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How do you mark your ball for identification?

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I used to put my initials on the ball ... but I didn't want people seeing how bad some of my tee shots were in the trees so now I put circles around the numbers on the ball.
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I used to write 'TLC' on the ball... but I've switched to using a turtle to mark mine.  I mark them when I buy a new dozen so they're ready to go. I'll rotate between blue and orange turtles... so,

I put an underscore below the last e in bridgestone on my b330-rx


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I put a blue cross over the brand name.

i found a pro v1 the other day that had a red dot above the brand about 3 dimples up, and a blue dot below the number in the same area. I thought the colors were pretty neat, so i might start doing the two different colored dots for provisionals.
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I use a Line-M-Up Pro to draw a black line extending the name/alignment of the ball while keeping it visible, e.g.) ------------ ONE VAPOR ------------
I used to fill in 3 dimples below the number with a red sharpie, but I don't bother anymore.
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Using a red Sharpie I put a 'X' through the number on both sides of the ball (about 1/2 " in size). The red makes it easy to spot even from a distance and I've never even found a ball with that same marking.

I do this with Titleists and Callaways. With Nike's, I make the swoosh an X by putting a line through it. Yes, I'll play about any ball...

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I black out the number on my ProV1s with a black dot.

I used to be really paranoid about the number ball I used (the lower the number, the better I'd play), but I can't really afford to get a dozen balls and only play the #1 balls! So blotting out the number solves that problem.
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| | O | | O

Is this supposed to be binary for 54?

I use Callaway tour I balls and they have the 6 deeper dimples that are spaced equally apart across the ball and I put a green dot in each. Makes mine distinguishable no matter how it sits.
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I extend the side stamp to make a decent putting line, while still leaving the side stamp visible. I also put a ligature of my initials, "BE" with the "B" turned backwards, to the right of the number on both sides of the ball. All done in blue sharpie.
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I asked my wife to come up with some clever dot design or something, but she's been putting it off. So I usually either put a couple dots under the stamped number. Usually two for the first ball I'm using and three for the one in my pocket so that I can tell a provisional apart from the first ball without rummaging around to make sure I've got different stamped numbers. If I lose one of them, I'll mark another so I always have two different marks. I'm clearly not the only one who's thought of this, but it's always been enough when I play alone. If I'm playing with a group, I'll usually write "J1" and "J2" on the ball and backup really big to make it as easy as possible for them to help ID my ball if they see it. It's kind of ugly, though...
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I used to use three dots in a triangle around the number. Two on top and one underneath. Then I ordered personalised balls from Golfsmith with my initials on them. Too easy.
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Note: This thread is 1853 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I've hit a few which I have found and they didn't impress me with anything outstanding. Other than it's designed for the budget minded golfer versus a player who wants a better performance ball. IMO, some players typically try various products, while others are set in their ways. Most better players are typically reluctant to switch ball brands under any circumstances. I'll curse at my buddy who's a Bridgestone Rep who throws the tour ball at me when we golf together. I never liked the "feel or the fact it will not stop downwind very well", but have played them and scored very well. Like they say "It's never the Indian, so it must be the arrow"  😁
    • Next time you see someone on a c*****v****e "news" program pose this question EXACTLY as you have (funny that), ask yourself why they simply pose the "question" as a "talking point" or rhetorical question. They will NEVER ask the question and then go to someone who can actually it - as people on this site can easily do. You'll just see a row of people smugly nodding their heads and smiling as if it' sa "gotcha" question. Problem is, they know that if someone was allowed to answer it, they'd be seen for what they really are. You will NEVER see famous TV  personality X say: "If a person is worried about getting COVID, and they get the vaccine, the vaccine protects them, correct?  Then why should they be concerned if I didn't get the vaccine? Here's expert Y to answer that question."
    • Mattm16... by any chance does the "16" that follows your moniker refer to your age?  If so, that could explain a lot.  I was cocky, sure of myself, hardheaded and knew much, much more than everyone who was older than me when I was 16.
    • Exactly - the notion that opinions deserve "equal time" seems pervasive.  If 99.9% of credible scientists believe something and 3% of people with no education "think" something (with nothing to back them up) they demand that their "opinion" be respected. Without any sense of irony, @mattm16 acknowledges that he "thinks" certain things but cannot justify them. He actually said the following - could there possibly be a more anit-intellectual admission? "I don't have facts to back up what I think.  I just think certain ways."  @mattm16 2021  
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