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Spikeless shoes.....

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Are they good? I need a pair of shoes and was wondering the pros and cons of them.
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I wear them,



For me there the only golf shoe to really fit my foot right. There a tad wider than standard width, which is great for my feet. I can't go wide because its to wide, and if i go standard, its to tight. My history of shoes has always been 1/2 a size up, so it just gives me extra room. Problem is, i would have to tie my shoes tight, to keep my foot from moving forward and backwards.


As for performance, they feel great, awesome to walk in. I use to get foot pain, i am flat footed a bit, so these work great. They grip well, even in wet conditions. I like there closer to the ground, so i feel more grounded. They last forever, i find that spikeless shoes souls last longer because there built in. I had a pair of nikes, i wore for a year, the tred on them didn't drop a bit. I've worn these almost a full golf season, the bottoms look like the day i bought them.


For me i just like i can feel the ground better, and they are better to talk in for me. They do sacrifice a bit on really wet conditions, but i've had normal spikes slip out from me before, so i don't discount it that much.

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Good read iacas.... the only thing is I need the shoes by tuesday night so I can't wait.


I was looking at the Adidas Crossflex but I like the look of the Puma!

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I recently became obsessed with spikeless shoes. I have Adicross I, Adicross II, Ashworth, and Foot Joy Contour Casual.


For me, the Adicross II are the least comfortable. The Foot Joy Contour Casual the most comfortable.


Absolutely no issues with traction. Except perhaps in VERY wet conditions.


I don't think I'll ever go back to traditional shoes.

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I might go to Vivobarefoot shoes, or maybe Altra shoes. they have some nice looking off road shoes that look to have some serious gripping power to them. The only bad thing is water proof warranty. Vivobarefoot actually has a golf shoes, its pricey. But, number of times i play golf in the rain, i could deal with out the water proof warranty. But they offer zero drop shoes, with minimalist style.


I am thinking of going zero drop with all my shoes, especially with as thin as a sole as possible. I've had some ankle problems, rolling them. I think a big part of that is that the edge of the shoe gets caught and then all my weight is forced laterally, which rolls my ankle. If i get a thin sole shoe + zero drop, it will allow my feet to work more naturally and let my feet have better lateral support by minimizing the chance of having my ankle roll over.

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I have a variety of spikeless golf shoes. Good for everything but very wet conditions. Though the day I was having trouble with my back foot slipping I'm not sure anything but old fashioned nails would have worked. My Nike Lunar Swingtips leave sole pattern marks everywhere I walk on soft greens but being suede not good in the rain. Biggest problem I have is forgetting I have them on and walking into the house with mud, goose turds, grass clumps etc.

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Spikeless all the way for over two years. I still have several pairs of very good soft-spike shoes but never choose them.


Never slip. Wear them to and from the course. White shoes at taco place after golf mark me as a golfer. :)


True Stealths have almost zero wear after nearly two years.

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Nike lunar swingtips are great shoes. Very happy with my first soft spike shoe
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Originally Posted by MULVn8tor View Post

Nike lunar swingtips are great shoes. Very happy with my first soft spike shoe

Do you find they're awkward to wear on the street? I have a tough time with them, they catch everything despite the nubs being below the surface of the surrounding rim. If I walk through a store after my round I squeak all the way through it. Have tripped a few times.

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They are great, if you are playing in the afternoon. I have a pair of Ecco streets and they are very comfortable. However, I usually play at 8 AM on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes on Tuesday. In FL, the ground us always wet from the dew, so the spineless shoes will slip. So I guess it depends on your region. If you don't have to del with morning dew, then you'll be okay. Otherwise, stick with spikes.
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Morning dew.... everyday here. The whole reason for this post was because I have a pair of Adidas Powerband 4.0's that the inner lining tore on. They are less than a year old and Adidas said they would repair or replace them but could take a couple weeks. I brought them to Golf Galaxy where I bought them on Saturday to be shipped back. Now I have 2 league nights and possibly a couple more outings before I get them back and was looking for something to have and use as a back up later. However, if the spikeless worked well I would just use the 4.0's as my back-ups. My current back-ups were my shoes from last year, I lost 60 pounds and now they are too wide and my feet slip in them!

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I guess the spineless will be okay, as lobg as you are aware and are careful on sloes.
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I have Adidas Puremotion... comfortable, 2 year waterproof warranty & they look great!  Size runs small though, I wear Footjoy 10.5 wide but Adidas 11.5M fit good.

Product Image


Also have Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless... 1 year waterproof warranty.  I prefer the Adidas.

Product Details

Good traction on both.

Amazon has good pricing.

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Hey MitsuEd,

Do you have any issues slipping?
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I definitely feel a better push off my right foot with soft spikes but I love my spike less eccos so much I don't mind the loss. I still gcan get my drive >250. Driver and 3wood are only clubs i can even notice anything different. Spineless also feel closer to the ground which is supposed to be good.
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Originally Posted by Fozcycle View Post

Hey MitsuEd,

Do you have any issues slipping?

Good traction, even on damp fairways. Played yesterday on wet fairways, got a bit of mud on shoes, still no slip.

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Originally Posted by MitsuEd View Post


Also have Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless... 1 year waterproof warranty.  I prefer the Adidas.

Product Details

Good traction on both.

Amazon has good pricing.

I picked up a pair of these after trying all of them on, the most comfortable, best arch support of any that I tried (Golf Galaxy doesn't carry true) 


I had only ONE incident and it happened today as a matter of fact.  My transition was a little too fast for the newly planted grass.  I would agree with what others have said, short of the old style metal spikes, it wouldn't have mattered. 


Also, it is worth noting that these are VERY comfortable shoes, walking 18 and my feet are fine. 

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