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What'd You Shoot Today?


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6409b36a72b511e1a87612313804ec91_7.jpg 36, front nine, Whispering Woods. Photo from the first tee to the right (as posted to Instagram).


67% GIR, 15 putts, 7/7 FIR.

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The most frustrating round of my life, period.  Played Highland lakes GC in Lago Vista, 14/14 fairways, 0/18 GIR.  Striped everything off the tee, couldn't hit sidehill shots whatsoever with the new swing.  Need some sidehill practice.  Alignment felt wonky on anything but perfectly level ground.  Not quite ready for prime time with the new action.

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Played 8 holes and I was right around even par. We were just out on the course enjoying the 80 degree March weather in Michigan. Almost made one from 120 yards, and had a tap in birdie on number 2. So we get to the 9th tee and the course GM meets us out there. We played a 2 on 2 combined score match. I played -3 for 6 holes, and missed an 8' birdie putt to make it -4 for 6 holes. My partner 4 putted the first match hole we played to tie them on that hole and we won the rest. Really good day on the course, striking the ball quite nice, and look to have added some yardage to all of my clubs.

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Played 9 holes saturday and sunday. Shot my best 9 hole score to par @ bungay brook in massachusetts a 38, +2. Was pumped and ended up playing a par 3 course on sunday with a few buddy's continued to play great by my standards and started with 3 pars. Then two straight bogeys followed by a quadruple bogey yuck... ended up shooting a 35(+8) the quad ruined my round oh well I've never broken 80 and my games coming around hopefully I can do it soon!

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82 at Highland Creek Golf Club. Easily my best score by 3 shots, it was a funny feeling though because my swing was pretty poor today. However I did go pin hunting on a few holes and draining long putts for par definitely helped. 40 on the front 42 on the back!

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96 at my home course. Felt pretty good today, just had one blow-up hole. Other than that I'm really beginning to see improvements and my practice time is def. starting to pay off!

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Got up this morning and went out and played for the first time this season.  Its my birthday today, so had to do something to celebrate.  Found a course near me that gives out free birthday rounds . (WGC Golf Course in Xenia Ohio) Shot an 88 on a par 71.  There were some good, some bad.

Chipping - Always been great at this, but seemed on today.  No matter where I was around the green, the ball always seemed to end up at least within 10 feet, most of the time within 5.
Putting - I think I made every putt inside 10 feet.  That never happens, especially on a course I've never played before.  Was feeling the putter today.
Ball striking - I was making flush contact with my irons. Didn't always end up where I wanted it to go, but it sure felt good most of the time.  Didn't duff any shots.  Got them all up in the air.  So that was good at least.

Iron play (aiming) - First time on this course and was just 5 or so yards off the green on most iron shots.  Was hitting the ball well, just not aiming at the right spot.  Was pin high most of the time, so just need to get my accuracy better.

Hit just 1 (ONE) GIR. To quote Harry Doyle - "Thats all we got? One ***damn hit?!?!"

Tee Box - Hit 3 of 14 fairways.  Had a nice slice with my driver.  Wasn't turning my wrists over leaving the clubface open.
I did have one perfect drive on 16.  Short 478 yard par 5.  You tee off right in front of the clubhouse and there were about 5 guys standing there talking.  I walk up and bombed 315 right down the middle of the fairway. Hit one great shot the only time of the whole round someone was watching. Jackpot!

Great weather today.  Started about 815, was a single, so I got done about 1030.  Gorgeous morning to play golf. Gotta love the unusual spring record high temps here in Ohio.  I don't remember the last time I've been able to play golf on my birthday.

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Played 36 this past Saturday out at Odyssey Golf Club in Tinley Park, IL. 80s and sunny - great way to spend St. Patty's day away from all the madness in downtown Chicago!

Shot 80 (+8) on the first 18 with 36 putts....just brutal. First hole striped it down the middle, then put a SW to 4 feet and made the putt...other than that it was a disaster on the greens. Hit the ball great off the tee and irons were sharp - so can't complain.

Second 18 shot 75 (+3) with 32 putts - slight improvement on the greens, but still left 4-5 shots out there. Thrilled with early season ball striking - hopefully I can keep it up!

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Shot an 89 today at Golf Club of Illinois in Algonquin. I can't even remember how many times I was in those bunkers or high grass. Greens were hard and rolling very fast but overall I love that course. Sort of has a links feel to it

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101.  I was having a great round then I put 2 in a row into the water and was teeing off 5 and then the next hole I put two in a row into the woods.

Was able to settle down and start doing a little better after that but it pretty much destroyed my round.

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I went retro today. Played a balata ball and laminated Ben Hogan woods and old Hogan PC irons and an old TP Mills 12 putter. I bought all this equipment last weekend at a local goodwill for $30

People were giving me some weird looks on the tee when I pulled out that wooden driver . LOL

5737 yards par 71      67.9/113          Score 86......41/45......6/15 FW and 4 GIR. 32 putts including two 3 jacks. 1 triple bogey, 2 double bogeys, 9 bogeys, 5 pars and 1 birdie.

First round ever with "classic" equipment, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will be doing this again. First time using this putter, plus the softer balata ball made putting a little different. I lost a good amount of distance off the tee with the much shorter driver, and had to club up from the fairway due to the weaker lofts on the irons.

A very fun round. I would encourage everyone to get some old equipment and have at it!

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103 today.   Completely blew up two holes, 4 putting one of them...........   On the plus side, I had 3 pars and should have had 3 more.   I swear putting was killing me today..   Oh well.........   Just gonna keep trying.........

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54 on the front 9 today..  Drives were off (short and high all day) and I simply could not connect with my 5i..........  I decided to go to the driving range and see if I could figure out what was happening..    Drives were a good 20-30 yards short and too high.   My wife was watching and said there was something unusual with my swing today but she try as she might, she could not describe it.   She said it was just weird looking..    After about a third of a bucket, I still hadn't figured anything out, so I gave up and decided to call it a day..   Gave the rest of the bucket to a guy who was there with his two small sons and went home.....

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    • Let me see if I can present this another way. Player A is a good putter and makes 50% of his 8’ putts on tour quality greens. Player B is a bad putter and only makes 10% of the same putts. For argument’s sake, let’s say a bumpy green deflects the ball to a degree that it affects a putt holing 1% of the time, both good and bad. Player A’s make % on a bumpy green would still be 50%. He loses 1% on good lines but gains 1% on misses. Over 1000 putts, the bumpy greens deflect 5 (1% of 500) of the putts he would have holed off line and 5 (1% of 500) of the putts he wouldn’t have holed into the hole. Player B’s make % however becomes 11% (10.8% if you’re a math major). He loses and gains the same 1% as Player A, but since he’s less likely to hit a good line to begin with, the bumpy greens affect him differently. Over 1000 putts, he misses 1 (1% of 100) he would have made on a perfect green, but makes 9 (1% of 900) he would have missed. On a bumpy green, this player holes 108 putts of this length, versus the 100 he would have holed on a perfect green. Player B is a slightly better putter on bumpy greens while player A stays the same, this narrowing the gap. I hope this makes sense. I think I did the math right, but I put this post together here and there while working, so mistakes could have been made.
    • Yeah, not sure. Didn't think about this too much, just the first thing that popped into my mind. BTW, didn't say the imperfections would not matter, just saying they'd matter less close to the center of the cup than they would at an edge.
    • Go to a local golf shop and try stuff out on a good launch monitor against your own clubs. Some places let you do it for free. Others may charge by the hour. As mentioned above, the driver is a good one, so may not see much improvement there. However, some of the newer drivers may give you more ball speed and lower spin, so you may find some better drivers. Generally, for me, the only clubs that get changed out are my driver and wedges because I’m quite fond of everything else in my bag, but even my driver is a few generations old. 
    • It seems obvious doesn’t it? $, time, etc. 
    • From 10', the accuracy required to just hit the edge of the cup is +/- 1.01 degrees with prefect speed.  At the extreme example of a putter, on perfect greens, makes 100% of their putts assumes they hit the ball with sub 1 degree of accuracy from 10', and with the ball dying into the hole perfectly most of the time. With some leeway for faster speeds of the ball hits more towards the center of the cup. This is assuming no break.  I just think that in reality, the notion that they would hit the center of the cup at such a rate that the imperfections would not matter is not realistic. 
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