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How Do YOU Buy Used Golf Clubs Online?

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Lately I've been looking into best practices for online used golf club retailers after reading this article, "Actual Photo vs Manufacturer Stock Photo: The Ethics of Selling Used Golf Clubs Online" by John Fritz of 2nd Swing Golf.


Golf retailers typically follow one MO when listing used clubs online, which entails using a manufacturer stock photo to represent all the used items of that product, then they give you a “rating system” that is supposed to accurately describe the condition of the clubs.  This rating system, I assure you, is arbitrary, and represents a conflict of interest.


2nd Swing Golf does not participate in this “conflict of interest.” We provide real photos, taken in our own club photography studio.  The photos are all high-resolution and are not touched-up.  What you see is exactly what you get.  In this way 2nd Swing is able to offer its customers an objective account of the condition of the golf club up for sale, which is not swayed or manipulated by arbitrary rating systems.


I'd like to hear all your thoughts on the matter, please share!


BELOW: pic of 2nd Swing Golf's Club Photography Studio


Friday 011-800.jpg


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I would much rather see actual photos over stock photos.  I have not been personally burned by an inaccurate description or rating, but I don't think I would ever buy anything "sight unseen" no matter how good of price the item may have.

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How do YOU spell used?


a2_wink.gif just playin'

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Anything I've ever purchased from a company using the rating system was better than listed, not the other way around, but . . . yes I'd appreciate a photo of the actual item, especially if any flaws or idiot marks are included in a HIGH RES photo.

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I have purchased several clubs on ebay...both new & used.


When purchasing used, I like the pix to be actual pix of the item on sale. I also review their club rating, shipping cost and whether they have other products for sale.

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I purchase most of my clubs used and I prefer a photo of the actual product I'm buying along with a rating of the club's condition.  I will say that actual photos that are too blurry or low res to really see anything are extremely annoying.

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I will NEVER buy a used golf club where they use a stock photo. No matter what condition they claim.

I would NEVER buy a used putter without close up photos of the actual putter, especially the topline.



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On ebay - definitely want to see pictures.  I have bought from Callaway pre-owned by just description, though. 

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I would prefer to see pictures of the actual clubs for sale, but if I can't I would only buy from a trusted website that I know I can get my money back if something is not right.

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I always prefer to see an actual photo of the club or clubs that Im buying.  A rating system is great but in the end you are still trusting the seller to be honest about it and not all of them are.

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I guess I don't buy used clubs on line unless I am looking for a single & specific club that I can't get locally.  But I'm lucky to live in a golf capital that has many pro shops and stores that sell used clubs and you can try before buy.  I used to do that but got burned a couple of times so I learned.  The comment above about you are trusting the seller is sure true so I was to ever do it again I would not buy from an unknown source.

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Stick to this plan guys - and spread the word. Never every bid on items from sellers using stock photos!!



















More good deals on mint condition clubs for me!!

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Recently, I purchased a used set of Mizuno MP-53's from Golfsmith.  5 thru PW + 50* GW MP T11.  They asked $400, I got them down to $300 then traded in my Cally X24 Hots (4-SW) that I had not been hitting very well.  Got $210 for the X24 Hots...so paid $100 for the MP-53's.  I got them primarily because they had the Project X 4.5 graphite shaft.  I had hit it on the launch monidor and really liked it better than Mizuno's stock graphite shaft.


Well, it has been 5 weeks since I bought them and I have won $$$ every week for the last 5 weeks......$390 total......Glad I decided to switch.....the MP-53's feel so smooth when I strike the ball.....and the trajectory is absolutely straight!

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I have to see pics of face and sole before I will buy irons or wedges.  I feel if they use a stock photo or only pics of back, they are trying to hide something.  For woods and hjybrids I ned pics of top and bottome of club.

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Pics of the actual clubs is important. I've bought online before, but probably wouldn't do so anymore as it's a personal, feel thing and I'd rather be able to see, feel what I'm buying. eBay purchases don't provide enough benefits cost wise. You can always buy used clubs in person and know exactly what you're getting.
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I've bought numerous clubs online, but will not buy if they only show stock photos.

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Pictures of the actual club are a must for me.  For irons I'd like to see the club faces (all of 'em) as well as the backs and the soles.  For woods/hybrids I want to see the sole, face, and crown.  It's nice if there is also a picture showing grip condition but it's not an absolute must.  Having a rating system is nice and all but I'd rather just see what I'm buying.

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