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Counterfeit Clubs

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So I’ve recently been shopping clubs on eBay.  Got a great condition used Cleveland LW and purchased a new ping putter as a favor for my father. Both seemed like reasonably good deals and were purchased from golf stores that at least appeared to be in the USA.

I was reading the Ping website about the high numbers of counterfeit clubs out there.  Has anyone heard of problems with this before?  Can you really trust anything on eBay?

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GaijinGolfer    84

You can trust Ebay if you buy from a reputable seller such as 3balls.  Ive also noticed quite a lot of Ebay sellers that are selling clubs super cheap but are located in China.  I always stay away from those sellers because the shipping can be expensive and is a huge hassle (I once bought a Mizuno JDM putter cover on Ebay and it took almost a month for it to be shipped) and if the seller is in China, chances are the club is a fake.

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B-Con    52
There are some reputable sellers on eBay. RockBottomGolf, for example, puts a lot of their clearance items on eBay as well as their website. If you search this forum for eBay, you'll find a few other threads were specific reputable accounts were mentioned. In general, if they have 5K+ good ratings, they're probably legit. Counterfeiters tend to use accounts with only a few dozen positive ratings and then sell counterfeits until they get shut down. Someone who's doing brisk online golf business is unlikely to intentionally sell you a counterfeit. If you're in doubt, see if the account has a website associated with it. Some of the eBay accounts are run by golf companies (like RockBottomGolf) who can be confirmed separately to be legit.

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NuclearMike    20

Rock Bottom Golf is a good source for clubs at good prices.  I've never had a bad experience with them.  I agree with B-Con that the higher number of ratings will normally indicate a reputable seller.  I bought a counterfeit Nickent hybrid from an online vendor (not through eBay) that I thought was reputable.  They may not have realized that they were selling fakes until I told them about it.  Unfortunately for their other clients they continue to sell the fake club that I bought.  The hybrid I purchased from them is supposed to have a titanium crown and yet magnets will stick to the one they sent me.  When I asked them to check their others (to see if they had a genuine one to sell to me) they admitted that magnets stuck to all of the same club remaining in their inventory and yet they are still selling them on their website.

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Fozcycle    2

Golfetail is another reputable seller of clubs.

I have had multiple purchases from them with no issues at all.

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jldavis73    4

Rock Bottom Golf is good.

If you're looking for new, try DiscountDansGolf.com.  Purchased my irons and C130 bag from them.  Great to deal with!

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