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Get your FREE Torc Swingtrainer!!! *Limited Time Offer*

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EDIT: The giveaway for the Torc Swing Trainer is over  Go here for the list of people that made the cut to receive their FREE Torc Trainer http://thesandtrap.com/t/66467/get-your-free-torc-swingtrainer-limited-time-offer/18#post_836296


Greetings from Torc Golf Inc!  


As some of you may know, we're a golf strength and conditioning company who developed a revolutionary swing trainer.  We've been in business since 1998 and have primarily sold to select retail stores, golf tournament directors, corporate promotions and golf fitness/training academies. For 2013 we're celebrating 15 years in the specialty golf market and decided to take the next steps in growing our business.  We're a small mom & pop outfit with big hopes to bring our product to the mainstream and we'd love for you to take this journey with us! More info about the product can be found here: www.torcgolf.com


What makes the Torc unique?

The spiral design allows you to position training weight at any location on your club.  Not only does it vary the overall resistance/weight, there are 3 key points which offers benefits NO OTHER training aide on the market can replicate.  Check out our video:




Exclusive Limited Offer

For a limited time only we're offering all TST forum members a free Torc Swingtrainer!  All we ask is you "LIKE" us on Facebook and promise to post (good or bad) feedback on our Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/TorcSwingtrainer and here on TST.com


Next steps???

1) LIKE us on Facebook, send me a PM stating your Facebook profile name and include your address

2) Wait for the Torc to arrive

3) Try it out

4) Post feedback on Facebook and TST (heck send us some pics of you and the Torc and we'll put you on our website!)


Help support a fellow golfers passion for the sport!  We hope to hear from you.


Best Regards,

Troy S.



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I'll give it a try. I carry my Medicus Weighted club to the range every day I go out, and maybe this will be better. I also play as much tennis as golf and wonder if I can adapt this to my racket for warming up as well.


Thanks for the offer.

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This looks like it will fit in nicely with the changes I'm working on now.
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Done!  Can't wait to check it out.

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Done here too :)

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Will you ship international ?

Done anyways
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Hello all! Thanks for the responses! We are currently only offering this to members in North America :( I apologize for not mentioning that.

I also want to mention that I secured 50 units to give away total (this includes other promotions). I'll post when we're close. So far we're at 32 spoken for.
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How do we get you shipping info?
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sent you a pm . cant wait to try out

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Mr. Desmond, I got you down for one.  The member review program sent me yours.  Thanks for the support!

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Done always happy to help the mom and pop industry.

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