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Elbow Pain

Joe Butter

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So golfer's elbow (inside/forearm part of elbow) or tennis elbow (outside/pointy side of elbow)? I have had some of each over the years. First thing is to stop hitting off mats if possible. Those will destroy your joints if you hit off of them long enough. There are some high end mats out there that don't have that issue but you won't find them at your local range. 

I've had a lot of success with the TheraBand FlexBar and no longer have any elbow pain. Get the Red (light) and Green (medium) bars. Do the Tyler Twist for Tennis elbow and the  Reverse Tyler Twist for golfer's elbow. Start with the Red bar and work your way up to the green. Good luck!


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There is nothing wrong with this guys elbows or wrists but....

I know a guy who doesn't bend his elbows when he swings and doesn't bend his wrists either, well noticeably anyway. He turns at the waist and gets the club to about waist high on the back swing and again waist high on the follow through. He's not long bu the never mishits the ball and his short game is spectacular.....he's about a 10 handicap. He's amazing to watch and amazing to play with, but I'd do the Theraband thing before I'd go that extreme.

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    • See, Cherry Coke Zero is a sports drink!
    • I like this guys podcasts. I don't find him pandering a specific protocol or you must do this to be healthy. He just reviews the science literature and provide informative podcasts about that based on the subject of the podcast episode.  ‎Huberman Lab: How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Episode 21 on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Huberman Lab, Ep How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Episode 21 - May 24, 2021 The summary... In general, eating less calories than calories burned. Calories intake is easy to calculate. Calories burned is actually not that easy to figure out.  These things will help to make sure your body is in an optimized state to burn fat. Above 1000mh of EPA fatty acid per day. Glutamine - Helps reduce sugar cravings. Can cause stomach issues discomfort when first starting out. Not really needed unless people struggle from cravings. Healthy Thyroid - So, proper Iodine Levels and proper Selenium Levels. You can get enough Selenium per day by eating 2-3 Brazil Nuts.  Proper sleep. Healthy gut microbiome - Eat fermented foods or take good probiotics. These things help burn more calories or engage the body into burning fat.  Fidgety Movement (bouncing leg, standing up often during the day). People who are subconsciously fidgety were measured burning 800-2500 more calories per day. Cold Therapy. This is similar to fidgety movement, but actually causes the body to create a chemical that engages the burning of fat. The steps are to induce a shiver for 1-3 minutes by getting into cold water (cold shower/bath). Exit the water, and shiver for 1-3 minutes, and then repeat for 2-3 more times getting in and out of the water. Do this 1-3 times a week.  High Intensity Training will burn glycogen during the exercise, but for what could be up to 24 hours after the training, the body will burn more fat.  For burning fat, working out fasted tends to be better. After 90 minutes of moderate intensity (zone 2), if you ate before exercise (1-3 hours before), you will burn far less fat from the 90 minute point onward than if you were fasted (eaten 3 hours or later from start of exercise). The body needs to deplete itself of glycogen to switch over to fat. Higher insulin levels will inhibit fat oxidation.  Coupling points 3 and 4, while fasted (at minimum 3 hours after eating), do high intensity training first then followed by low intensity training. This could be good for someone with a busy schedule. Training at high intensity for 20-30 minutes, where you are breathing hard for that amount of time, then go on with your day. If you want some extra burn of fat, then do some light to moderate cardio.  Supplements Caffeine - can enhance performance of exercise. But, only for caffeine adapted. If you are not, the caffeine will constrict your blood vessels and reduce performance. If you are caffeine adapted, then it will actually do the opposite. Up to 400mg of caffeine can help burn more fat during exercise (consume 20-30 minutes before exercise). GLP1 - Compound that is created in the body by drinking Yerba Mate tea. This compound increases fat oxidation directly. Like caffeine, can be taken before exercise to increase the amount of fat burned during exercise. Mate tea does have caffeine as well.  *Note, this is just stuff the scientific literature has shown. Consult your doctor before taking anything or doing any new protocols. 
    • Go to the automotive section of a store or Autozone, looks for “Westleys Bleach White”…. It’s a whitewall tire cleaner. Spray it on your grips, wait 30 seconds and rub it hard with a towel.  They will be like new.  I use it and it’s unbelievable 
    • Day 331: Played 18 this AM in the first group out. Driver was really squirrelly, so I went to the range after to work the feels out. I was definitely taking the club back to far out in front of me. This makes it hard to control. So I worked on the feel like I’m taking it too far inside, which isn’t the case (I know this from filming my practice). This just sets the club up properly for a good downswing. Playing again tomorrow. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ScottCurry/round/3100692  
    • Meh, the book was better. Seriously, hope no longer term problems for the guy in the video.
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