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What did you get for Christmas?

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So what did your wife/husband/parents/kids/self get you for Christmas? For those of you who posted in the 'Santa Claus' thread, did you end up getting what you were hoping/asking/planning to get?


I got a new driver (early present to myself a few weeks ago), New Decade Multicompounds for all my clubs, a $50 GG gift card, and and 4 boxes of balls.


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Does trading in 2 clubs for new ones count? If so got myself a new Cleveland Launcher DST with Crossline mids and a Cleveland Launcher DST 5 wood and forgot to have Crossline mids put on. I guess I will be heading to the golfstore soon. Sorry Taylor but the clubs I traded in were a barely used TM rescue club 19* and a brand new TM 09 Burner.

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Phil's short game DVD. Already watched it and cannot wait to try out his technique which i am not currently using. 

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Got a new used (ebay) ping putter you see here. It's great! Just waiting for spring..

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I received a uPro GPS unit and a gift card which will be used for a new 5 wood. I also received 13 movies. Tomorrow I head to my parents to hopefully get another gift card.

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I got a bunch of hockey gear: new pants, gloves, stick, and bag.


But I also got 200 bucks in gift cards so i will be heading to edwinn watts really soon to go get a new driver drool.gif super excited. I have my eyes set on the cobra s2

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Golf wise - a pair of Loudmouth shorts, a Loudmouth hat, a couple nike dri-fit shirts, a frogger towel, a few brush tees and a box of prov1xs that I bought myself.


In addition I got about 9 different seasons of shows between Seinfeld, Family Guy and Prison Break.

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I reveived $300 in giftcards to Edwin Watts so Im going to pick up a new 910 driver sometime in January. 

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Got 3 Dozen Bridgestone e6's. A Nike Dri Fit Shirt, a putter holder clip for my golf bag etc. Great Christmas with my Family!!!!

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$100 cash, $110 Golf Galaxy gift card, 2 Adams Fast 10 heads (9.5* & 10.5*), R9, A4 forged irons and Pro Gold hybrid. I consider anything bought in December "Christmas gifts".

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100$ gift card and a I pad that I'm using right now :)

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My wife gave me a gift card for 20 cart rides at my course.  I walk most of the time but they'll come in handy on some of the 90+* days this summer.

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A golf vest and 1 dozen Bridgestone golf balls with our company logo - Casa Sedona Bed and Breakfast Inn - on them.


Oh, and another bicycle that arrived a few weeks early.  Specialzed Tarmac.  Awesome bike, super light, comfortable ride and FAST!! 

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White Hot Tour #9 putter (I love it!)


Pack of Noodle tour balls


and 3 Nike Golf gloves!

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I got mostly golf stuff this year... A dozen NXT's, a dozen DT-Carry, a dozen "Flop Tight" XL's, 2 dozen Wilson "maximum", a bag of 60 mixed balls, a nice Titleist cabretta glove, a couple of plain polos, and two golf novels. Oh yeah, and a pen that looks like a golf club. And a $20 certificate at Lipoma Firs.....

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The only thing golf related I got this year was a dozen Pro-V1's.

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Garmin G3 GPS and a set of rain gear.  Both should come in handy when I try to play a few rounds in Seattle in mid-January..... good thing the GPS is waterproof!

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My father-in-law gave me rain suit, pullover windbreaker, and a dozen Pro V1s.  I don't Play Pro Vs, but won't turn them down!  

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