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Do you have any pets?

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On one of the other threads, Flap mentioned his Rottweiler and as most of you can tell by my Avatar, I have a Bull Mastiff. Do any of you have pets? If so tell us about them.

I have a Bull Mastiff named Oscar. He is 17 months old and about 115 pounds. He should end up about 130 by the time he stops growing. He is a lap dog that doesn't quite realize how big he is. He is as gentle a dog as you will ever meet. I had a Black Lab named Barkley (after Charles Barkley) that I had to put down in November at almost 11 years old. We are talking about getting a Great Dane as well.
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I have a Weimaraner named Flint. He rocks! He's almost... FOUR years old, eek!
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My wife and I have a black lab named Sadie! She is definitely our kid for the time being, and she is nothing short of spoiled rotten. She is only 7 months old, so you can imagine.

We really aren't supposed to have her in the house, but she is in every chance we get, which is most of the day.
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I have a Boston Terrier named Zoey.

Gender: Female
Age: 18 months
Height: 16.21" (No I haven't really measured her height)
Weight: A whopping 19 lbs.
Race: Black AND White
Speed: 1,000 MPH (Or it at least seems like it)
Secret Weapon: Farts of Death
Special Move: Flipping Out
Shortest Chew Toy Life Span: 30 seconds (Truth)
Longest Toy Life Span: 2 weeks

Pics Here
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Yorkshire Terrier named Regina. She's pretty awesome.
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2 year old chocolate lab named Alexia
7 week old black lab yet to be named
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Spoiled Rotten Rottweiler Named Divot.130 lbs of lap dog.You talk about chew toys she ate the neighbors official "The Duke" football that happened to fly into our yard in 1 min and cost me 75.00 to replace.I felt bad for the kids so I replaced it.She also has popped basketballs and peels the covers off golf balls.I cant wait to move to Myrtle on the course and see the golfers faces when they hunt in my yard for a ball and see Divot peeling it!!!!
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I have a cat and a rabbit. We also have a guinea pig and a goldfish, both of which really belong to my sister.

My cat is called Jack. I do not know his breed, nor his exact age. He is about 8 years old, don't hold me to that though. He is pictured below;

My rabbit is named Dandy. She is about 2-3 years old. She is pictured in her old outside pen (she is normally kept in a hutch), I have since built a new one;

Note: All of those pictures were taken with a mobile phone's camera.
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A year-old chocolate lab named Aspen (because we got her in Aspen, CO). She's crazy even though we spent almost $500 for her to live at doggie bootcamp for 8 weeks.

Also have an old mutt named Nike and two cats, Peaches and Millie.

I had a googly-eyed goldfish named Liza Minelli but it had to be flushed.
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Re: Do you have any pets?

This is my boy Max looking out at the ocean here in Myrtle.
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Might be time to bump this thread. I have two dog.


Biscuit 7yo German Shorthaired Pointer:



Tucker - 3yo Lab/Border Collie/???


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A beagle named Skippy.  Although it appears so, he actually cannot use the remote.


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My border collie Jasper who I had to put down last year after almost 15 years. Think about him every day, don't think I'll have one like him again.

My 3 yr old English Pointer Max. Good boy.
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Remember that cat that saved the kid? Well he's nothing like that, but he's our family cat. And one of the few that didn't scratch me at the shelter. He's excellent at FEED ME!

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Two goldens. They are really my wife's dogs but they will pay attention to me when it is time to eat.


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2 Dogs - Boston Terrier named Pogo and a Black Lab mix named Merlin - both are around 10 years old and adopted (not real sure of the Boston Terriers age because he was a few years old when we adopted him) - both kept the names they were given to us with because my wife would try to waste good kid names like Cartman or Bart on them so they couldnt be used for future kids.


3 Cats - Butters (around 9) - named after a skittish South Park character, Cricket (around 6) got her name because of her jumping around when we got her and Wall-ee, about 8 months - he got his name because I came home one day and found the dog had almost dug through the kitchen wall, when I came out of the office, I heard a cat meowing in the wall, broke it open and there he was. The younger 2 were the result of stray cats in the neighborhood and they came running to us.


That said, if the wife brings in one more pet - i am gone!

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Nice pets and pics peeps. I have had about 10 dogs until now, 2 Borzoi, 1 Doberman, a Beagle, a Jack Russell Terrier, a Maltese, and a few mutts. All of them were great in their own way. 


Now, I have two female Ragdoll kittens. Maui is a 3 year old Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll.

She is very calm and will sit on my shoulder to be taken out for walks. If I jingle the keys she will run to the front door, then jump on my shoulder while I put on my shoes. She doesn't like people to pet her so much though. She knows come, sit, lay, jump, and high 5 if you are holding some boiled chicken. 





Kailua is a 3 month old Blue Bicolor Ragdoll.


She loves anyone to touch her, and is already pretty good at fetching wadded-up paper balls. However, give her anything furry or some string and she will rip your face off if you try to take it from her, and be quite vocal about it. 

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6 year old boxer named Tyson he's a beast.

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