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What's In The Bag For 2013 ?

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Hey guys, I know there's a few master threads already, but just wanting to know what everyone has in the bag for 2013...I know mine is in my sig but I'll type it out anyway:


Bag: Titleist 14Way Premium Stand Bag (black,white,red)


Titleist 913D2 with Diamana S+Blue 62 9.5   - Newest addition to my bag and love it, even better than my 910 !

Titleist 910F with Diamana Kai'li 15

Titleist 910H with Diamana Kai'li 20

Callaway Forged X (4-W) Project X 6.0 shafts   - Even though they are the 2009 models, I hit them in November and they went straight in the bag.

Ping Tour-S (54 &58)

Titleist Vokey TVD 56     -New also this year, had a space for a 14th club and it found it's way in

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 SS (Winn Midsize grip in red) 10 gram weights and 34'


All clubs aside from putter obviously have the Golfpride multi-comps whiteout with red highlights. 

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Nothing new for me.......it's in the siga2_wink.gif

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I've almost changed out my entire bag since last year. When I started this game, I never knew I'd be such a club ho, lol. Hopefully I'm set for a while now. At least until I decide I need something different.


Driver - R11S - got this at the beginning of last year

3W - Cleveland Hibore XLS - I've had this for a while

3H - Adams Super Hybrid - just picked this up

4-PW Mizuno JPX-825 - just got these

52W - Vokey - I got this at the beginning of last year

56W - Vokey - I've had this for 3 years now

60W - Cleveland CG - I got this on clearance midway through last year

Putter - Oddyssey White Ice - I got this at the beginning of last year

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I changed driver, fairway woods, irons, and added hybrids and changed putter....so other than most of the clubs are still Callaways, everything else is new or used and new to me. Not to mention I have a second new complete set for my condo. Oh, I also changed the bag, twice. 

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What is in my sig. The RBZ 3 wood and Hybrid are both new, as well as the Nike wedge and TM putter ( which I love ).


Got them all re gripped on the weekend with Golf Pride Tour Wrap and only cost me $65.

Love my irons, so wont be switching them out, might go get a fitting check soon though.


Off to New Zealand in 30 days, can not wait to play some courses down there

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Only change I made is swapping out the 9064 for a K15 and am trying out a new shaft in it too.

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R11s 9.5deg r flex driver neutral setting
R11s 3 wood r flex neutral setting
Taylormade rescue 3 18 deg
Mizuno MP-59 4i - pw
Taylormade ATV wedge's 54deg 60deg
Odyssey white hot 2 ball putter
All left handed
Callaway towel
Footjoy glove
Nike golf shoes
Wilson staff dx3 balls
Clicgear 3.0 cart
Oakley antix sunglasses
Solar umbrella
Tees of every variety
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I am pretty much staying with what I had last year with a couple of tweaks. I am moving back to a 3 & 4 iron, just love using them and can hit them consistently. I also need to purchase the 3 wood and hybrid, the ones I had last year just didn't fit my game well and struggled with them a bit.


Driver: Ping G20

3 Wood: Maltby KE4

Hybrid: 17* Maltby KE4 Tour HDI

3-PW: Maltby Tricept F2

52*/56* - Ping Tour-S

I have an Open Professional 60* that I use on some courses and in those cases I take out the 3 iron. 

Putter - Ping Scottsdale Series

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To start the year, this is what I have:


Taylormade RBZ Tour Driver (10.5°)

Taylormade RBZ 3 HL (17°)

Adams Idea A12 Hybrid (21°)

Mizuno MP-H4 or Mizuno MP-64 irons

Mizuno MP-T4 wedges (50°, 54°, 58°)

SeeMore m2 putter


All of that is in a grey and red Sun Mountain Four5 and I'm currently using the Maxfli U/4 ball.


I'm currently in the process of reviewing the irons and the wedges for the main site. I finished the MP-H4 reveiw already and so right now the 64's are in the bag... once that review is done, I'll make the decision on which set will be my gamers... the wedges are awesome and there to stay.

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Mine is in my signature.  Not planning on changing anything from last year.  Well, not just yet anyway.  Debating on giving the TM Rocketbladz a whirl at the next TM demo day I can find. 

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As of this very minute:

Driver: TaylorMade r9 SuperDeep (9.5˚)
3-Wood: Adams Speedline Fast 12 (15˚)
2-Hybrid: Adams MX 700 (17˚)
3-PW Irons: Nike VR Pro Combo
SW: Titleist Vokey Spin Milled (54˚/10˚)
LW: TaylorMade ATV (60˚/TaylorMade is stupid and didn't list bounce for these clubs)
Putter: Nike Unitized Tiempo

All of that in an an Ogio Grom bag that is starting to fall apart. Still have the original Nike Lunar Control spike which I like, but they are wearing out.

I'm definitely set with the 3-wood, irons, SW, and putter, unless something comes along and really blows me away. Looking into other options with the driver, hybrid, and possible lob wedge. Eyeing the Nike Coverts for the driver and hybrid, not sure about wedge. Maybe an Edel. Wouldn't be too pricy if I just got a 60˚.
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changing my 4i and 5i to G20. Already have the 4i and looking for the 5. Everything else will stay the same...except I did buy a new shaft for the driver. Getting my irons bent from white dot to black dot...also need to have my wedges bent too. My swing flattened out a lot last year and white dot isn't working.

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This is my first post, although I have been lurking for a few months.  I used to play some in the '90s, had a complete set of Pings, every club in the bag, but quit and sold everything I had in '98 when I became obsessed with the Corvette...no time for golf!  I know...stupid, but life is what it is.  Anyway, I am now retired and have been playing for approx 3 years again.  I play with a regular foursome.  I started with a used set of Tommy Armour and then went through about three more sets, Cleveland Hi Bore XLs, Adams A12 OS, and then a set of Tour Edge Bazooka Blue Max,  before finally winding up again with a complete set of Pings.  I now have the G20 driver, G15 3W and 5W, G20 4-PW, SW and UW with graphite shafts, plus the Anser 5 Putter, and Ping bag.  I am still struggling to get my game back to where it was in the 90's.  It wasn't great then, but it was better than today.  Weather has become a factor, even here in Alabama.  During the last five weeks, it has been too cold or too wet to play most of the time.   

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Will be a set of G25's on order with CFS reg flex these will stay. 

Driver is a AMP 10.5 offset love it, could not miss hit this driver if I tried.

Looking for a new 3 wood and 3 hybrid, right now I have a Cleavland Moshi that i just ran over and a 3 razer X hybrid that I hit just so, so about 185.

Wedges are Ping Tour SS 50, 54, 58 loves these. Had Vokeys until one day I played looked in the bag they where gone got home and found them with my son...

Putters are Odyssey Metal X Dart, Scotty Studio Fastback I switch between them depending on the course or how I feel that day.

Bag is a Callaway 14 that my son keeps eyeing I am sure that will some how become home to his clubs soon.

Nike Shoes and golves just because I got such a great deal on Ebay.

Balls are mostly Nike chrush I just like them.

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Driver: Nike VR Pro Ltd. Ed.

3 wood: Nike VR Pro

5 wood: Cleveland Launcher

Irons: 2011 Titleist AP1

Wedge: Titleist Vokeys

Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Edition

Golf Balls: Titleist PROV1 and PROV1X

Golf Bag: Titleist Bag(not sure on the specifics)

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Everything in the signature is new for 2013 except the putter.
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For me, everything except for my gap wedge.

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This is my second set.  I bought a set of Spaldings in 99' when I worked at Pine Hollow GC in Clayton, NC.  I haven't played since then (until 3 mos ago) so I have put together this set for under $300 and they all have graphite shafts


Driver- Adams Speedline 10.5 with ALOLA RIP graph shaft.

Strong 3- Adams Tight Lies 

Strong 7- Adams Tight Lies


Hybrid Irons 3-5-  Adams IDEA 

6-9 irons-  Ping K15's

PW,SW,LW, UW- Ping K15's  (I alternate one wedge out)

Putter- "Precision" with gold fiberglass shaft and JUMBO homemade grip. There is NO telling how old this is!!!


Bag- 2012 OGIO Recoil stand bag in charcaol/orange piping (to match Ping shafts)

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