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how often do you guys play?

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Not driving range but play. I play 2-3 a month.

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If the weather cooperates at all I try to play twice a week.


I used to play almost every single day (whether the weather cooperated or not) and from daylight to dark on any day I didn't work. I had a cover and a heater in my cart and could play in almost any weather except for the occasional snow we get here in Alabama.


I was obsessed with wanting to consistently shoot even par on our par 72, 68 course rated course. Just about the time I got to that level I had to drop my membership for financial reasons and pay to play twice a week at another course where they gave my family a good deal. 


I had to lose the obsession and learn to be somewhat satisfied with shooting in the mid-seventies twice a week on a par 70 course that is not course rated but would probably be about a 65 if it was.


Occasionally everything clicks and I can go pretty low now, but not very often.

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I played 205 rounds in 2012a2_wink.gif

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I try to play 2-3 times a week. I envy people who can play everyday.

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I played 205 rounds in 2012a2_wink.gif

full 18holes?????

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Every weekend and on the weekends that my wife has to work, I try to play twice.

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Minimum of twice a week. 


Not in BuckeyeNut's league.  Only 126 rounds in 2012.

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Originally Posted by golf55 View Post

Not driving range but play. I play 2-3 a month.

Young retiree here - ex-military - in FLA so I can get out 2-3/week......I play an equal amount of tennis so I'm having a hard time balancing the two.


I try to get out on the practice area (short game/putting or range) on days that I don't get out to play.

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At least once a week.

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Since joining my first golf club on the 1st of March Ive played 5 times and over the Easter school holidays Ive got 3 rounds and a lesson in the books for Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Will try and get out 3 more times over the holiday (family permitting) otherwise Im trying to play at least once a week with a couple practice sessions thrown in between.




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Once per pay check, so twice a month or so. But if the weather cooperates 4/6 & 4/7 going out to the NAVY Base. 18 in the morning, 18 after lunch each day, both days! Great stuff.


Did I mention another two inches of Snow for tomorrow? RATS!!! Just put the snow blower away last night!


I've seen the Grounds keepers out working at the local courses, doing every thing except placing the flags.


Like NASA says: 10,9,8,7,6, (This is where I am), 5,4,3,2,1, TEE OFF!

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2-3x per week, April-November
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I play at least once a week, 52 weeks a year. Half the year I'll play a 2nd round in a week. I'll probably play 80 rounds this year.
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4 times a week 18-36 holes all 4 days. Weather permitting year round.

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Roughly 3 times a month and twice a week at the range.

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At least 5 times a week in the summer when the weather's good.

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Over the course of a year I will play around 110-120 times (18 holes) which works out to around 3 times a week.  When the weather cooperates in SE Michigan it is closer or slightly above 120 and when it does not cooperate (like this year) more like 100-110.

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I shoot for once a week during the season... I think round one is this coming Friday!
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