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  1. I spray with starch. Lasts a couple of rounds as a rain-resistant fix. (College kids used to heavy starch jeans before going skiing; couldn't afford anything else!) Best, -Marv
  2. Old, less flexible guy here. I had an instructor watch and film a few 7 iron swings. Oddly, I found standing a little closer and taller at address keeps my elbow in a good position going back and has led to a better my side bend (elbow in) coming into the ball. Even my buckle facing forward is better. That's the other thing...I avoid getting all bound up and hunched up, from grip to shoulders. All I have described has let me lift my left heel, make a little turn and swing with rhythm. Now I'm working to get my GHIN back down. A few good rounds are encouraging. Best, -Marv
  3. Re-reading now and made a promise to myself to re-read it again and take it with me to the range, especially the practice putting green. Doesn't help to have a book on the shelf without knowing AND PRACTICING what's in it, said the Zen Master. Too soon old, to late smart. Best, -Marv
  4. I think Nicklaus once said he might have 1 or 2 a round. He had a higher concept of "pure" I guess. Best to all this day, -Marv
  5. I'm an old guy and HI HCP slow swinger so take with a grain of sale...I changed from a 10.5* driver in firm shaft a few years ago to 11.5*-12* drivers with shortened senior shafts of the right weights for me. I have consistently had longer drives. Yesterday I hit a 240 yd. drive, including roll, with a little draw. That was unusual for slow-swinging me. But my point is that it's the combination of loft, shaft flex and weight that seems to count. WhadoIknowtho? Best, -Marv
  6. 2nd Swing is a reputable dealer; just ask them. Maybe get serial #'s and check Mizuno (I think they have a site to register your clubs even older as I have done; it will indicate if clubs are unknown). BTW...I played the MX-100, successor to the MX-25. They are very good clubs. Best, -Marv
  7. GOLF VLOGS UK? Fun show...I'm a regular watcher. Best, -Marv
  8. I picked up on this thread, watched the video and decided to try it on the range. I hit several good shots but found I was digging too much turf and snatching the club too far inside on the backswing. Probably too much weight on my left, knee in wrong position, etc. What it did for me though was make me cognizant of my need to waggle a bit in my setup which gives me the right (for me) preset left weight and shaft lean to begin my backswing. I don't need any more thoughts to consider than that. Best, -Marv
  9. That's how I got my very first a few weeks ago. How? Hit the drive into position and hit the second straight at the flag on an uphill green...A complete surprise to me. I'm amazed at (and envious of) the posters who seem to do it regularly. Best, -Marv
  10. @jaymc2007 I agree with all...Buy used on eBay, etc. But pro-type clubs are generally not for beginners (or high handicappers like me). So research what are the best used game improvement clubs for beginners. I like to check the Maltby Playability Factor for one opinion. I think you will find some older clubs are pretty highly rated for their easier-to-hit qualities. Those clubs can be found used at good prices. Best, -Marv
  11. MarvChamp


    Saw a bobcat recently get a mouse near the 18th tee of a local course. The course surrounds a river tributary. Lots of critters live in our river bottoms. We see some BIG snakes! Best, -Marv
  12. Agree...Drivers today are crazy long (in length) for most of us, short or tall. Mfrs sell the idea of a long club for distance, but like others, I have found better distance and control with a reduced-length driver after taking it to a knowledgeable person for a "fitting" of length and weight based on my swing. Good topic @JayMar Best to all, -Marv
  13. I have been watching a YouTube channel called Golf VLOGS UK. It's playful golf for "a fiver" among high and low HCP friends that is recognizable to me. Liam Harrison and buddy guys and gals needle each other just as often as they praise a good shot. I used to play in a group called The Dozen. We played numerous individual and team bets. I had to learn not to wear my feelings on my sleeve and to give as good as I got. I also learned to get the ball in the hole any way I could or lose money fast! I played my best golf then and had a much lower HCP because of those guys. Just nostalgia I guess bu
  14. At soon-to-be age 74, arthritic and working diligently to return to bogey golf, these great remarks describe my current game. My drives are 180 carry, 200-210 if roll. So, I have worked on owning the 2nd shot. Not there with my 5-wood, but the 3 hybrid iron is close so I am getting on the par 4's in 3 and par 5's in 4. Diligent work with putting has helped reduce those bad 3 putts substantially. Still a work in progress (like me). Great topic! Best, -Marv
  15. Yeah...Yesterday faced with a lay up shot to the front of a chasm/creek I selected the VERY SAME club that had carried too far twice before. My golf buddy said "Didn't you mention that last time?" Good grief! Best to all other stupids, -Marv
  16. Yes, do some detailed research. Laws are finally being changed to recognize that CBD is NOT the same as medical or even illegal marijuana. A great (and real) benefit is that farmers who once grew tobacco can now grow hemp as a cash crop. My CBD is made from hemp, not marijuana. No or extremely low THC next to none, so no high. More difficult to extract from MJ with low to no trace of THC, I believe. Best, -Marv
  17. Wow! I probably have no business replying, BUT my gut reaction is to look carefully at Cobra products in fitting and research. Maybe do a little research on Cobra hybrids such as on My Golf Spy (I know, I know...others don't like MGS), reviewers like Golf Digest, etc and Maltby Playability Factor. Over time, I have found that the 3, 4, 5 hybrid iron replacement clubs that Mizuno engineers designed for use with my Mizuno irons are my own best choice. Same manufacturer isn't a reguirement, but may make sense for you. Good luck on your search and keep us posted. Best, -Marv
  18. Yes...8-10 drops at bedtime and in AM. Both sleep benefits and less "anxiety", ability to handle stress. I think it helps with pain in my arthritic hands as well. As said, research the extractor-supplier before you buy. Lots of junk science out there. Best, -Marv
  19. Good on you! For taking up the most rewarding game and for saying "lol" to those others. They had to begin somewhere, sometime, too. A golf laugh can be good-natured ribbing or just mean. I have experienced both. But a REAL golfer has been through so many ups and downs, so many good shots that go impossibly wrong, and poor shots that go impossibly right...we get TENDERIZED, more accepting of all things golf. I hope you will spend a little time with a coach getting the basics without too much technical gibberish; and then more time playing and learning your swing; and then some more time with
  20. IMHO...I try to setup a little different with my hybrid-irons...Not so much hitting down taking a divot because, as said, this delofts the club. For me, the set up and pre-shot routine are very important. I set up in a good alignment, ball a bit more forward and keeping my head and eyes a little behind the ball, with the thought of smacking the back of the ball..Waggle to get a little weight forward. The result is a a center strike and medium-to-high trajectory that I like. My hybrid-irons are my "go-to" clubs in many situations. Take what I say with a grain of salt though; I'm just an old hig
  21. I have the same old book. I have broken 90 a few times (much more in my old man past) using a teed up 3 iron off the tee on most holes. So I know it works. But today, I just don't seem to have the discipline...I want to see that ball SOAR for the distances I can hit it! Best, -Marv
  22. I have a 60* but difficult for me. So I don't use it and it isn't in the bag. I probably just need a lot of practice like @RussUK. Best, -Marv
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