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    • Welcome to The Sand Trap! Thanks for posting. First, you are flexible and look pretty athletic, which helps. In the down the line swing, you can see you are coming in a little out-to-in or over the top, which can lead to the pull slices you mentioned. In the face on, you can see you also flip a bit, as you mentioned. You don’t shift your weight much forward during the downswing, which can cause this. Below are a couple of threads. First is the Five Simply Keys thread, 5SK. The 5SK are the common things all good golf swing have and is not a swing method, but a guide so to speak. Key 2, for example, is weight forward at impact. This may be something you should look at. There are video drills for each Key in the thread. The second thread was started by the site owner during the pandemic lockdown last year when courses were close. It is an excellent collection of drills to work on. The first five are full swing drills. They start with backswing and go through impact. Proper backswing sequence and position can help set up a good downswing sequence. Check them out. Lastly, We like to get to know our members here on TST and one of the things that helps is when members choose a unique avatar for themselves. Please add one (here's a guide to help if you're not sure how).    And we have lots of other topics here on the site. Check them out as well and join in the conversations.  
    • I don’t know enough about it to answer intelligently, but it seems a bit different  than what my instructors want me to do. An example is the long arc drill where we try to slow down release or wrist turnover through to A9 and keep palmar flexion a bit longer. This would keep the face open longer. For me, it may be because it would help my face to path be more consistent at impact. It seems to be a timing scenario if you let the face rotate freely. I think it should be ‘happens’ but training it with gate drills for start line may help. if I use my ‘spirit animal’ PGA Pro example, from my Evolvr instructor, I would say the number would be a lot less. It’s hard to tell from the image below, but it looks like Zack’s face is more closed at A6. So basically, I will do what my instructor tells me I should do.😀
    • Been around for way longer than that pre 1900 The Urquehart -  Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland: Clubmakers  
    • 9 handicapper myself and a certified club ho for many a year! Personally I have played 735cm's, many versions of Hogan Apex and modern Hogan irons, Ping G's, I's, S's, Becu's, the lot! Maxfli A10'S, Maxfli Rev's, Taylormade, Adams, Callaway, Macgregor, Wilson Staff........basically the whole damn shaboom!! Decided a few months ago to make the game as easy as possible. I picked up 5-pw Cleveland HB Turbo irons, Callaway 50*56*60* Mack Daddy CB wedges and a Ping Craz-e vault 2 putter. Threw in a Taylormade Sim2 3 wood and a couple of Ping Karsten hybrids 4+5. Tell you what give the Cleveland HB Turbo's a chance, IT IS LIKE CHEATING. Great length, good trajectory, can get some gentle fade or draw movement with a little club face manipulation.  If the technology was there a few hundred years ago they would be the norm!
    • Dune. Or should I say, Dunc? Eagle. Big downside is the story isn’t finished. 
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