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Speed Metal Golf Ball

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Interesting Idea. Maybe I will give these a test run.

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It will also reduce ALL spin by "up to 30%" because it shifts the MOI outward.

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I think Nike has tried to do something like this with their RZN line, at least in terms of moving the weight more to the outside layers. Nothing this extreme though.

I'd certainly like to try them out when they're released.
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I wonder how much wedge spin would be lost. 

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I wonder what the difference in distance would be seeing as you can't compress that metal.... Plus I'm not real excited about spending $40 on an anti slice ball. Pass
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$40 per dozen is inline with premium golf balls which I'm guessing these are being marketed as.  I'll give a sleeve a try just to see if I notice any difference.


It will be interesting to see how they are received within the industry.  Is it possible that these low spin balls combined with the recent crop of lower spin drivers could actually reduce carry distances for those with lower swing speeds?

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I threw $40 out the window and tried these.


Review is here: http://thesandtrap.com/products/oncore-golf-ma-series-one/reviews/4835

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I'd rather spend the $$$ to Fix my swing, then to buy balls to help fix it. Maybe I'm weird..?

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Originally Posted by Hammer 4 View Post

I'd rather spend the $$$ to Fix my swing, then to buy balls to help fix it. Maybe I'm weird..?

I had to buy these things out of curiosity - normally I cant slice the ball anyway.


But, if there is something that can help my game (long putter, niblick, 9 wood) - I am all over it.

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