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How do you mark your ball for identification?

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Did a quick search and couldn't find anything.

Do you put any unique markings on your ball for easy identification?
Or do you like to play it nude?

I like to keep it simple with a black sharpie and mark 3 dots in a triangle shape, just to the right of the number.

The most interesting mark i've seen on a golf ball is two small marijuana leaves on both sides next to the number, and a nice '420' on the side. Found it in the deep rough.

Ever find any balls with unique markings?
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I used to write 'TLC' on the ball... but I've switched to using a turtle to mark mine.  I mark them when I buy a new dozen so they're ready to go. I'll rotate between blue and orange turtles... so,

I put an underscore below the last e in bridgestone on my b330-rx


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I used to put the dots on, but i just make sure the guys i'm playing with aren't playing the same ball as me. i figure i shouldn't waste my time marking my whole collection when it's just as easy to pull out a callaway instead of a titleist if somebody else is playing one.
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During my tournament yesterday, I was playing a Titleist 4, with a blue dot next to the number. My playing partner was using the same golf ball, with the SAME marking. So I put two more red dots on it to make sure it was distingushable from the others...
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I put a huge red X on both sides of the ball. Yet somehow I've still had people hit my ball.

My mark is so large and so annoying that you'd have to be a complete fool to think your ball is mine. Yet at least once a month someone wanders over from the other fairway to where my ball is, and I see them whack it towards their hole.
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I dot the eyes on all my Titleists.

My wife gave me some personalized balls that say "Mads' Dad" on them (Daughter's name is Madison). My favorite.
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I color red the closest full dimple to the right of the brand name. Since my buddies and I discovered lostgolfballs.com we are all using pro V1s so we had to start marking marks.

The engineer in me makes sure I use a small mark that is down in the dimple so I'm unlikely to get any clubface contact to the marker ink. Wouldn't want to sacrifice any spin!
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One blue dot to the upper right of the number, on each side.

I used to do the same thing but with a blue dot below the right of the number. I stopped doing this one round when I hit my provisional to a very similar spot to my original ball. I only found one ball but I didn't know if it was my first or second( I had just bought a new sleeve of balls so they were both the same brand and number). I had to play it as my provisional, which I am sure is not playing corectly

I probably should have gone back to the tee for my 5th but it made me be aware of what ball I am playing and how it is marked. Now before my round I mark my #1 ball with 1 dot my #2 with two and my #3 with three. After that i just take out whatever I have left in my bag.
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I just write "DO NOT PICK UP" with a red sharpie. The people that play at the muni tend to pick up a golf ball when its not their's without a second thought.
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Note: This thread is 1853 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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