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18 hours ago, iacas said:

For a lawyer you're bad at following the rules. 😉

I would give Pasatiempo a 9.7. As close to a perfect card as any. Pinehurst #2 is an 8.5. Really good, and up there, but not quite elite.

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Dormie Club and Southern Pines… Let's start with Southern Pines.


It's a bit washed out here as I took the photo outside on a sunny day, as the actual card is quite dark and has a taupe or light sandy color to it with a tinge of green.

As unique as  I find the vertical scorecard, and as classic as those cards can be, I find keeping score left-to-right like this card to be the easiest, so credit to the course for bucking the trend at other courses to do this layout, despite the age of the course. As with Dormie Club below, I appreciate the minimalist look to this card, with the monotone layout, and simple front cover.

It's not a scorecard feature but I like the "Baby Blue" tees (they were truly baby blue), and I like the logo on the front, though you'd think a course with a plural would have more than one pine tree in the logo. 🙂

I give this card a 7.5 out of 10.

Next up, Dormie Club.


Dormie Club goes back to the vertical scorekeeping, which for a new course, doesn't feel quite right. At least it succeeds in offering up four and two spots, which many vertical cards do not. It does so with the combo blue/white tees, labeled with the diamonds, which conserves space.

I don't know that I dig the rounded corners at the bottom. At the top they're okay, because they seem to align, but on the bottom they're shifted and don't "line up" as well. The advertising on the lower right of the inside is a detractor as well.

I do like the two-tone coloration, and I think they do this well as the logo is black, white, and red. I LOVE the front of the card being just their logo, no words, nothing extra. Thank goodness they didn't put the red rounded rects on either of the outside panels. The back of the card is simpler than the Southern Pines card, which I like, and initially I wanted to put this card above Southern Pines, but the negatives drag it down to the same neighborhood. I'm going to have to give this card a 7.8 - the outside makes it a strong contender for a 9.x, but the inside with the rounded rects and advertisement text drag it back down.

Both scorecards are still great, but we're grading on a reverse curve here, so both scorecards rank a 7.x.

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  • 11 months later...
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Pinehurst #4.

I give it a 7. Very solid solid all around.

You don’t see enough of the stick figure routings. The color scheme is monochromatic but has different shades. Not a fan of the fonts.

Front is great.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Here’s another scorecard that I really like. Croasdaile Country Club. They just got new scorecards two weeks ago, so here it is!



They went back to a horizontal card, which I like. Their old scorecard was hard to figure out as far as combo tees go, but this card makes it very easy. The only true pop-out colors here are the arrows for the combo tees, but that hardly bothers me. The rest of the inside is simple: six lines for scoring, two of which are for keeping track of matches.

The front of the card is nice. Logo, course name, city. Super simple. The back is a little bit too much. “USGA Rules Govern All Play” is on 99% of the cards I’ve seen, so unnecessary. I do like that they’ve recently rated the Blue/White and Blue tees for women, which wasn’t on the other card. Red tees weren’t rated for men either.

Overall, a pretty good card. I’ll give it a 7.5.

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This is a great topic! I collect scorecards and have quite a few interesting ones. Here is one from NC that I like. Nice large print, colorful and I especially like the hole diagrams with some need to know yardages. Lots of space for scores and notes. i would have to give this at least an 8.



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  • 2 weeks later...

My home club has a decent scorecard. I like the simplicity of the cover, although our logo is a whole different conversation. It has always been awful. They now have another one since this one and it is even worse. A bad cartoon version of a tree. The inside has plenty of room for the 4-some and ability for tracking different games. Maybe even a few too many. I give it a 6. 


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On 4/23/2020 at 10:58 PM, iacas said:

They're great. I'm generally not a fan of vertical cards, either, even though they're definitely an "old school" way of doing cards, but these pull it off really well. I could do without the "self, partner" labeling on the Mid-Pines card, preferring the blank entry lines on the Pine Needles card, but I appreciate the "SMOOTH FOOTPRINTS IN SANDY AREAS" on both sides of the card for Mid-Pines.

Either way, I give both cards a 9/10. They're austere, elegant, and classic without feeling old.

I agree with this. They are some of my favorite scorecards. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here is a scorecard I like for a several reasons:

1) pertinent information, not too much, just about right.

2) rounded edges on the corners make it easier to handle, and also gives it a classy look. Cornerless card also doesn't get caught on things like pockets, scoring books, and hands when steering a cart.

3) High gloss outside cover feels great, looks great, and does a better job of repelling water.

4) Local rules and etiquette explained.

5) Easy to read, colorful map to show course layout. 

(interesting, POP recommended is 4:20!)



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