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Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for 2018! Please read as the rules have changed! Yes, for all of 2018! I'm changing it up. Rather than do this monthly, we're going to hav

3/31/18: Day 365: The post you've all been waiting for.  I did some more work with my A4 to A5 drills. I know it seems like it's monotonous and stupid... But yesterday after I posted I

Well I'm at 276 consecutive days. 1/1/18: I did my path drill indoors today. For those of you who don't know what this is, it involves 2 to 4 water or soda bottles a club and a foam ball. I

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Day 340

Rained all day today, so did indoor yardstick putting drill and some backswing work in the patio door mirror. Backswing stuff is really frustrating. In the mirror I can easily get into the position that my teacher wants me to get to in the backswing, but as soon as I get over a ball, I can't do it consistently. Need to work on this more.

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Day 3 Week 4

Wedge day!  By logging my range activity it shows what I am not working on.  This also answers why my Wedge play really went into the tank this season, from a strength to a complete collapse in 2020.

Focus, 1/2 and 3/4 swing the entire session with my wedges.  I realize that my 1/2 swing is more like a 3/4 swing and my 3/4 swing is a full swing as of recent I have had a couple people watch and tell me.  As a pure guess one of the factors my wedge play went so backwards was a swing that got way to big.

In order of use I started with 5 balls each PW, 56*, 48*, 52*.  While doing this I realized during my swing I was deciding what to do with my back swing and that was an issue this season.  For example I would envision a 50 yard shot but then in my swing I would decide how to swing and that just lead to failure.  When this set finished I changed up what how I was practicing.

I cycled each club 1 shot at a time and I made the determination that for each set I would do just a 1/2 swing or 3/4 swing before hitting the ball. I felt this helped as I was practicing with more a direct planned approach.

I started with and kept the same order 3/4 swing with each starting with PW the, 56*, 48*, 52*.  I followed this up with a full set of 1/2 swing, for 5 sets total.

I finished my session up with the Driver and hit 10 balls with a focus on a more compact back swing as this too had gotten way to big, firing my hips thru getting that club head at the target.  

This was my best range session to date this offseason.

One last item, I have been working on my grip and changing it since the middle of July.  I am trying very hard to use the same grip and see the top 2 knuckles on my left hand as my grip had gotten really weak previously.  This has been a struggle to correct and I have to really focus on every shot I take.

A big shout out to @iacas for giving me the confidence to hit all of my wedges into my net and not have the ball sail up and over.  While Erik was not speaking directly to me in that post, it gave me the security to try.    

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Day 2

45 minutes, actually: 15 minutes with the Orange Whip®. primarily the same as yesterday. I did, for the last 5 minutes, bring it up to past my knees and almost up to my waist. Felt good with this routine and will continue to build on this.

15 minutes of  light chipping with my 60º. Felt a lot smother and, used on how the ball was hitting the net, I felt I  hit well centered shots.

The rest of the times exercises given to me by Hannah, my Physical Therapist. Tase were set primarily to challenging my balance.

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Day 6   I was on the range for almost an hour working on how my eyes work when hitting full shots.  Yes, you read that correctly "how my eyes work when hitting full shots!"  Last evening I spent almost 2 hours with Dr. Ryan Caserta, a noted specialist who works with golfers on how their eyes work when hitting shots (putts, wedges, full swing, etc. etc.).  Today he is working with an LPGA player on the same thing.    I have known him for about 10 years, and worked with him in the past.  He is creating on line training and asked me to be his "model" for putting.  So we shot video of me putting, preparing to putt, etc. etc for a couple of hours.   We then discussed how his approach which I use in putting can also be used, with modifications for other shots.  So I tried it today on the range and found it helped my ball striking.

I then went out and played 18 holes.  It was 58 degrees when we teed off, and the winds were in the 15-20 mph range for the whole round.  Thank goodness it warmed up, but I was challenged with the wind.  I shot 79, which is a decent score. .. would have been even better if I had not flown three greens. :-) 

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November 18, 2020- Day 1

Worked on bead with my putting, at least long enough until my cat started using my golf balls as soccer balls. I’ve struggled a little bit with my starting line, so I tried drawing a line with my eyes back from the hole to my ball and picking a spot six inches in front of the ball on that line as my starting line.

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Day 4 Week 4

Worked on putting today, not what was planned yet it was a good day.  

Practiced at all distances from 5' to 20'.  

2 items of focus, pendulum swing and figuring out what is going on with my progressive lens.

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DAY 7  Worked through 25 Drills from the book, "Train for Golf Like an Olympian"  These drills are part of the last section of the book which lays out a complete 8 hour a day training session that lasts for 25 days!!  So at the end of month you will have put in 200 hours of practice!! Talk about intense!!  I am only doing 4 hours a day... I am not sure my body could do 8 hours a day for 25 days in a row.

For each of the 25 drills, I did practice swings of the drill, sometimes slow motion swings of the drill, and also hit 8 balls per drill.  I also change between a 5 and 7 iron for all the drills.  For this afternoon I hit over 200 balls.  So this 73 year old person is sore!! I also did the daily Mach 3 Protocol with the Jetstick in an effort to build more speed into my swing.

In addition to being a better ball striker at the end of the 25 days, one of the other values of doing all these drills is that I am gaining a very good sense of which parts of my swing need the most focus.  So by the end of the 25 days, I will have a solid plan for the next 25 days.

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Day 326 - November 19, 2020

Back (SI joint) felt good enough to hit balls for ten minutes. It wasn't great, but since I'm mostly doing backswing work, it was "good enough." So I did that. Right elbow folds up in front of me, rises off ribs, as I turn back. Then I lay it down a little with the wrists and fire through.

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Day 3

While I did some golf activity yesterday, it was a full hour of physical motion and mirror work on weight shift and hip turn. I did this to prepare me for the final check up and send off from PT. It went well, just that I got tired and simply forgot to log on. (Hey, I posted nothing for almost 9 months!)

Started out today with today was 10 minutes of concentrating the feet (position and shifting) followed with 15 minutes on the putting-mat.


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Day 5 Week 4

Blended work out today between my SKLZ gear and the top of the bag.  

In order set of 5 each SKLZ Golf Flex, 5i, 5W, SKLZ Grip Trainer, 3Utility, 2 Utility SKLZ Gold Flex

Then worked thru that order 1 shot at a time, did that set twice and finished with 1 final SKLZ Grip Trainer

Last item was the Driver, hit 10 balls.

I also did my stretching routine throughout the work out.

Nice to mix it up and felt great today

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    • Hi! I've just joined here yesterday, I am very new to golf and I would be grateful for any advice on how to prioritize the many things going wrong with my swing.  I've been Playing Golf for: 5 months My current handicap index or average score is: about 120 My typical ball flight is: well, it's always been straight, but it just doesn't go anywhere. I used to top it all the time but that is somewhat better now.  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to eliminate the part where my shot goes 20 yards.  I have torn my oblique (playing golf, yes) so these are not full speed shots however, they are exactly how I look. (Sigh.) Since I can't go play golf right now I have been trying to work on drills and small movements but I Realize I am not sure what to work on or why things are not working out better for me.  I always have a chicken wing at impact.  I always seem to turn with my shoulders / upper body and end up swinging over / above the ball.  I have only recently realized I should shift the weight to my left leg  (i thought it had to stay centered the whole time) and the that has helped; i used to top it 80% of the time (honestly, I don't know how i've persevered as long as I have!!)  I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for looking at these!!    Videos:   I hope I have embedded these.  front view: https://vimeo.com/user110774000/review/519159426/a8284797e4   down the line: https://vimeo.com/user110774000/review/519159163/3e7b0e6c8b
    • A competition is set up as a series of knockout rounds but each game is played as a 'match' using strokeplay counting (ie the winner is the one with the lowest net score). Should each game/'match' be treated as a 2 man field strokeplay competition or should each player record their score as a general play score?
    • A bit of foul language, but I don't think that bothers anybody in here:    
    • I'm playing 9 holes today. Right now is is pure sun, 48* temp, and gentle breeze. I have to see how my new clubs like it on a golf course!
    • I can't speak to this condition, but I had hand surgery last summer to reattach 2 tendons in my left pinkie. Some more general thoughts from me first, and then I'll talk about my experience if you'd like. If you opt to have hand surgery, make sure you discuss the recovery process with your hand surgeon. The healing process is easy, and hand surgery is not as invasive as most other surgeries (although it looks like this surgery is way more invasive than what I had). I had basically no pain after surgery. The bitch is the physical therapy. Make sure you talk to your doctor about what physical therapy will look like for you after the surgery. Also make sure you have a hand surgeon, not any old orthopedic surgeon. Hand surgeons are way more qualified and skilled than a regular orthopedic surgeon. Finally, ask how long it will take before you can use your hand for normal activities again.  I'm basically back to normal in my pinkie and hand now, but it was a pretty intense process. I started physical therapy 2 weeks after my surgery. From 2 weeks until about 4 months after surgery, I saw a hand therapist every 2 weeks. 6 weeks after my surgery, the physical therapy got very intense. At that point, I started doing exercises on my finger every hour I was awake. I was also doing about an hour of scar massage every day to break up the scar tissue. It's been about 6 months on, and I'm still doing exercises almost every hour, trying to get that last little bit of movement back. Note that I had to learn to move my pinkie again, and I had to break through a bunch of scar tissue to get the tendon to be supple again. After 6 weeks, I was allowed to do most things, but I didn't get the okay to golf until 3 months after the surgery. I had to use dictation software at work because I could only type with one hand for a while. I couldn't really cook or, the worst part, hold my baby for 6 weeks.  The surgery itself was simple and healing was fast. Like I said, I had basically no pain. My incision was only about 1/3 of the way down my palm, though. They removed my stitches 2 weeks after the surgery without any problems. The scar is not very noticeable. Sadly, haha. I should get a better scar out of all this at least! I do not regret the decision to have surgery, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to move my pinkie. Looking back, I wish I knew more about the recovery process in advance, because that was the most arduous part.   
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