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Best and worst

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If you did an honest assessment of your game, what would you pinpoint as the strongest and weakest aspects?


Sand play is definitely my greatest strength. I have no fear of bunkers and prefer being in them as opposed to some other places around greens (such as facing even a slight downhill chipping lie). I'm better out of the sand than anybody I regularly play with, including guys with handicaps considerably lower than mine. I'm at 45 percent on sand saves since I started keeping track last summer, which I'd imagine is pretty high for someone of my index level. The vast majority of the saves have been on putts of 4 feet or less.


My biggest bugaboo is mid-range putting. I don't three-putt a lot and I'm okay on short ones, but I rarely hole anything in the 8- to 15-foot range and that's getting frustrating as hell. I average about 33 putts per round and had 35 en route to an 81 recently. I'm finishing too many holes with tap-ins of less than 1 foot, whether they're for par or bogey.


How about you?

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Best: 100 to 170 yard shots. Or maybe I should just say iron play. 


Worst: Driving, by far.  

The short game and putting is coming along nicely too. Once I get back on a course this spring I have a feeling they'll be better than my iron play. 


Driving continues to be a pain in the ass...and 3 wood isn't that much better. 5 wood and hybrid are just ok. 

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best part of my game seems to change every year same with the worst. Right now my best part is probably my putting seem to be pretty dialed in early in the year so far. worst part right now is my mid iron approach shots been hooking my 5 and 6 irons lately not sure why either. At the beginning of last year my worst part was driving but i made it my focus to get of the tee box with good drives and now im getting really consistent play with my driver and 3 wood. I try to make my weakness my strongest part by the end of the year.

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Best: Any kind of short game shot from 50 yards and in. Always had a knack for that stuff.


Honorable mention: Putting. I don't miss many "makeable" putts.


Worst: Full iron shots.


Dishonorable mention: Everything else including fairway woods right now (for the first time ever).



Hmmm. Looking back over all of that I think it means I better get my ass in gear if I want to play some decent golf this year.

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Last year I was extremely confident from <80 yards with my wedges, while driving was nearing a horrible 25% of fairways hit by season's end. I'm really hoping that is corrected this year. I was battling a serious case of pulls and pull hooks. Most of which stayed in play, but left very hard (if any) second shots. I've calibrated the driver on new settings, bought a new grip and basically overhauled my entire set (with the exception of the driver) with new clubs to get rid of the bad juju!

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I pretty much equally suck at everything..... b4_blushing.gif
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I'm probably best at holing putts. 5,10, 30 footers break or not I make a lot of putts.


I'm probably worst at hitting a soft landing 20 yard wedge shot. I'm working hard at it but its still a dead zone for me.


When I used to play all the time, driving the ball was my strength. The game was much easier when Driver was my best club.

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Driver sucks at this point, it was never really great but livable, went to a stiff shaft per my instructor now I have a bad slice.

Par 3's are still giving me a issue but that is just mental at this point and has gotten a little better.


Putter has always been the one club I could count on.

My game is so inconsistent at this point, never really know what my round will turn out to be.

So I just have fun and take what I get.

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Originally Posted by ditchparrot19 View Post

If you did an honest assessment of your game, what would you pinpoint as the strongest and weakest aspects?


How about you?

This is a great question because I've been thinking about this for 45 minutes now (off and on ;-) ... I'm not that obsessed) and I still don't know the answer.  I do know that driving is my weakest part.  I have a hard time getting through an entire round without at least one double bogey or worse, and they are almost ALWAYS caused by wildness off the tee.


But I have no idea what my best aspect is.


In looking at my stats online, I'm going to have to go with putting as my best stat.  In my last 5 rounds I've averaged 30.2 putts, and over the course of the last 20, I've averaged 1.7 per hole.  And, yes, I recognize that these numbers are skewed towards the positive by my inability to hit greens and my fairly decent (and improving) ability to pitch the ball.  I'm pretty confident on my mid/short putts too ... like, inside 8 feet or so.  (So, why am I buying a new putter then??) :-P

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Worst: Driving. I'm good for a few snaps and slices each round. It usually doesn't hurt me on my home course but anywhere with significant O.B. off the tee and you can pretty much add 4-8 strokes to my score in "re-tee" penalties!


Best: Wedge play. Full shots, pitches, sand shots, chips. I'm pretty confident from 130 yards and in with my PW, GW or SW in my hand.

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Worst to best:

Driving consistency- longish, but tend to either put it to either side about 1/2 the time

Long Irons & fairway woods- same as driving. directionally challenged at times.

Sand play- not bad but could be better

Approach Irons and chipping- Yardages are pretty dialed in for the 7-SW so I can hit the greens pretty consistently

Putting- Can go 4-6 rounds without a 3 putt sometimes. But that is in some part due to the chipping ability getting it close enough to not worry about 3 putting in the first place.

My bugaboo that drives ME nuts is the way a game falls together on different occasions. I may drive like a tour pro hitting all the fairways, but have issues with approaches. Or I'll be spraying the driver around and recovery play is magic. Yet the score will hover around the same. Maybe 2-3 times a season I'll put them together, but of course that's when I'm NOT with my usual buddies.
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10 - absolute were I want it to be

7 - acceptable but things can be tweaked

5 - So So, needs work

3 - weakness, but not glaring



Driver - 6

Long Irons - 6

Mid Irons - 5

Short Irons - 5

Bunkers - 6

Pitch Shots - 4

Chip Shots - 4

Long Putts - 5

Putts Inside 15 feet - 3


Overall I don't see glaring weaknesses. The putting inside of 15 feet is more of an equipment issue, than a stroke issue, but still sucks. Still work to do. 

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Originally Posted by ditchparrot19 View Post

I'm at 45 percent on sand saves since I started keeping track last summer, which I'd imagine is pretty high for someone of my index level.


I rarely hole anything in the 8- to 15-foot range and that's getting frustrating as hell.


How about you?

45% is very good.  That % would have beaten Zach Johnson in 2013.  While most PGA Tour players have a higher percentage than 45%, those guys are the best of the best so the fact that you are close is outstanding.


As to your putting, even PGA Tour players infrequently make putts from 10 feet or more.  The best putters, over the course of a year, might make 10-15% of 10 footers and that percentage drops drastically as one goes out further.  So don't despair.


As to me, my game is pretty shaky at times but when I am playing well, driving is my strength.  I put the ball in play with decent distance for an old guy.  Approach shots from 200 to 150 yards is my weakest area.  I realize that for most people, those shots are tougher than most.  For me, however, my game from those distances is closer to a 15 handicapper than a 8-9.  I often have a lot of damage control to perform when playing from outside the 150 marker.

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Best is driving - intentionally not long & have developed a nice easy tempo driver swing which is almost always in play now - makes the game so much more fun.     2nd best is greenside chipping & short pitches (it surprises me how often I hole out - but I do practice this more than anything else).    Worse is probably GIR with longer clubs

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My strengths are mid iron play. But if you can't get the driver in the fairway, it affects my scoring. Driving is too inconsistant. I'll smoke a drive 280 in the fairway on one hole, then the next hole i'm in the trees. LOL


I would say I'm pretty decent in the bunkers, and my putting sucks in the spring, but then improves throughout the summer.


I also have a problem after a bad shot, I lose concentration and start hitting more bad shots.

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Weakness: Driving consistency/distance

When my driver behaves my max drive is around 230 and that isn't all the time so I usually end up using my 3 wood which goes about 200 yds. This makes long par 4's tough for me.

I also really suck out of bunkers

Strength:Short Irons

I'm totally dialed in from my GW to my 8 iron. Consistent distance and usually very straight. I worked a lot with my 7 iron and SW at the range to try and expand my comfort zone. Will see if this has any improvement tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

I pretty much equally suck at everything..... b4_blushing.gif



With that said, I can relate!    My stats are pretty consistent from one stat to the next..........all pretty much within the same range for what you'd expect.   All are relatively equally good or sukkky depending on the perspective. 

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Like some have said, my strengths and weaknesses slowly change... Lately, my driving has been my biggest strength. I hit it pretty long and pretty straight, with a few big hooks or slices a round when my tempo gets too fast or slow. My biggest weakness is short iron shots. Too often I push or pull them, or just line myself up wrong, and I'm too far from the pin for a reasonable chance at birdie (or par). 

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