Whats in my bag:
Driver 12*- R11s (normally set to 13.5*) - 215-245 depending on couse conditions and weather.
3w 16* - Ping K15 - 195 off deck and 200-215 off the tee
5w 19* - Ping K15 - 185
4h 23* - Tour Edge Trilogy - 175
5h 26* - Tour Edge Trilogy - 165
Irons - Ping G25
6i -150-155
7i - 140-145
8i- 130-135
9i- 120-125
PW - 110-115
UW (50*)- 100-105
SW (54*) - 85
LW (58*) - 70
Putter - Odyssey Dart
All my clubs are Reg flex

I also have a Tour Edge Trilogy 4w and 7w that I mix in every now and then. Especially in cooler temps and soggy conditions as the Trilogies work better out of the rough than the K15 fairways do. I hit the K15's more consistent though.
I've looked at the hybrid sets, most notably the Adams V3R set but just couldnt get past the bulkyness look of the 7i-PW.
I've also dabbled with using a Ping G10 32* hybrid in place of my 6i but found it to be a little on the erratic side. Great for shots from the FW, rough and bad lies but found I was more consistent on par 3's with the 6i.