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The Big Break "Indian Wells"

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I have not seen a thread for this. Anyone see the first episode last night? It looks like a pretty good mix of golfers, although we still have the token agitator guy, the token long drive guy, and guitar guy (I don't remember their names yet). My pick to win is the Canadian guy, though I'm not sure why.
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It looks like a pretty good mix.  I was really hoping the annoying rancher would get knocked off first thing though.  I hate chest pounders that talk all kinds of crap to instigate a fight when they know they're protected.  He may just be a victim of creative editing, but I can't stand him.


I haven't seen enough of their games to say who I think will win.  My favorite personalities are Carl and David.

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Looks like a cool mix this season, and the money is a good idea.


David, Will and Carl are my favorite personalities.


There are a couple guys who talk like they're hot shit already. Kinda lame

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I'm rooting for Russell!



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Go Russell!! Congrats on not being the first one gone. I think if I was ever on a show like that, that would be my biggest fear. It looks like there will be some pretty good blowups this season. I am excited to watch it unfold.

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I also am pulling for Russell.  Anyone who can lead men into battle and still find a good golf game is A+ in my book

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Love this seasons concept.


Too early to pick a favorite

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I'm pulling for Russell since he's one of us on The SandTrap!


I think there is a good mix on there this season. I think "Shank" is going to be one to pull for also. He seems like an interesting nut!

There seems to be more ego's this time around.

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The cattle rancher looks like a yound DL3 to me. I like the money concept. I think Shank's southern one-liners are gonna be hilarious all season (if he stays on)

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The producers definitely nailed contestant diversity this time around. 


Give'em hell Russell.  Bayonet fixed.

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I know when the Golf Channel does these searches, they're looking for players that are scratch or better. While there are a few talented guys on the show this season, there are a few guys that make me wonder the kind of course they are "scratch" at. Don't get me wrong, I've been around golf enough to know that you can't always judge someones game by their swing, but let's be honest, most of the time if you're a scratch golfer or better, you've got a pretty good swing.


During the driving contest I heard the guy from Israel state that at one time he was the best golfer in the country. I'm not sure how many top golfers are in Israel but with that swing? Really? You were the best golfer in the country?


I don't know, maybe someone will surprise me. I just don't see a few of these guys lasting long. 

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Ah, the magic is back.


What would the show be without a few oversized egos and a few who think everything they do is life and death?


What snippets of the swings we got to see, there certainly are a few that you could call home-grown. But they work.


This edition should be fun.



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Favorites- David (short canadian), Russel (marine), Will (dreads)

Dislike- That one Texan (not sure of his name), The guy with that glasses that arrived last


And also, was anyone else wary of the 1/2 stroke that was given during the elimination challenge? I feel like if you're on the big break, it should be a level playing field and no one should start off at a disadvantage.

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Its a lot more fun of a show to watch when its all good looking women :\


I agree that the 1/2 stroke thing was BS. Also I hope they can improve their games, seemed like most of them missed the fairway in the 2nd challenge by a ton!


The cash seems cool but if everything is based heavily off of the cash it seems to me like some people could just get so far behind and be in danger of getting cut week after week while others pull ahead.

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I understand the whole "mix" of guys.  If they were all stoic, focused players it'd be boring TV.  I've always wondered about some of the golfers who get on here though.  I'm pretty sure I have better game than some I've seen over the years.  It's my understanding you had to be a 3 or lower.  It'll be a somewhat entertaining season given the money situation.  And yeah, the 1/2 stroke thing was just to keep from having a tie.  Pretty lame.

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does anybody get there point system yet, using the money values? I am confused, as well as why that one guy got half a stroike in the elimination match.

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i too was thinking the same thing. also, why did the other person in the elmination challenge NOT get the chance to buy a half stroke?

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