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How long to break 100/90/80...?

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broke 100 in 2 months after I took up the game (had alot of guidance and tutoring from a friend who averages 73-75 and ten years of hockey helped a little) shot a 91 at the end of that summer, did

I started playing when I was 10. I probably broke 100 within my first year of playing cuz I was hooked. I broke 90 by age 13, broke 80 by age 15. Played on my high school golf team. But actuall

Quote: Wanna break 100? Learn to putt. Wanna break 90? Learn to chip. Wanna break 80? Learn course management. Wanna break 70? Play tournaments.

broke 100 within about 6 months at age 14...
then broke 90 as soon as I started playing JV (year after I started playing)...
broke 80 the first time 4 years ago...
now I break 80 all the time and shot first even par round this year.
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I actually shot a 74 at my home course when I was 11. I had about a 15 handicap then, so it was practically impossible lol. Now I shoot around there on average about once every 10 rounds. I actually broke 90 in the first or second year of golfing. I broke 80 when I was 11. I still haven't broken 70 :(
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Broke 100 about 1 year after playing.

90 about 3 years.

80 5 years.

I am not if this is right. All I know is I shot my career low last year of 75 and have been playing now for 8 years.
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broke 100 in 1st mnth of golfing...when i was 12
won the jr. club chamionship the same year with an 83 - again this was my 1st year ever golfing

so i guess I broke 100 and 90 in the same year, in about 4 months time

breaking 80...was the very next year
I have also been lucky enough to break 70, in my senior year of H/S
as my sig states, i shot a 69 in tournament play - havent done it since....and followed it up w a 76 the next day!! haha!
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I'm going to give the amount of time it took me to break those numbers playing consistently and trying to get decent at golf.

break 100, about 4 months
Break 90, about 12 months
Break 80... 4 years and counting... grrrrrrrrrrr
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I started golfing seriously for the first time this year, starting in April. I shot a 99 the end of April on a 6000yd wide open course. I've shot an even 90 (double bogey last hole) but not yet broken it this year, every round has its challenges. I really wish I'd have started playing when I was young, taking this on at 33 can be frustrating.
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It took me about 6 months to break 100

about 2 years to break 90

My best score ever is an 81. I quit golf for about 5 years and am trying to return to the game and haven't broke 90 since I started back up :(
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I got a job as a cart boy at a golf course when I was 21, before then I had only picked up a club at the driving range…..and it was their used clubs. It took me just under 3 years to hit an 81. I can’t remember breaking 100/90 though. I guess what helped….or hurt, was that I had played baseball for over 15 years and was very athletic and could stretch really far. It’s been 2 years since I hit that 81 and I haven’t broken that record yet…..but I do play consistent mid-high 80’s now and hope to break the 80 mark soon!
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Broke 100 in 3 weeks
Broke 90 not that long after that.
Havent broke 80 yet after about 1 and a half years playing.
I will hopefully be able to break the big 80 by the end of this year. (I have been so close )

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I've been playing for real for about 2 years (I bought my clubs about 6 years ago, $200 for PW-Driver, but only played the par 3 exec course and then dropped it for a long time).

I broke 100 almost instantly.
Broke 90 within 2-3 months.
Now my best is 81, which I did in back to back rounds this month, once with 4 straight 3-putt bogeys...
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

100 second time playing but it was at a shit resort course so if that doesn't count 15 time playing a broke 100 on a 65.4 117 track
90 in about 2 weeks after so 30 time playing
80 this year so about 85 time 70.2 130 6200 yards track
and i am yet to break 70 lowest a 74 at the course above
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I feel kind of bad posting this. I started on a par three course. The course had a long par 3 of 210 yards and I had a five wood that I would choke up on. I played 6-10 hours a day for 7 months. Then I got invited to a little course in little rock called Hindman. I didn't have a driver so i used that 5 wood off the tee and shot 76. your proabably thinking to yourself, oh impossible! But I did it. On the way back to Hot Springs a drive of about an hour, all my friends would talk about was my score. The kept saying "you broke 80, you broke 80!" I was like, "Huh? is that good?" I soon learned after I joined Belvedere CC what all the hype was about.

Took me 2 years to break 70.
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Note: This thread is 2711 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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