocean Course at Kiawah was the most difficult I've played. Wind was howling and you can't miss it in certain spots. Locally, another Dye course...The Dye Course at Sedgefield (formerly called The Cardinal) is one of the toughest in our area. It's harder than the Ross course that the pros play on (even though the ratings are slightly higher on the Ross) in my opinion. Last, the Dye course at Barefoot Landing...played from the tips is really challenging. Long and hard to get at pins....at least it was for me.
  13. Voted Fowler but nearly voted Someone Else. The "field" is always a good bet.
  14. Didn't mind Breed...he was a bit too high energy but that's kinda necessary for TV. Just a little too much for me like he just took a handful of shots of expresso. Will be interested to see what type of format that Foley and McCormick are used. Breed was (I believe) 100% a TV instructor. These guys have a bunch of students/players they have to manage as well.
  15. Only had 21 portable rounds (I played a lot of solo 18 and 9 hole rounds) with a high of 68 and a low of 68. Average score of 74.4. If I included those solo rounds the average number might have dropped a bit. For some reason I play better if I know it's only 9 holes. Sometimes I have to start thinking that way out on the course and not worry about the numbers.
  16. Always fun to reflect on the year past and what I want to accomplish for the next year. Break 70 multiple times - Only happened once last year. I had stretches where I should have done it more but there was always a hole or two that ruined it. Improved driving - I feel like this is one of the weaker spots in my game. It hasn't been consistent over the past few years but is definitely headed in the right direction. I want to keep that momentum going. Sharpen the wedges - I'm not good enough from inside 130. Need to be a lot better. Keep posting in "My Swing" thread - It was really helpful last year and I there are a few pieces I'm working on. Video is always an eye opener and the best way to track work on the swing. More tournaments - My schedule last year was not conducive to tournament play. Hope that changes this year...going to look for more opportunities to play competitive rounds.
  17. Just trying to measure of his rationality. Call it the Jar Jar test.
  18. Short game is a bit ugly. I think if he wins it will be later in the year.
  19. Definitely going zero on majors. I'm tempted on one tour victory...very tempted. Current over/under in vegas is 1.5 wins. I'd go under that prop bet.
  20. Exactly. Like I said, I might be nitpicking but it just look and felt stupid.
  21. Empire is dark as well...didn't need that much humor. Maybe I just miss Han Solo's dry wit. That's the humor I'm looking for...not the overt, squirting squid milk all over my beard, humor. I'm not even talking about Carrie Fischer, the person, here...the scene was dumb. Have the bridge get blasted and her knocked out. Cool. Other than telepathically communicating with Luke, Leia has NEVER shown force abilities. All of the sudden she can survive that long in outer space AND force her way back the ship? OK, OK, she doesn't need much "force" in outer space to move herself back to the ship...but you get my point. Just didn't like the scene at all. Rose, initially, doesn't seem like the multi-tasking kind of person. Her sister was a pilot, I'll grant you that but she's portrayed as anything but the pilot-type in the first scenes. I don't feel like the movie needs the Rose character.
  22. Not sure where to start. Haven't read every page of this thread, so here it goes. I think I'll like this movie better the more I watch it. At first pass, there were some really good parts and some others that I didn't like. Most of those were the unnecessary comedic relief. While it doesn't take away from the movie all together, I just wish there wasn't that much of it in the movie. What I liked: I was on the fence about Kylo Ren in TFA as a petulant kid. This movie redeemed it for me. I really liked the scenes with him and Rey "talking" and you can truly see and feel the conflict in him. The Rey "parents are nobody"...I like this but I'm not 100% sure it is true since it was coming from Kylo, right? Rian Johnson chimed in on this: The light-speed suicide crash. Awesome...i was one of the people in the theater making a gasping noise. I knew it was coming a few moments before it happened but when it did I loved the scene...silence as if you were watching it from outer space. Visually stunning and impactful. Getting rid of Snoke and making it about Kylo and Rey. I don't care about Snoke's backstory...couldn't care less. This trilogy is about killing the past and building a better future...or, as Kylo would have it, his future. Benicio del Toro. Enough said. What I didn't like: Too much comedy. I won't beat a dead horse. I did laugh at Chewie/Porg eating scene though. Leia "forcing" her way back onto the ship. Didn't like that at all. Looked and felt bad. The entire Finn/Rose plot line. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I didn't like the Phasma character in either of the movies and glad she's dead. And while we are on this topic...Rose can pilot a junk speeder? Really? I thought she was in the cargo bay doing inventory? WTF? I know their story helped build the bigger picture of the "machine" that feeds both sides of the war but I had enough of their plot line after she knocked him out. I would have been OK with all of this if Finn had died going into that rocket/battering ram and taken Rose with him. Rehashing of old lines/thoughts. The whole Rey "I can feel good in him and turn him" and Luke saying "no you can't" was predictable. I might be nitpicking here but I had the "I've heard that before" feeling too many times. I'm sure I'll add others but I wanted to chime in. I'll probably go see it again over Christmas break...
  23. #Don'tCare #RarelyHaveToast #IfIDoHaveToastWhyWasteTimeCuttingItIHaveBetterThingsToDo
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