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Plastic or Wood Tees? Something Else?


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  1. 1. What kind of tees are you using?

    • Bristle Tees: Brush T, X-Tee, Rip Tips...
    • Plastic/Composite: Zero Friction, Wedge Tee...
    • Wood
    • Other

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hot pink wood tees

I like how the tee will leave a mark on the sole of my driver, nice feedback plus they're really easy to find

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Whatever is left for me at the tee box. I dont buy tees at all. I tee the ball very low, and as a result, even broken ones work fine.

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I use 2 3/4" Epoch tees, and for irons the 1 1/2" Epoch. They are very durable, and are strudy like wooden tees. I've played with Zero Frictions before, but I like the Epochs a lot more because they do not bend when I hit them with my driver.

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I got a pack of brush tees for X-Mas. I would have never thought of buying them, but now I love 'em! Played on X-Mas day and was surprised how nice they were.

I used to use brusth tee's their awsome. Only way they can "break" is when the bristles get messed up. Dont loose the caps as that is one major way the bristles can get messed up. Also over time the bristles will get messed up and you will eventually have to buy a new one. But overall they will last you a while before breaking.

But now i just use regular wooden tees. When i can i prefer to buy the tees that show you were in the ground you should stop putting the tee in for the correct driver height. I find that useful because i always have to adjust my tees when i put it in the ground. ITs nice to just put it in and swing away :)

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I love the epoch tees-I bought a small bag in jan. and I think I still have 35 left after about 30 rounds. I've only broken two that I know of, I usually just lose them.

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3.25" wood tees with the natural wood color for my driver.
Whatever broken stub I can find on the tee box when hitting an iron or 4-wood.

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Let's see, I usually stick 2 or 3 long wooden tees in my pocket at the beginning of a round. I use found tees or broken tees on par 3's and a couple shorter par 4's where I use a hybrid to tee with. By the end of the round, I usually have 5 or 6 long tees in my pocket.

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i read about the zero friction tees review on the sandtrap site and was intrigued when it was said that these things don't break. they don't and i'm very happy with them.

I tried conventional tees which tend to break on me.

I don't buy into the notion of 'less drag' that the bristle tees claim. The following has me intrigued but I am sticking with what works for me: http://www.golfbusinesswire.com/releases/125055/ The Zero Friction tees seem to last a very long time. I like the extra long tees that have led to the consistency with the driver.

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Just read article on Twitter, there is a course over seas that is banning plastic Ts as they are ending up ona beach and interfering with wildlife

It was on golf digest twitter feed 

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    • Played my first 18 holes since late 2014 today.  I shot a 106 (66.2 / 117), which I was really surprised by.  I actually shot better on the back 9, which is the opposite of what I used to do.  I used to play 9 holes almost exclusively and stretching it to 18 seemed to just fatigue me and it showed on the scorecard.  My son (12) and I had a great time.  I scored 2 pars, should of had another 1-2.  There were so many stupid strokes on the card.  6 penalties, 2 3-putts, 2 times I took 2 strokes in the same bunker, on top of your normal duff/skull from a weekend warrior.  It makes me feel really good, because through all of that it felt like I was on track for 120, not 106.  It tells me I'm not that far away from the mid 90s again.  When I played a lot (2-3 9s a week about 6-8 years ago) I'd normally shoot between 42 and 45 like clockwork.  Granted this new course is slightly tougher with tighter fairways, I feel like I'll be back to a place where I'm shooting respectable scores. Where I'm struggling most, like I was in 2012-2014, is distance.  I simply don't hit the ball that far.  It makes playing even somewhat forward tees (3rd set from the back) really tough.  I tracked a few of my better drives (3w, I have no control over the 1w) and on a great shot I was only getting 200-210 out of it.  My 5i is about 155 and my 7i is about 135.  A 375 yard par 4 is common and nearly impossible for me to reach in 2.  If I actually wanted to go for it, I'd need to pull a 4h for my second shot.  That's just not good for me, so I'll hit 3w, AW, AW, to give me an opportunity for a 1-putt par or more likely a 2-putt bogey.  A 350 yard par 4 will at least let me go 3w, 5i.  So yes, I'm dealing with that.  I need to figure out where to get 10 yards throughout the bag, or learn how to hit a 1w with some confidence.  I'm sure newer technology would help, but my clubs (Taylormade Burner 2.0) aren't that old.  I have noticed that newer sets have a 7i loft where my 5i is.  That makes me wonder, is it as hard to hit that new 5i as it is for me to hit my current 3i (as they'd have the same loft)?
    • Here are the rules: https://www.usga.org/equipment-standards/equipment-rules-2019/equipment-rules/equipment-rules.html#!ruletype=er&section=rule&partnum=6&rulenum=8  
    • Good read. I've never thought about utilizing a reverse K setup for anything other than the driver. I'd imagine the magnitude of the hip shift forward is quite a bit less when applied to the iron setup versus the driver.  What do you think about the idea of simultaneously adopting this slight setup change while beginning to work on adding some "flow" in an attempt to minimize the obvious pitfall of making the sway much too pronounced?
    • I play in a league which has people who play from the "regular" tees and then some who are over 60 who play from the "senior" tees.   With the way the World Handicap System is today, you just use whatever handicap they have from whichever set of tees they are playing. That way we don't discourage anyone who wants to play from playing.    
    • For a while now I’ve noticed that many low and plus handicappers falsify their handicaps just to get in tournaments.  I’m sure many people on this forum have read about this or even know people who do this.  On occasion I see several players that shoot anywhere from 85 and upwards.  How is this possible?  I look up their handicaps (if I can find them) and am surprised the +2, +3 and plus 4’s are shooting these type of scores.  Maybe it was bad weather, maybe the course didn’t fit their game?  But what really catches my eye is that many of these players don’t post scores.  I’ve seen a few that haven’t posted a score in over a year.  It just doesn’t seem right that these players are allowed entry into these tournaments.  It also seem wrong that those who run these tournaments even allow them entry?   I’m sure there’s some reason.  I was once told that many ranked amateurs don’t post a score due to their amateur ranking. Some don’t post as they are playing for a scholarship and need the ranking.  True or false I don’t know. ....what are your thoughts on this? Who cares? It doesn’t matter? 
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