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Funniest shot of the week :)

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Lets hear your stories of the funniest shots you have seen this week from either yourself or your playing partners! :)


Mine was on Wednesday afternoon in a medal competition where we were on the 17th tee which is a very long and narrow fairway and a right angled dog leg right in to the green, which is again a very long second shot for a very tough par 4 on my local course. The second you go left or right on this hole you are in for a world of hurt!


Anyway, three of us tee off without incident but the fourth chap in our group lines up and has a vicious left hook straight off the tee flying in to the heavily wooded out of bounds area, hits a tree, bounces back in to play about 20 feet, lands on a cart path and then proceeded to roll another 10 feet and straight in to the water hazard on the direct other side of the fairway :)


Cue much laughter from the three of us and plenty of light hearted cursing from the chap who hit the shot!





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Short par 3 140 yards no bunkers i hit a sweet 9 iron on the green to about 13 feet. Guy i was playing with hit a 9 also ball landed on top off the flagstick shoots in the air and came down 20 yards over the green in some heavy rough. we could hardly find the damn thing. he skinned a lobwedge out again hitting the flag only this time it dropped

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Tee shot on a short par 4 I SMASH a drive... Into the red tee marker for the ladies tee on the left side!

Knocked the marker out of the ground, the ball flew to within a foot of the green. The green behind me, that is.

I just reloaded and left that ball. Too embarrassing to retrieve, as the guys behind us were putting out.

Crazy! 😃
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Playingpartner boasting a bit about his long drives. Tees it up at hole 5 and really hits a stinger in the direction of the 150m (165y) pole. Ball looks as if its going to land on tripple a location and roll to a wedge distance....


Then we hear a metal klink, ball hits the 150m pole and bounces back to land 200y away from the green of this short par4.f3_laugh.gifc2_beer.gifc5_banana.gif

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Perhaps the funniest shot of my life, although not funny to me at the time, occurred some 50 years ago.  My mother and younger brother had been coaxed to come along with me to play golf.  A local executive course had tees that consisted of packed down dirt & clay.  I teed my ball for a long (probably well under 200 yards) par three and pulled my trusty 3-wood.  I took a mighty swing and heard the satisfying "crack" of wood hitting ball.  If fact, I hit the ball so pure it was as if I had hit nothing at all.  Recovering my balance after my monster drive, I realized I had lost sight of the ball and asked, "Where did it go?"  My brother replied, "Right there" and pointed to where my ball was still perched on its tee.  I had whiffed and hit a small pebble in the dirt, which created the sound effects that had convinced me my ball might have acheived Earth orbit. 

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A friend of mine hit slightly behind the ball last weekend with a 4i.

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Originally Posted by cipher View Post

A friend of mine hit slightly behind the ball last weekend with a 4i.

Was that all carry or did he get some roll? b2_tongue.gif

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Last night on a 140 par-3 with a tee box about 30 yards long.  We're playing blue tees and my opponent hits one off the toe of club.  Shot goes right and slices right into a tree trunk, hits it solid and sends his ball straight back toward us.  Ball comes to rest on the tee box 10' in front of stunned golfer.  Next shot OVER the green, (of course, what else would it have been?) and he finally holed out for a 6.


Crazy game.

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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

Was that all carry or did he get some roll? b2_tongue.gif

That was untouched...d2_doh.gif

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Originally Posted by cipher View Post

That was untouched...d2_doh.gif

I know...d2_doh.gifd2_doh.gif

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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

I know...d2_doh.gifd2_doh.gif


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Couple weeks ago my son pulls his driver on a short par 4, hits under it, ball pops straight up he held his hand out and catches the ball. Second shot does the same thing what are the odds?

Third right in the water 20 foot away, now he is so mad picks up a new balls and throws it farther then he hits it. By then I am rolling on the grass, I think there was a few words out of his mouth that he knows better but I was laughing so hard I could not tell you what they where.

We did not talk for 3 holes and he walked 10 feet in front of me, I was still laughing on the drive home walked in the house told everyone what happened just to get his goat.

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On the 9th hole at my home course i hit a drive right off the heel.  The ball proceeded to smoke of the stone marker that shows the layout for the hole and travels backward about 150 yards.  Still to this day can not understand how I did this.

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This happened to me about a few years ago at a local par 63 course. My group of friends and I had just came back from lunch to start the back nine. While I was on the 10th tee box, my friend tells me to try his driver (which is about 1-2" shorter than mine). So I line up on the tee box with my friends driver and hit a drive. I end up hitting the ball on the toe of the club, sending the ball flying towards the left. The ball hits the metal hole marker sign and makes a deafening/echoing thud that is heard all over the course. It scared the poor marshal, who was standing several feet from the sign, really bad too. Naturally, my friends started laughing histerically, while I quickly apologized and moved on.


The best part is that to this day, the dent is still on the metel sign of the 10th hole and me and my friends always crack up when we see the sign. :)

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Ok so this wasn't my shot but yesterday my group was waiting on the tee box for the group ahead to hot their second shot. Meanwhile the last green is 10 yards to the left of us so I started watching. The guy was hitting his second shot for our fairway and his partner was standing behind the hole on the green thinking his buddy would just hit out since there were. Trees in the way and a 10 foot incline. The guy hit it and it flew over the green and hit a tree the proceded to bounce on the green and roll to probably 2 feet. We yelled to the guy on the green that the ball was beside him cause he didn't see. He started laughing and said that he wasn't surprised
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It was actually 10 days ago during my first round of the season- I pulled hooked my second shot on the par 5 6th hole at the Raven http://www.ravenatthreepeaks.com/course/.  I had a pretty good line on where I thought it was but was about to give up looking when I saw this on the way to the green (about 10-20 yards in front of where I had been looking).


This picture is a recreation as I did not take it until after I finished playing the hole.  I hit it out of the tree with a baseball swing and made pretty good contact- advancing it about 40 yards into the green side bunker- hit a decent bunker shot but couldn't make the par putt.



I am pretty sure the ball bounced into the tree and then got stuck...not sure what the odds of that are.



The little branch on the ground broke off when I hit the shot and is where the ball was actually resting in the tree.


From above- I was on the right side short of the green side bunker


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A buddy of mine was going to try to play over one of the ponds that has the green just on the other side of it.  I always tease him on these shots that he's just gonna sink one in the drink.  Sure enough the ball heads straight for the pond and I get to chuckling, til I hear a plastic like thump and see the ball bounce OUT of the pond and onto the bank next to the green!! The ONLY thing that we can figure out is that being a warm day and all the turtles that were out he had very luckily bounced one off the turtle shell!!  Could not quit laughing about that one!

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I was on hole 9 which is a long 200 yard par 3.  With the wind it was playing about 215 yards and I was in between clubs.  I didn't want to hit my hybrid and have the ball roll through the green, so I decided to hit my four iron a little stiff.  I usually pull my shots to the left when I'm trying to put more on it, so I aim right to account for this.  There is a road that is elevated about 20 feet or so and parallels this hole about 30 yards away.  I hear something as I'm starting my downswing but it's too late to do anything about it.  I smoke the ball, it's screaming and going way left and I see a car going down and road.  My buddy yells "Hit that car!" my ball is tracking it like a heat seeking rocket and sure enough we here a thud and this Audi slams on it's breaks!!!  Then we see my ball shoot from under the guard rail and going down the steep hill and ending up about 10 yards from the green hole high in between two trees!!!  We couldn't believe it!  I then think oh s@#$, I wonder how much damage I did to the car and how much is this going to cost me!  By the time I look up we can no longer see the car on the road, and I figured it probably turned into the parking lot where we could no longer see it.  I hit my second shot about 6 feet away from the pin and left myself with a straight in put for par!!!  Which I make and then shouted "Audi Save!!!" 


Heading towards the parking lot on our way to #10 I looked and didn't see the Audi anywhere, so I figured oh well!  I bet he/she had no clue what that sound was.  There's lots of trees and the way road runs if you're not from the area, you probably have no clue there is a golf hole running along side the road.  The road is so high up there and with all the trees ect!  I haven't had a hole in one yet, but I almost think tagging a car moving away from you doing at least 55MPH (posted speed limit) might be more impressive!!!  LOL!!!

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