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How to Manage the Heat?

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It's around 100 right now in Northern CA, but it's dry heat, right? I normally walk my rounds and drink 2 or 3 qt-sized bottles of ice water (thermos with refill on the course as necessary) but in that heat, if I still walk, and it must be on a flat course, it's more like 5 or 6 bottles and another 1 or 2 after I get home, so well over 1.5 gal overall.  Yesterday, I played a somewhat hilly course, and I rode in a cart: that helps a lot! LOL.

I nearly suffered a heat stroke almost 2 years ago, when I was unable to walk the slight rise to the green on the elevated #18 and nearly collapsed. Thankfully, my partners were riding in a cart, put a cool towel around my neck, drove me back to the air-conditioned club house and essentially revived me so the worse was averted. I am bit more careful now with the walking, hence my reply above. Be careful out there!!

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I've learned here the key is to check the heat index.  90 degrees could be feels like 95 or 105.  Was in the WA desert a few weeks ago and it was 90 degrees / feels like 90 - that's not TN weather.

I started wearing the sleeves last weekend.  Definitely helped.  Also using an umbrella on sunny days and making sure that water intake is good even before being thirsty. Surviving so far.

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I play in a group of 12 to 16 every Wednesday and Sunday.  We play at 10AM so by the end of the round we're usually at about the hottest part of the day here in NC.  Although I often forget to do it, the "experts" say to begin to hydrate yourself well before playing.  It's been HOT here this summer and here are the few things that I do to control things.  I fill a gallon thermal jug with water the night before I play and put in in the freezer and take it to the course and drink often during the round.  I also take a small cooler filled with ice and often during the round I'll grab a handful and chew on it or whatever.  But the big thing I do is I take a standard towel, soak it with water, wring it out  and put it in a baggie, then throw it in the freezer.  I throw it in the cooler and take all to the course.  On about the twelfth or thirteenth hole when I may start to get overwhelmed by the heat I'll pull the towel out and let it begin to thaw a bit.  When I need it then I pull the frozen towel apart and smother my face, head and neck in it. Works tremendously to cool you down.  I'll toss it back into the ice cooler and pull it out three or four times throughout the back nine. I also have one of those "cooling towels" and they to not come close to the results I get with my frozen towel.  Fore.

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Towels, ice cubes, umbrella (looks lame but better than heat stroke), those little portable fans that can spray a mist.  Feels like it's more about survival than looking cool. 

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    • Hoping there are a few people here who are using Game Golf Live, and can advise, as I was getting well frustrated on the course yesterday.  I am still fairly new to using Game Golf, got it gifted 6 months ago, but only now been playing with it Anyway, on the course yesterday, just could not get it to work stable.  Switched on the Game GPS Unit, it started flashing, then bleeped, white light flashing then paired it with the game golf app on the phone.  It showed my location, so thought off we go .... tag'd my first club the GPS Puck, flashed and vibrated, briefly saw the app show 1 shot, before it went back to 0 ..... took my shot anyway, go to the next shot, again, showed my location, tag'd my club, again same vibrate .. but still no register showing on the phone.  Checked the GPS unit, their seemed to be no lights on, however, it was still registering my location At this point, I ended the round, quit the app, switched off the puck, and then tried to reconnect it all again .... it seemed to go through the same as above ... at this point, got annoyed and switched it off for the round, as it was to distracting So, just wondered, what process / order do people use to get their Game Golf connected correctly.  Do you switch on the puck first, the app .. .what order is this done in
    • So, yesterday I played my par-3s in even, par-5s in one under, and averaged 4.5 on par-4s ... and no sixes.  Anywhere.  Or worse.  First time I've done that. Check it out, my scorecard from yesterday (Nov 16, 2019). f   This was from the blue tees at Encino golf course in L.A..  The second line is where I put notes for later:  G (GIR) or N (near-GIR).  I on occasion make other notations (S: I hit sand, A: got to the green as planned but not in either category;  F: messed up the hole)  I don't do this during tournaments of course.  Just saying it here because it's in the picture. In case the challenge has any such restrictions, I played blue tees which are 70.1 / 114 / 6574 yards.  No mulligans, played with friends in a skins/modified fourball type casual round.  I did accept a few very short conceded putts (none over about a foot).  I believe it qualifies for the challenge.   And I was fully aware of where I stood, score-wise and challenge wise, when I hit my second shot at #16.  So I played the last 11 strokes knowing I had a good round going and a chance to finish the "no sixes" challenge, with a par-5 waiting for me at the end.  I hit a good drive, a great 4-wood, and pitched on from 75 yards with a 9-iron (half swing).  Almost made the putt for a 75 too   76 beats my previous best score of all time by one (that 77 had two sixes on it... but also three birdies).  I get the feeling I'll have a bunch more good scores if I can produce more "no sixes" scorecards  
    • Day 9.  Hit balls for ten minutes indoors, off a mat, into a net.  6-iron.  Focused on completing the backswing.  Balls were plastic.
    • My best shot of the week was hitting a 240yd drive on a par 5 hole twice! No winter roll, no downhill/wind, no cartpath. Just hit it perfectly with a slight draw to the middle of the fairway - ended up with a birdie on that hole both times!
    • Mayakoba Update: Actual events have me standing corrected on the imagined alternative finish as suggested in the preceding post. The reduced field of the alternative scenario most definitely would have finished the 3rd and 4th rounds in one day -- a most important thing to know, if -ANY- type of change is to be made to the actual Low-65 cut rules.
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