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How many sets.....

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I was thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a back-up set of clubs, at least irons, but are they needed? How many sets do you own? Currently I have what's in my sig below.... thinking of adding a "back-up" set.

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Back-up sets happen when it's time to retire your current clubs with something new.............


Nobody buys a backup set........LOL



Once you've been playing long enough, your current clubs will become the back-up set.

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i kept my last set of clubs for traveling. I figure ill buy a set every 3 years and keep throwing out the oldest set.

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I have seven sets, I need to unload two & already have buyers. I put to much thought into golf. I figured I need a set for wet weather( Hybrids & Hi-bounce wedges) an everyday set (regular irons & medium-bounce wedges) and a dry set (blades and low-bounce wedges) The other two sets are for visitors and traveling.

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If you like your current clubs, why would you need a backup set? Unless you plan on pulling a Schwartzel the day before the club championship.

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I was hoping to hear the responses I got... I recently got my Muzino's (fathers day gift) and love them! I sold my old irons right away, TaylorMade 2.0's, and then I got to thinking... maybe I should have kept them for a back-up. Then that thought turned into maybe I need to buy a used set as back-ups! My wife thanks you!


Now what about putters.... lol

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Originally Posted by sigfan2340 View Post

I was thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a back-up set of clubs, at least irons, but are they needed? How many sets do you own? Currently I have what's in my sig below.... thinking of adding a "back-up" set.

Two sets of clubs is the way to go.... I use my "A" set in the spring and summer when I play most of my golf. I use my "B" set in the fall and winter when conditions are not optimal including wet, windy, cold and numerous leaves from deciduous trees.


Having two sets is also fun and nostalgic.  The irons in my "B" set are 20+ years old and bring back fond memories of days of yore.  (I got them on my 10th wedding anniversary.)


Regular set of clubs (spring & summer)

Driver: TaylorMade R11, 10.5°, regular flex 

Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Rocketballz Tour 3 wood, 14.5° and TaylorMade V-Steel 3 wood , 18°

Hybrid: TaylorMade Rescue Mid TP, 19°

Irons: Ping i3+, 4-pw, green dot, +1"

Wedges: Ping ISI BeCu Sand Wedge, 54° and Ping Eye 2+ BeCu Lob Wedge, 60°

Putter:  Ping B60i and Ping Piper H


Backup set of clubs (fall & winter)

Driver: TaylorMade Rocketballz, 9.5° stiff flex or Ping G5, 9°, regular flex

Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Burner 3 wood, 15° and TaylorMade System2 MidSize Raylor, 17°

Hybrid: Ping G5, 19°

Irons: Ben Hogan Edge Forged, 4-pw, +1"

Wedges: Ping I3+ U Wedge, 53° and Ping Eye 2+ Stainless Steel Lob Wedge, 60°

Putter:  Odyssey White Hot HG #9, Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball, and Ping Anser 2

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For convenience, I have one set for practice (indoors), and another for play.   But I have a strict rule of getting rid of (sell, donate) one set when I buy a new one.  So at any time, I only have 2 sets.

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I've almost finshed my collection, Looking out for a set of John letters Master Model


Ben Hogan Apex 99's 3-E Apex 4,

Ben Hogan Apex II

Mizuno TP19 2-L

Mizuno TPZ 2-S

Mizuno TP21 3-S

Slazenger SB02 3-S

TaylorMade RAC LT 3-P



The LTs and TP21 are the travelling sets, Drivers Mizuno MP001 Stiff, Ben Hogan SC3 Fade Bias X Stiff.

Wedges: Ben Hogan Carnoustie 52, 56 and Riviera 60

Woods and Hybrid: Callaway Warbird 3+ X Stiff, Ben HoganC455 3 Wood Stiff, Ben Hogan CFT 17 & 19 Deg Stiff

Putters TaylorMade Spider Itzy Bitsy, Fazer 09, Optimizer Pro, Yes Tracy,


Will post a few pictures

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I have three sets. It's fun to rotate through them.

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Reason for the back up is could very hard to replace if went missing on a flight or some, especially the likes of the Grads probably mizuno best iron. I have a set of TP19 and 21 but the TPZ feel better than both.

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I have a set in Asia when I travel for business. I have another set in LA when I visit my parents. And I have a set that I use regularly.

I don't like to travel with golf clubs.

I do not have a back up set per se, but I am thinking of getting Yonex EZONE Blades, in which case my Mizuno will become my back up set at home.
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I have 2 full sets from Driver to putter just because I get them fairly inexpensive, why not.

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I have my set that I use (see In My Bag if interested), and three other sets with different era themes. Sets 2 and 3 I played for quite awhile, set 4 is an historical handoff.


Set 2 rests in an early cart/carry combo bag: Has an Air Zevo driver / Pro Tour FWs and Pro Tour Black irons 3-LW - component clubs; Black irons were Eye2 clones from 1994/ and a MacGregor M220 putter. (Basically what I played from 1994-2008, except Pro Tour FWs swapped out in 2002 for Tour Edge Bazooka 3W and 5W). All stiff shafts in woods and irons.


Set 3 rests in an old brown vinyl bag w/ vinyl head covers: MacGregor MT (1979) Driver, 3W and 4W (persimmon heads) / MacGregor MT (1973) irons 2-PW + SW / All woods and irons steel S shafts / and an Acushnet Bullseye putter. This was my basic set-up from 1975 - 1994 (except I  had a custom driver and Sounder FWs from 1975 - 1981).


Set 4 rests in an early 1960s leather + vinyl bag (almost no wear on it): Mid-1960s Powerbilt 1W, 2W, 3W /  Spalding Executive irons and PW (1969) / and an unlabeled old-style putter. R-flex shafts in woods and irons. (Never played with this... My brother got it for small change at an estate sale, and handed it off to me).

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Just read this old thread. I have an identical backup set too, but just irons and wedges. One for home, one at the parents. I'm more flexible with hybrids and woods, my primary and backup putter and woods are different. Total sets, I lost count :-*, I've got a whole twisted mess of clubs in the closet, I'll occasionally take out the blades and Pings and I have one offs like a blade 1 iron and some individual off brand make your own clubs. One day, I'm gonna break out the 1990s Big Bertha driver that's smaller than my current 3 wood.

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I have my current set in my sig, and I also have a set of MP-62 irons (4-PW) that I picked up for dirt cheap and they were in 9/10 condition. I use them (MP-62s) at the range often when my swing feels out of sorts, because they are unforgiving and give me the most feedback. When I play a round on the weekend with my JPX 825 Pros, they just look so easy to hit compared to the 62s, and takes the pressure off a little.


I don't plan on ever having more than 2 sets of irons, but I don't see anything wrong having as many clubs as you like. Shoot, I know a guy that gets a new set of irons every year (disposable income). He usually sells his year old set for cheap too...to bad he doesn't play Mizunos :cry: 

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