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Most embarassing thing that has happened to you on a Golf course

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Peeing behind the tree and forgetting got 3 flights of my golf buddies waiting to teeoff at NSRCC kranji 10 teebox. While i watered the tree, cameras and handphones camera were clicking and flashing away !!!

Later had to buy beer and food for everyone so they don't post my photo.....
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The breakfast chili dog at the clubhouse I had at the turn wasn't treating me right, I was playing alone, no one was around as it was an extremely slow day, so, I decide to let out the biggest fart of my life. I was sure I'd hit a 400 yard bomb after relieving that tension. Anyways, long story - short, the cart girl (who is a total babe) decided to cut through the trees to ask if I wanted another beer right then. By the time she spoke, it was too late to retreat, the spectre had begun to leave my presence. Needless to say, I didn't play too well the rest of the day, and she never did come back.

This just got an audible laugh from me in the office. Thats when you go just leave 3 beers on the ground over there Ill come to you and get them you might want to stay away from this area for about 20-30 minutes. Drink your beers and then wallow in shame.

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Glad this did NOT happen to me, but I was a witness...

Back in HS, I always went out to play with my dad and his co-workers on Saturday morning. One particular day, one of the guys in our foursome took a liking to all the mulberry trees on the course, eating berries any chance he could. Later on the back 9, he started to complain that his stomach was upset, but continued playing. On about the 15th tee, he took a big swing and moaned right after, doubled-over in pain. It didn't long for us to notice that he, um...defecated on himself. After the rest of us kind of stared at each other wondering, "What do we do/say now???" He insisted on walking back to his car without assistance. We later learned that he did stop by the maintenance garage to hose off his legs, but made little attempt to clean himself off, and just drove home.
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Playing a round with my younger twin brothers a few years back. All three of us are out in the fairway hitting our second shots. When myself and one of my brother's get back to the cart, we notice a gigantic wasp just hanging out down my the accelerator. My brother sneaks up and...WHAM steps on it and squashes the hell out if it. But at the same time, stomped on the accelerator, unlocking the brake and propelling it, unmanned down the very steep hill we were so conveniently positioned on at the time. Needless to say, it was hysterical watching him run down the fairway after our runaway cart. I definitely heard others laughing at/heckling us from adjacent fairways.
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Glad this did NOT happen to me, but I was a witness...

haha classic!

Besides the slices into random houses etc... A couple weeks ago i was playing with a friend (he was driving). We were only on the 3rd hole when I was in the middle of taking a drink of my Dr. Pepper and he thought it would by funny to slam on the brakes really quick then gas it again. I end up dumping my soda all down the front of my white Callaway shirt. As far as I'm concerned, karma is a bi**h. He probably played the worst game of golf in his life that day.
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I love this thread hahaha

Time for mine...i hooked my drive right on the edge of the fairway and on the previous hole which was coming back towards me two gorgeous girls were teeing off. One was about 18 the other mid 20s. They asked if I wanted to hit first and I said no because I never turn down a chance to watch good looking girls golf. The youngest tees up and drives maybe 100 yards and looks at me kind of embarrassed and smiles. The older girl steps up and practically tears the cover off the ball and I commented her on the shot. I lines up my ball and took extra time studying my shot and the green from where I stood and as they walked by (the were walking not riding) I proceeded to crush my shota good two to three feet in total. They both smiled and the oldest commented "Nice shot back at ya". If I could have crawled under the ground I would have I was that embarrassed.

My grandfather...on number 3 of a local course par 4. I was on in two as he took too much club on his second and it rolled off the green and down a bank. Mind you it poured for like 3 days straight prior to us going out. He asked to borrow a wedge of mine. There I am putter in hand on the green waiting and waiting and waiting for him. Finally his ball pops up on the green with him soon to follow. When he turned around he was straight mud from his collar to his shoes. The bank was nothing short of a slip and slide. I felt so bad. My wedge looked like a walking stick it was covered in mud. I for sure thought he would quit then and there (I would have) but he stuck out the remaining 15 holeslkike that.
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The last one to happen to me was when I was put on a different group in our monthly scramble. We were playing a really nice CC and I was with a group of guys I didnt know that well. But they all knew me as the kid who won the last 3 long drives in the scramble. So they are all excited like nice we will have a bunch of long good drives today.

So of course the first hole with a bunch of people watching I tee it up, and swing probably harder than I have ever swung in my life to prove a point or something. Completely backfired the ball went about 25-30yds forward and 200yards left at about 1,000 mph. Zoomed right into the tennis court bounced around in there and the tennis players all stopped and yelled something over, and about 30people were laughing because it was the start of a scramble. That turned my irish face red for about 20minutes until someone offered me up the JB flask.
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Glad this did NOT happen to me, but I was a witness...

He quite clearly underestimated the huge amount of Chemicals/Fertilizer/Untreated water that is sprayed all over everything on the course.. eww. I wont even eat without a good handwashing after a round.

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warmup swing at 1st tee too close to the golf cart - nearly broke the cart windshield, scared several foursomes waiting to tee off. Embarrassed is too nice a word for how I felt.
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One thing I still think about is my first club championship as a single digit (this was ~ 15 years ago). I was not feeling well. It was all I could do to not vomit (nerves, a bug, bad sushi - not sure what). I was so focused on just getting through the morning that I was very quiet and not listening to anything. The most irritating thing for me when I'm sick is other people. I should have stayed home. Apparently I'd given a regular playing partner the cold shoulder because I hadn't heard him saying "Good Morning". Turns out we're in the same group and my strange behaviour continues all the way down the first hole. I was just out of it - almost throwing up - not really responding to banter.

We get to the green and I don't notice he's behind me chipping on - I look over at another player lining up his putt and ask him if he can see the hole (i.e. if he wants the flag tended) just as my "friend" is on his downswing. He flubs the chip then unleashes a barrage of expletives on me about how I'm acting like I'm on the GD PGA Tour giving everyone the cold shoulder then waiting until he's making a shot to start yapping. I apologize profusely, still trying not to vomit, but it's an awkward day for everyone. I don't remember anything about the rest of the round other than everyone played to approximately their indexes (obviously out of the prizes). Even after the round nobody spoke about it. He was a member somewhere else the next season and I don't live around there any more so that's that.
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I was on the 18th hole Par 5 at my club. Laid up short of the wasteland hazard so I would have a great wedge shot onto the green. 4 carts of guys watching me, since the other groups were either OB off the tee or hit it in the crap going for two. All I had to do was hit it on the green and two putt from 110 to win. I hit my ball on the most extreme part of the toe of my club on my practice swing shooting the ball 30 yards straight right....1 stroke penalty. So embarrassing.
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Years ago, when I was young and single, I was on a business trip in Japan to meet a client. Back then, golf was very exclusive and only the uber-rich could afford to play. So, when my client said that he was taking me golfing at his club the next day, I became very anxious and nervous because I was very new and very bad at golf.

That night, I met a girl in the hotel bar and things went well and we ended up back in my room. As I was doing the nasty with her, she starts to moan, "Wakili Mashi". It seems like she's having fun to me, so I start going faster and harder. She starts getting louder, "Wakili Mashi...Wakili Mashi....WAKILI MASHI!". We get done and she leaves.

The next day, I'm playing golf with my client and some of his buddies. He gets a hole in one and we all start cheering. I wanted to say something in his native tongue to commemorate his achievement. Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese, so the only thing I could remember was what the gal said to me the night before. At that point, I started cheering out, "WAKILI MASHI, WAKILI MASHI!!". Finally, my client stopped me and asked, "Why do you keep saying wrong hole?".

Sorry all. That was a bad joke I heard years ago.
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Parked cart on hill, set brake haphazardly, did not take, but didn't notice.

Noticed cart going down a hill out of corner of my eye.

Ran after cart.

Dived into cart. Literally. Headfirst. Locked brake with hand.

Another 10-20 feet more is a big steep ravine with a 75+ foot drop. I kid you not.

The headline would have read "Golfer Killed Trying to Save Cart from Falling into Ravine"

Embarrassing and almost killed myself saving a stupid cart.

Needless to say, I've been paranoid about the brake ever since.

And now they have those self locking carts.

This is why I walk.

Did not realize back then how close I nearly killed myself.

You do stupid things when you're young.
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Not sure that's always true. I play two courses that have signs informing that golfers are responsible for damage done to houses.

I have seen those but from what I was told by someone that lives on said course, told me that although the sign says that, he is responsible for the damage. He say it is part of living on the golf course. He is reasonable but some of the guys go nuts even if you barely get your ball in their yard.

Here is ONE of mine: early in the year the snow had just melted and the ground was pretty mushy. I was a little rusty from not playing over the winter and topped my drive and it went about 30 feet just past the tee box. Anyway I sheepishly walk up to my ball and set up a take my swing, I get splashed with mud and water and I am looking down the fairway for the ball and my partner says he didn't see it. I am looking and says there it is. I had topped it again only instead of going 30 feet it got smashed straight down in the ground. I was like this is an all time low.
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Last Sunday I left two objects on the track:

1) a 7 iron, 3rd shot on a dogleg left par 5 (interesting hole: pond in left fairway 210yds from tee - hmmm). Don't ask me how I managed to leave the club in right rough, well off the fairway up a steep slope. Surely it couldn't have fallen out of the bag in the back of the cart? Only realized it was gone when the round was over. Rode back 4 holes and found it where I'd left it !! (after asking everyone on the way if they'd seen a Mizumo 7i).

But I figured out where I may have used a 7i when I got to that hole, took the cart up the hill ..... and there it was, waiting patiently for my return.

2) Cover for new Odyssey 2-ball, must have fallen out of the storage rack in back of cart. Note to self: don't be a lazy SOB and leave it there instead of putting it back on the putter every time. Blasted thing has 2 spare weights and a little tool in a zippered pouch (adjustable weighting system).
Some nice golfer found it and left it at the desk.

The worst bit was 1) I'm not even 60 yet, 2) I was playing with my bro.

p.s. a PW, SW or LW near the green I can understand. Been there done that. But a seven iron at 160 yards ????? what's with that?

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Tried to bend over the putt in a "Spiderman" style, just like Camillo Villegas, then split my pants on the way down.

Been hating him since.
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Note: This thread is 3875 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • For me, this highlights the 2019 rule change that no longer limits this type of penalty to 4 strokes (or the error/mistake being active for 2 holes), but instead carries on, per hole, until the problem is corrected.  That is something I just learned now, so thanks, I guess? FWIW, this means that if you forget a 15th club in your bag and play the whole round with it, you need to add a cool 36 strokes to your (let's call it not great to begin with) 95, to end up with an absurdly high smooth 131!  Wow.  The only silver lining I see is that since you get to only record a net double for handicap purposes, that round may end up being recorded with ESC as a 104 instead...  🙂
    • Day Eighteen, June 12, 2021. Played 18 today. First ever bogey free round. 1 eagle, 1 birdie, and 16 pars, 68.
    • I don’t see why the PGA/LPGA/Champions don’t play a mixed tournament from 3 different tees. Each tour competing against itself, but playing a 3-some, one person from each.  I think it’d be one hell of a tournament with something for everyone. 
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