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Back at my alma mater (18 years since graduation) playing a fun afternoon nine with my old golf team buddies. We see each other once a year at this event. I block my 3-wood into the right trees, and rather than try to hit the impossible shot at the green, I punch it into the fairway (that would never have happened when I was 20). I proceeded to hit a towering sand wedge from about 105 right at it. One bounce short of the hole, second bounce after the hole, spins back in for a birdie. Reliving youth!

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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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Hole #8 and hole #15, River Forest CC, Freeport, PA

Two bunker shots that finished two inches and 18 inches from the pins.

The irony here is that I have experienced succes over the years on these two holes. I eagled #15 (par 4) with a wedge and had my hole-in-one on #8 in 2006.

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8 iron 150, missed birdie.

Same round. Kind of brutal to miss 2 birds from 3 ft in on the same 9 lol.

Don't be so hard on yourself - that second one looks to be at least 4 feet. :smartass:

No photo, but my best shot over 2 rounds last Thursday and Friday was one that a lot of players on this forum would never have attempted.  Now the (short) story:  I hit a great drive on the par 5 11th hole on Friday - my best drive all week - about 250 yards, which is outstanding for me these days.  Unfortunately, when I get to the ball it's lying in a divot hole.  I said one bad word, then took a deep breath, pulled my new (about 3½ weeks old) Aero-Burner 5W and pured it 230 yards it to just 10 feet short of the green.

Those players who refuse to hit from a divot hole will never know the incredibly good feeling that you get from playing a shot like that - one of the great moments in the game for those of us who prefer playing the ball as it lies.

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250 yards out on a 500 yard par 5. Hitting 2 i used my 3 wood to put it 2 feet off the green. Chip to about 5 feet and sunk the birdie
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Greenside grass bunker, steep face, up against it.   Ball about 60 ft away from pin.

Problem was the ground is hard, not much grass (muni course) & ball found a slight depression & directly behind ball there was a small "hump" of bare hard ground, which prevented me from using any bounce at all.

Had to come in steep & hit the back of the ball cleanly, with a lot of shaft lean to pinch it perfectly & take bounce out of it.

Due to unfortunate lie, had to pick my most lofted wedge (64°) and delofted it to catch ball without hitting the dirt mound behind it ... came out nice, high & rolled out to 4 ft.   May have been my best shot of year due to degree of difficulty...

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Competition on Saturday at my club, shotgun start and we're out on the 17th which is a tricky par 3.  Birdies on there are near impossible even if you hit a pin seeker.

I'm a 28 handicap so hitting greens on par 3 is very good for me.  I watched the 13 and 20 handicap players I was playing with both missed the green, I stepped up and middled my first tee shot on to the green.

I've been going through the early round shanks were my first few iron shots in a round can be a bit nervous and not very good.  This was my best shot as I completely blocked it out and hit the green.  Very rewarding!

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The drive on hole # 5 at Beavercreek.

Aimed right at this pin tree through the fairway. Hit a 3-wood that started at the right edge of the tree and curved just to the left edge of the tree.

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I was playing a 9 hole course on Saturday which has 2 par fives running next to each other with a creek cutting them both in half and a tree line dividing them. Coming back on the second I sliced my 3 wood into the other fairway just short of the creek, perfect distance but leaving me essentially blind of the green. I go 3 wood again and pure it thinking I had a good shot of at least finding it in the fairway. On the ride up I'm scanning the ground thinking I must have gone left and into the weeds since I don't see it. Then I look up onto the green and see my ball about 15ft away from the pin for the first time id ever made a par 5 in 2. I then 2 putt for birdie and leave wondering if I had just gotten an incredibly lucky bounce or if maybe I might be starting to lose my hack card as I was one over through 5 (a minor miracle for me) but back to back doubles brought be quickly back to reality.

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I flew the green right and long on a par 3. It has a tough steep back side. I was off to the side and down 6 feet from the green. With a 60 degree wedge, I hit the perfect little chip to 4 feet, made the up and down. Best up and down of the season.
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I hit a pretty nice 3 wood fade about 270 over a ravine to a long par 5 green.....

but no.....

I have to say it was one that might not seem so great - didn't get up and down with it, didn't save par, or get a birdie or eagle or anything.....

but I pushed a tee on a par 3 to a greenside bunker -

the greens are like pavement - with gritty pea-sized crumbles all over them.  really hard to take the right amount of sand

the lie - downhill, sitting up just short of the lip but fair enough between 1 and 2 feet

the hole is SHORT!!! to my side


small green

I'm looking across the green at immediate water

everything just sucks about this shot

I hit it just right, with a little sand, and came out kind of low but with enough spin.  it landed it just in the short rough where it one bounced to the green and then rolled past about 10 feet

like I said - it wasn't holed, or even left close, but I'm not sure I (personally) could have hit it any better than I did.  was so happy I didn't let myself decelerate like I've been lately

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2nd hole at a tougher course, 183 yard downhill par 3 with a green on top of a hill below. Hit an easy 4H that drew with the wind and landed pin high 2 feet from the hole. Easy birdie (I've never made one so early in a round)

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I was up in New York over the weekend visiting my brother.  On Friday we played Bethpage Black.  On Saturday we placed his club, North Hills, and on Sunday we played the back 9 at Harbor Links.

At Harbor Links #12 is a shorter par 5.  I hit a good drive leaving my 235 to the green.  Then I hit a hard fade/easy slice with my 3 wood that ended up to the right on the side of a hill.  With 90 yards left and the ball above feet, I hit a sand wedge that hit the stick.  Left me with a 4 foot putt for birdie that I drained.

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    • I get the "no cargo shorts" thing. They are NOT traditional, and they're a terrible look. They're baggy, wrinkly and silly. No one wants to see people in baggy, wrinkly clothes on the golf course. Besides, you don't need to be carrying "cargo" in the first place. You're not on safari. You're playing golf. You've got a golf bag with multiple pockets and, most likely a golf cart with plenty of room for most anything you'll need during 18 holes. Save the cargo shorts for your next hike in the bush.  
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    • I love putting and I'm generally considered to be a good putter, so a few things that might help: At the level you are trying to play, shooting 80, a median miss should be about 10% of distance (a tour pro is 5%). So from 40 feet you should be within 4 feet at least half the time, from 20 feet you should be within two half the time. So, and I'm making this up a little bit, if you are regularly more than 6-8 feet from 40 feet or more than 4 feet from 20 feet, you should work on your lag putting. As someone else said, make sure you're realistic. I spent a winter practicing 30 foot putts in my basement. I got better at them. I make more, but not enough to ever notice in my score. I spent another winter hitting, and I do not exaggerate, thousands of 7 foot putts (that's the amount of carpet I had to work with). My make putting got better and I could see it in my scores. For me I think of an 8 footer (3 steps) as a make putt, maybe extend to 10-15 feet for an easy uphill putt and shorten to 5 feet on fast downhill putts. Everything else is a lag where it's a bonus if it goes in.
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