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Your putter... or somebody else's

Poll Results: Where did you get your putter?

  • 85% (36)
    I purchased it myself
  • 2% (1)
    I won it as a prize
  • 9% (4)
    I was given it as a present
  • 2% (1)
    I borrowed it/was given it by somebody else
42 Total Votes  
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I was chatting to my dad, discussing his putting woes over the weekend. Then we did a quick evaluation of the putters that we own between us. He has two - both of which are mine; and I have two - both of which are his.

I haven't used a putter I purchased for myself in about 6 years, so just interested to find out how you got your hands on the putter you're currently using.

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I have three.  My "gamer" is one I bought 20 years or so ago myself.  A Ping Pal 2 for what, at the time, seemed like an awful lot of money ($50).


I (now) have two others.  One that I won as a prize in a tournament raffle (Ping B60) and one that was given to me to review.

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I have 4 all purchased by me, all used by me. One is at work for practice, one in the bag, one in the basement on the practice mat and one extra in finished in black. All the same model Cleveland Classic. I don't keep gear I don't use. The day I decide I am done with it I place a listing on craigslist.

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I have two, one is a Ping blade made around 1973 or so, great putter. I also purchased a Ping D66 with interchangable weights that I like to fool around with. It is in my bag right now, the old one is in my closet.

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I have a bunch of putters that were given to me. 3 Scotty's, Ping Anser and an old Cleveland classic blade were handed down by my Uncle.
I just recently bought a Ping belly putter. It's the first I've ever purchased.
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All of my putters were purchased by me. Most of my dad's over the last few years were also purchased by me, come to think of it...
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I have four putters, but I really only use one of them, an Odyssey White Ice #7. I occasionally break out an Odyssey Two-ball that is a little heavier if I know I will be playing on slow greens. The two-ball was a gift, but I bought the White Ice #7 one day when I tried it out and made absolutely everything. Never looked back.


Short story. A friend was playing a match and one of his playing partners was using a top-of-the-line Scotty Cameron that he had won in an outing. The guy was missing everything, bemoaning his fate and blaming it all on the putter. Later in the day they were on the putting green and my buddy let him try his cheapo Titileist putter and the guy started pouring everything in the hole. He told my friend that he wanted it and would trade his Scotty Cameron. A couple days later another guy noticed him using the Titleist and asked what happened to his Scotty Cameron. He told him what happened and the guy laughed, telling him the Scotty Cameron was worth about $300 and that he was ripped off. When he ran into my buddy again an argument ensued and my buddy said, no problem, he wasn't trying to rip him off and that they could trade putters back. The guy thought about it for a minute and then said, no, keep it, I want to keep this Titleist. Whatever works, right?

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I pulled it from a stone after all those before me had failed.

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The components were purchased by me and assembled by a friend to be exactly like the one he built for himself.  Not sure just how I answer the poll? z4_blink.gif

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I bought all 11 of mine (I have a problem).

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I bought three and was given one.

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Purchased by myself.

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Technically I bought it... but I had it made from an original design. So I can say I made it?
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Mine was an Xmas gift. and is only a cheapo. I am happy with it and don't dare look at anything else, as buying a new putter would only open a door into madness.

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