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It's cold in NJ. What's your Number to Play or not Play?

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My number used to be 50 degrees. I wouldn't play when the temperature went below that. Now, with a few kids and opportunities to play getting harder to come by, my number is closer to 40. I definitely don't play in the 30s. Just not worth it. But, with the Under Armour-type shirts you can be pretty comfortable in the 40s.


I found myself putting through a light layer of snow once and had to call it. That morning started over 50 and the temperature plummeted throughout the round.


What's your number?

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Every year i play in the Chilly Willy outing started by a few guys when they were 25 years old they r now in their late 50s and by far one of the most fun outings ive ver played in its always held the second saturday in november so temps vary between 30-60 this past year we had snow flurries in a blistering windy 31 degree day usually this is the last time out unless we hit a warm front in december but 30s is where id call it quits for me
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I'll tee off in the high 30's, but it mostly depends on the wind chill.

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We don't have an option around here since nobody is going to let us on the course if the greens are frozen, so we are usually done if the temperature is below freezing.


This morning was below freezing but it warmed up enough to play about 10:30 a.m. It actually was nice out there with the temps in the upper 30s to low 40s but there was very little wind today and it was sunny.


I've seen other times when it was absolutely miserable with the temps in the 30s or 40s.


My rule is that if anybody wants to play, and is tough enough to take it, and they'll let us on the course, I'll play. I figure I've got the advantage in the cold after working 3rd shift outdoors and usually 300 feet in the air in northern Missouri for 18 years. The guys I play with think they've been cold before, but they haven't.

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40 degrees for me, I find at that temp. I can still dress warm enough without having so many layers on that it becomes impossible to make anything close to a normal swing.
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I'll play down to freezing if there's no snow.     Cold golf > watching golf on TV !!     Played a couple weeks ago in 33°F - was pretty cold, but still enjoyable enough to make it worth it (strained my shoulder though - still recovering ... cold golf would seem to be more injury prone as it's tough to stay loose & I know my tendency is to overswing with all those clothes on).


Can always find a course of two in NJ that are open all winter if there's no snow (unlike the Pocono courses that all wimp out & close up shop at Thanksgiving).

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With a cart cover 35+ is in play
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No less than 40, it's not worth the discomfort or risk of injury for me.

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Originally Posted by MS256 View Post

 The guys I play with think they've been cold before, but they haven't.


Good point.  Or try sitting in a deerstand for four hours straight without moving in 15 degreee temps.


Where I live we do not have a choice.  We are typically under snow from end of November through mid April.


I would play in 40 degree temps if I had the choice though.

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It's -15C (6F) right now. :pound:


I think for me it depends on the season. In the spring, I'll play close to the freezing mark. In the fall, less than 5C and my arm needs to be twisted. 

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If the turf and greens are not frozen solid and any snow/ice on the course is patchy, I will play.  So that means almost any temperature above 32 degrees (f).  My last round was 12/4/2013.  The bag is in the basement since the temperature has not topped 30 degrees since.  The ground is a block of ice and it would take several days of relatively warmer weather to soften up the ground.  Not going to happen until March.

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Live in SE Louisiana....I use the 32* and rising rule.  Can be 32* at 7:00 AM and 50* at noon....However, don't have that many days a year where it is much to cold to play.

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No fun for me under 50 degrees. :surrender:

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50 degrees is where I stand at.

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50 and sunny here is my low limit. anything else is just not enjoyable to me

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