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What is your best shot ever played??

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What was your best shot ever played?


I try to remember my best shots and try to repeat them in a similar situation.

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Originally Posted by tomvk77 View Post

What was your best shot ever played?


I try to remember my best shots and try to repeat them in a similar situation.

Lots and lots of ties for first place for me. The one and only benefit of being wild off of the tee was that it gave me plenty of chances to hit those "impossible shots" and chipping out or playing it safe never was in my vocabulary.


If I had to pick one that I probably could never hit again it was basically a 160 yard fading flop shot with an 8 iron over a VERY tall tree on the 18th hole that got me a birdie and won my match by one stroke.


My golf is a lot more boring these days since I hit more fairways than I did back then. Sometimes I feel like I don't even get my money's worth anymore because I don't get to see the entire property.  

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No idea.  Just too many golf shots competing in too little memory over the years to possibly pull one "best" one out.


Most memorable is easier.  My first birdie.  I was probably 10 or so.  Par 3 9th hole at our local muni in Wisconsin.  Sank a 40 foot putt.  Sucker went in like a rabbit going down a hole.

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Two come to mind playing the Golf Association of Michigan Net Match Play semi-finals last year:


First one I was left in the trees about 140 out with a branch in front preventing me from hitting a full shot.  My opponent had his his approach to about 4 feet.  So I choke down on a 6 iron, 3/4 swing and keep it just under the branches, bounces about 20 yards short of the green (fortunately I had our observer move a "<--- CARTS" sign right where my ball landed) and it rolls up to about 15 feet.  I sink the putt, we halve the hole and move on.


Then on #18, after totally pissing away a 2 hole lead with 4 to play and being 1 down, I am long and left on a green that slopes severely from back to front with the hole sitting in a bowl at the front of the green - I had probably 30 yards to the hole, but only about 4 to the green, so I had two options - flop it to the top of the ridge and let it roll down or just chip it on and let the green do the rest.  I chose the latter - easy little chip with and 8 iron, the ball keeps rolling and stops 18 inches from the hole - square the match up and move on to #19. Considering the pressure, one of my most memorable.

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Snap hooked driver into trees on a par 4, no shot or chance, chipped backwards into fairway.


Laying 3 I hit my 4 iron to 2 feet and saved par.

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This years shot for me this far came yesterday.

after hitting my drive on no. 10 ( golfclub de koepel used to be 13 ) it's a double dogleg par 5) a slight push draw into the right heavy rough between some trees. I had 205 mtr. to the pin. Wind was with me. To get back in play or to the green i had to hit a high fade. I could make a full swing. I decided to take my hybrid ( 18 degrees ) and try to reach green ( ball was sitting up nicely ) The contact i made was so pure, the ball faded nicely exactly the way i had pictured it in mind.

The ball ended up just over the green leaving me the best possible chip  uphill left to right. ( i holed it for eagle )

But the feel of my hybrid just amazing.  Nothing better than hit the shot you wanted to hit.

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I'm not sure about best, but most memorable would be my first eagle and my hole in one. The eagle came on a shortish par 4 where I had 117 left to the hole to a slightly elevated green. I hit a 9 iron to the middle of the green and the slope took it right to the hole. The hole in one was from 161 yards and I hit a perfect 7 iron. I also made a birdie on a 150 yard hole out after two horrible shots to start a par 4... that was a pretty good one too.
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My third or fourth time playing I hit a 5-iron to 8 inches on a 155 yard par-3 for a tap.  I thought "This game isn't that hard!"  One of the most naive thoughts I've ever had.  I guess that would be my best tee shot.


I went over a year until the next birdie.  The one and only time I played with my uncle (a complete golf nut), I had about a 60-foot putt, I correctly guessed it would break about 10 feet, and watched it trickle in, the best putt I've made.


The best well-planned shot I ever hit was on a short par-four that had a 90* dogleg to the right, with heavy forest on the right.  I hit my 5W thin and didn't make it to the corner, with the woods blocking my view of the green, too close to hit over the trees.  I jogged ahead, saw that I might hit the green if I shaped the shot to bank it off the hill to the left side and behind the postage-stamp green (literally the smallest I've ever played, maybe 20'x25' - the course got so many complaints, they doubled it in size a year or two later and it's still tiny), so I went back, opened my stance, loosened my grip, aimed left of the treeline and swung my 4-iron.  It arched perfectly around the corner, hit the hill, and rolled down onto the green about 30" from the pin, the exact shot I had visualized.  I made the putt, too.  Unfortunately, that weak 5W tee shot wasn't my initial tee-shot - the dumb fade with a 3W I tried (I've played the course 20 times and never saw anyone come close to cutting that corner, although it seems so near and do-able) sliced 75 yards into the woods.  I just finished Ray Floyd's Elements of Scoring and started Stan Utley's Art of Scoring and I'm sure that taking the risky shot for the green would have had Floyd and Utley shaking their heads with disgust and I'm sure that they would say that a high handicapper has no business intentionally trying to curve any ball like that.  Maybe I would have had to hit 3 or 4 or 5 more shots before I could have gotten one within 20 yards of the green, but I actually can do OK trying to shape my irons, more so than my typical score would suggest.  However risky/dumb it was, the shot I actually hit gave me such a terrific emotional high, it more than made up for an otherwise mediocre round.  If I had any 10 PGA pros hit one from that exact spot, I'd bet a lot of money that I'd win the closest to the pin contest.  That's why I love golf, the possibility of doing something pretty amazing happens once in a while.

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I don't know if it is the most skillful I've ever hit, but definitely the best result.  Playing a par-5 18th after a decent first shot (tees were admittedly up that day) was left with 190+ to the hole over a drop-off with a waste area and and some water.  I was able to cut the corner a bit and hit a 4-iron that landed on the front part of the green and steadily rolled to a foot.  Was able to tap in for my first - and so far only - eagle.  Glad it was a tap in - because I sure didn't want to miss that guy.  Was still pretty nervous over it.

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The one that sticks in my head is a 6 iron from 180-ish yards. Ball above my feet, ground angled towards the green, rough without grass, mostly roots and stuff like that. It was my second shot on a par five. I hit it perfect to 5-6 feet and made the putt for eagle.
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I've been playing for almost two years and am addicted.


My best shot came about a month ago.


I drove a 330 yard Par 4 and had a 25 foot eagle putt. I missed by about three feet and made birdie. First time I'd driven the green, pretty cool feeling finding your ball on the green after being on the tee box.


Probably my 20th birdie and I have probably played over 100 rounds.


The next hole I hooked a 3-wood into the street, took a penalty, and made a triple bogey.


That's golf..........

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Second the opinion on a well struck hybrid. I was ons dog leg par 4. Pretty long hole if I remember. I ended up off the tee in the light rough. It was just sitting there sat up. Took my 16 hybrid.
My buddy told me it was 244 to the flag. On average I'm good for over 200 with that club on a summer track with the roll.
Smashed it pure and went through the green 260.

Hit another one off a dog leg left on a summers day. Elevated tee over a fairway below it's a 150-160 carry. I thought I could just carry but not clear it totally where it flattens out. Caught it pure not only that it started to draw too, and cleared fully onto the flat section. When we got there it measured 267 on the range finder.

To this day I have never hit any further than those 2 occasions.
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I've holed out 12 times on par4s for a deuce and scored 1 ace.   I suppose those are my 13 best shotsa2_wink.gif

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I've been golfing for more than 50 years, and conservatively, at 30 times golfing per year, that would be more than 1500 rounds of golf and 27,000 holes. I have a hole in one and at least one eagle in the past 6 decades, (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, 10's), so there are a number of pretty good shots that I've hit over the years.


The most unique might just be the shot I made on #14 at Oakmont Country Club (early 1990's). After a decent drive, I had about 130 yards to the pin and hit a nine iron.  But, as I hit the shot, the epoxy on the hosel of the club broke down at impact. So, as the ball headed toward the green, the club head also went 35 yards down the fairway. I was pretty upset at first, but when I saw the ball on the green 15 feet from the pin, I thought that I must have hit the ball flush to get such a good result. I told myself that the shot would not have meant very much unless I made the putt.  I did, enough said.


The best pure shot I ever hit was last year at the age of 62 on #5 at River Forest, my home club. My drive was pretty pathetic, hit a tree, and ended up in the rough more than 200 yards uphill to the flag. (Normally on this hole I am 150 yards or less to the hole.) The ball was above my feet and I had to go over a large tree, about 100 yard from where I stood, and then the right side of the green is guarded by a large pine tree. If the ball wasn't above my feet, I would have tried to hit a cut shot and fade the ball around the first tree, but with the ball above my feet, any thought of a left-to-right play had little likelihood of success. I am 6'3" tall and as a young golfer I used to hit a very high shot. Something told me that when I looked at the ball that I could get a three wood over the tree. To make a long story short I hit a magnificent shot that took off like a rocket and barely missed the first tree, then somehow had just the right amount of draw to get by the pine tree and end up pin high 15 feet from the cup. I would like to tell you that I made the putt, but I didn't, and I was very happy with a tap in par.


Finally, while I didn't hit the shot, the best shot I ever witnessed was at Oakmont Country Club's 16th hole on Father's Day in 1996. I was caddying for a member who was playing with his father, who was riding a cart, and his son, who carried his own bag. Number 16 is a par 3, 211 to the middle of the green and normally into the wind. The pin was on the back right of the green so the distance was about 225, with a 205 yard carry over a bunker. The gentleman asked for his three wood, and I replied, "Are you laying up? Because you can't get to the pin with that club. With the wind in your face, the hole is playing about 235."  Well, the member listened to my advice and hit his driver into the cup for a hole-in-one on Father's Day with his father and his son there to witness the shot. Priceless.

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I hit  a pitch shot on a par 3 that has a 15-20 foot drop almost straight down in front of the green. Basically a flop shot that went up the slope and ended up about 5 feet from the whole... the hardest shot i've ever tried. talk about a holy **** moment


happened about 4 days ago, first round of 2013

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Both on the same day. Grouped with a pair of young bucks, they played the tips, son in law and I from the blue tee. Warned them on the first tee that we were high cappers and thus the forward tee.


First hole, par 4, 412 tips, 362 blue. All four drives within 15 yrds, but the long hitters strayed into the left rough. Second shot 125 to 135 for all. YG # 1 lands on the fringe, 30 footer downhill hard break. YG # 2 misses right leaving 15 yrd bump n run. SIL misses short. I miss 20 yrd short of pin.


I note how hard the break is from YG #1 chip (which rolls clean off the front of the green), flop a lob wedge 3 ft uphill and 6 ft left of pin, lands, one short hop, rolls in a gorgeous arc back to the front, and falls gently in the cup for a bird.


Another par 4, YG#2 and I have left very much the same approach requiring a 145 yrd fade or low cut to avoid trap guarding top right pin. YG#2 tells his partner he plans to cut to front center and roll up. Good distance but no fade, pin high but 35 feet left. I pull my old Wilson 7 MB and open the face a hair, play the ball a bit forward, see the shot and let fly. Sweet high fade hits the green about 15 ft short and 20 ft left of pin, rolls up and right to 3 ft. Another bird.


Young guns are beginning to wonder about now if that old fart with 25 year old clubs ain't running a scam. No worries, made a few good shots, but still a bogey golfer.

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Most recent was a 7-iron from the rough, over a tall Maple tree to within 5 feet.  Made the putt for a birdie.  I had to get it high and I am not a high trajectory hitter.  So I played it forward off my left heel and really got my weight forward at impact.

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At this point, my best shot would be any I get to hit!!! Snowed about 2-4 inches last night. Weather still showing no signs of breaking any time soon.
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