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going irons only... helping to save my game.

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I have desperately been trying to get my golf game back. In high school, I could keep in the mid to low 40s. As an adult, I would only golf 3 or 4 times a year and had accepted the fact that I was a high 50s golfer, and with my little playing I thought it was good enough. This year, I started playing more than ever. I upgraded all my equipment, and practiced my butt off. I took a lesson, (that did more damage than good) and I have been hell bent on getting my game back.

Mid season, my game went south bad. It definately got worse. The harder I tried, the worse it got,i lost complete control of my driver, and my fairway woods aren't much better. With a lot of effort, I was consistantly hitting low 50s, well my last 4 rounds were finally in the 40s, 49, 49, 49, and today a season best 46. Here is what I did to make the leap...

I started tracking every stroke, identified a weekness... My putting wasn't as strong as I thought it was. So, I spent some time on the practice greens, changed to a more repeatable grip and posture. I also decided, no more hero shots, smart play always. When in trouble, play to safety, worry about getting to the green on the next shot. The most helpfull thing I did though was leave my woods and driver in the bag. My irons are the strongest part of my game, so I'm embracing what works until my confidence is back with my woods.

I know this is long winded, and some may not care, but I just thought I would share. I am excited for what will happen as I get better with my putter, and I learn to hit my driver well. My goal for next season is to break 40 at least once.by the end of the season.
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Where do you live? You could probably get some good instructor testimonials from people nearby.
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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Where do you live? You could probably get some good instructor testimonials from people nearby.

Im near Ann Arbor, MI. I know there are a ton of great instructors nearby. I definately plan on getting lessons as I can afford them. (Currently paying for 4 golfers in my familly). I sprung for one two hour lesson, and it was a bust.
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I've left the woods out of the bag for the last month and seen my scores drop as well. 


I tee off on Par 4's and 5's with my 3i or 4i and surprisingly I'm not losing as much yardage as I thought I would.  I've also changed my course management to play each hole so that I leave a full PW - SW into the green (no more 40-80 yard chip, flop, pitch shots).   Unless I mishit a shot, most holes go as planned where I have a reasonable distance putt to make par.  My putting still isn't that good so usually I 2 putt but I'm content for now to play bogey golf. 


I plan to focus on my woods over the winter but for the rest of this season (a month) the woods are staying in the locker. 

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I do the same thing.  I hit my irons pretty well right down to the 3 but I totally suck with the woods.  I really don't understand how I can hit my 3iron 200+ yards either straight or with a slight fade but slice my fairway woods and driver off the planet.  Until I figure it out, though, there's really no point in pulling them out on the course. 


I recently played 9 with the wife - using irons only from the red tees and shot 6 over - my best score ever.  I felt like a professional golfer hitting my approaches with short irons from the fairway.  I always wondered what it would be like to hit a green in regulation, lol.  That's what it should be like if/when I ever get my driver figured out.

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Another 46 today. One birdie, several chances at birdie, one eagle chance. 18 puts killed me today. I love this game.
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I can't seem to hit a driver this year so I don't use it.  One of the biggest things I often do is tee off with my super hybrid, a club I can hit consistantly.  I also am very confident with my 6I and often break down holes into how many shots it would take using my 6I.  If I have a round going south I will switch to my 6I to start getting back on track.

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I also leave my driver in the bag. I did hit it really good but for some reason it has gone south on me. But my 3 wood saves the day, I hit it long and straight off the tee of fairway. I have Cobra S3 Max woods which are all offset so they help eliminate a slice, great clubs. I recently purchased an RBZ 5 wood. It is not offset but I hit that straight as well, go figure. One thing I found with my swing is that I would cup my left wrist at impact, bad. I now keep it very flat at impact and all my shots have really straighten out and I gained ~20 yards. Now I have to recalibrate all my club distances. Lessons are in my future as well concentrating on my driver, I really want to start hitting it well again.

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Teamanglerx... I just offered that advice to my 11 year old son today... He has clubs that he swings crisp and pure... And he has a couple clubs he is struggling with (dont we all) but I had him hit a couple shots with his "lucky" club, and made sure he paid attention the the rythym and tempo... And then try to match it with a club he was less confident in.

I have been trying to do the same... I am so confident with my irons, 3i down through my wedges... So far I haven't been able to transfer my confident swing to any of my woods.
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How many balls did you hit working on what the instructor told you?

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You might enjoy my favorite golf book of all time!


Radical Golf: How to Lower Your Score and Raise Your Enjoyment of the Game, by Michael Laughlin



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I used to play this way.  I didn't carry any wood in my bag, just my irons.  I played pretty well, but got ate alive on par 5s.  (I usually play from the tips).  Then I found a driver I had a little more consistency with, and put it back in the bag.  Now I still play my 3 iron off the tee, which usually leaves me with 150-160 to the hole, but I have the driver for par 5s or abnormally long par 4s where I would be trying to hit 3 iron/3-4 iron into the green.

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For years I played with just a 3-wood, 3-PW irons, a SW and my putter. At the time, I couldn't keep any shots with a driver on the course, but the 3-wood was reliable.

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