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Annoying Things Golfers Say and Do on the Course

Lag Rag

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i was going to type something, but Roblar summed up everything i would've said quite nicely.  i agree with all of these..

Originally Posted by Roblar

I really don't get too annoyed except for three or four things:

1.  Like Spyder, I always want to putt out --- I've missed more than once from 18" or so, and I want to 'own' my score.  Unless it's match-play, and you're ceding the hole.... let me putt.

2. Like msm87, I don't like to be around intense swearing, club throwing, or other 'violent' outbursts. My brother once kicked his pull cart to pieces.  Stacked the broken parts next to the adjacent tee, and walked off the course.  It made it impossible for me to enjoy my round.  That sort of stuff just takes a lot of pleasure out of the round -- let me enjoy my round, please.

3. A lot of people have mentioned slow play, and I have to admit that I get a bit impatient at times. I figure that just gives me a personality flaw to work on while I'm on the course. On the other hand, my regular playing partner drives me nuts with his pre-shot routine.  He walks up to the ball (and usually picks it up to 'make sure' it's his), stands behind the ball to line up his shot, walks back to the ball, takes two-to-four practice swings, and then addresses the ball.  Now, up to this point, I'm fine.  But then - about nine times out of ten - he stands straight up, steps back, and then walks behind the ball and starts over.  Drives me NUTS!

4. Finally, I show up as a single a lot of the time, and I have almost always had good experiences with the people I've been paired with. However, I really don't like it when people start talking about religion or politics to me.  I've got my views, and I don't want yours -- especially when I'm trying to play golf.

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Another thing I freaking hate is when someone cuts in front of you on a hole. onmy course you could go from hole 4 straight to hole 8 and skipping 5,6 and 7. Thats pretty good if the course is empty and you just feel like playing a few holes after a practice session but who the f**k does that on a busy day and just squeezes in between two groups making everyone behind them wait for them?

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The worst, most irritating thing that can happen (for me) takes place in match play, when opponents try to "get inside your head".  Stupid remarks, like "That put breaks more than you think", or "No pressure on this one" when your putting out for par to win the hole just get to me.  A lot of players think the "mind game" is part of golf and seem to practice it more than their own game.  Just play your own shots and let the scores decide the winners boys, if you can't win by playing well, don't try and screw up the other guys game.

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Originally Posted by Damnyank

The worst, most irritating thing that can happen (for me) takes place in match play, when opponents try to "get inside your head".  Stupid remarks, like "That put breaks more than you think",

This (stupid) remark should make that hole much easier for you. No need to putt anymore.

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I agree on that one.  For me the hardest putt to make is a two foot birdie putt.  Once in a while I play with relatives who contnue to say "good birdie" or even try to swat my ball back.  I feel like I have to convince them that I could miss it, then try to make it.  This puts a lot of extra thoughts in a brain that's already full of nonsence!!!!!

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My regular golfing partner isn't good.  He's my "regular" partner because he loves the game as much as I do and he's a good friend.  He's not consistent at anything.  He doesn't do one thing particularly well.  But, half way through the round, after a bad shot, I'll start hearing, "jease, I'm just not striking my irons well TODAY", or, "damnit, I just can't drive TODAY", or, "Jease, my short game is lost TODAY".

I just want to scream at him and ask, "When have you EVER had a good full round striking your irons?", "When have you EVER drove the ball well in a full round?"

But he's a good guy and a good friend.  I bite my tongue and try to "coax" him into more lessons.

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Originally Posted by Pope33  When you hit into someone's yard, JUST LEAVE IT!! It's a $2 ball that now belong to the property owner. The worst is when they play the shot out of the property owners yard (mine)!! When it's clearly white staked all the way around. Com on people

On occasion, I'll mishit my ball into someone's private yard sitting adjacent to the fairway. I never shoot from there, but out of courtesy, I always retrieve it thinking that a grass concealed ball would do a number on their lawnmower.

Originally Posted by newtogolf

The range is a totally different beast.  I have very low expectations for people at the range and I'm usually disappointed.  Last night a guy shows up with a baby in a car carrier.  He proceeds to put the kid in the stall next to him while he gets a bucket of balls and hits his driver in the other.  The kid is screaming and he's just swinging away like the kids not even there.  People are looking over at him like buddy how about taking care of your kid and he yells out "Jesus you guys never heard a f'ing kid cry before?  Mind your own f'ing business".  Ahhh just another day at the range.

But the father is just training his child to be the next Tiger Woods. Didn't Eldridge claim he started learning golf at the age of six months while watching his dad practice?

But seriously, some people are a bit selfish. The sound of that father's driver impact must have been deafening to his child.

My only gripe is when someone gives unsolicited advise on where to aim my putt. It raises doubts if it's different from what I thinking.

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I have two things that annoy me. The first, which seems to affect a lot of us, is slow play. The second is my regular playing partner who seems to take pleasure in all the negatives a whole has to offer (i.e. fairway traps, water, or trees running tight up either side). He is one of my best friends so I usually just thank him for the pep talk.

As far as the father bringing his baby to the range that is unbelievable to me. I have 8 and 2 year old daughters and I couldn't imagine bringing them as babies....what a jackass!

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Originally Posted by MPS67

On occasion, I'll mishit my ball into someone's private yard sitting adjacent to the fairway. I never shoot from there, but out of courtesy, I always retrieve it thinking that a grass concealed ball would do a number on their lawnmower.

I mistrust golfers who come in the yard with a club in hand. Probly partly due to the time I walked out of the house to see a moron who was going to try to hit his ball over our car in order to get to the green. Those who ask to come into the yard are told they are free to look for their ball but not to bring a club in the yard.

On more than one occasion I have hit a ball hidden in the grass with the mower and was more worried about the damage the mower launched ball could do to anyone in it's path.

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Originally Posted by Deryck Griffith

I dislike when walk on the tee of a short par 4 hole that is say, 335 yards and choose to hit a hard 4i onto the "FAT" middle of the fairway and the guy I'm playing with says, "why don't you hit driver????"

Well, cause my drive will probably land in the narrowest area of the end of the fariway that is surrounded with water, rough, bunkers, and everything else...that's why ya dingbat!

i routinely hit 4 iron off the tee on the first hole of one the the 9's at the local course. If i'm playing with someone they always ask. Inevitably I just explain that a 215 yd 4i leaves me pretty much dead on the 150 marker every time, there's 15-20 yards past the 150 that a downhill slope starts...I'd rather leave myself 150 from a relatively flat lie, than 135 on a downslope, or 70 yards out in the rough due to driver...or just going dead OB right with driver. 4 i is the smartest play I can make...since I can't hit my hybrid for crap anymore. I think there are 5 holes of the 27 out there that I hit a 4,5,or 6 iron off the tee just for safety/position sake. Every time someone gives me one weird look, pulls driver, tries to macho it up on the green and usually pulls it in the drink, or pushes it OB :/

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I make an effort to not let other golfers annoy me, it is bad for the wallet.  But I admit I have difficulty with other players that have a running commentary on my game and play.  Even ones that know  what they are talking about (most don't though).  But not being bashful I just ask them to keep any "helpful comments" till the 19th hole and that usually fixes it.  If it doesn't I just return the favor.

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I get annoyed because my golfing partner thinks it's necessary to constantly tell me what the score is in our match (he's usually ahead of me).

I think he must really be insecure or something!!

I tell him I don't really care, I'm just out here to have a good time. He says yeah-yeah then a hole later he's at ot again

It really gets bad when I am actually ahead in the scoring.....I just tell him to wait a few holes...my snowman will show up!!

I have never said a word about the score..even when I happen to be ahead or win the round. It's just not important to me.

By the way we don't play for money, in fact, he won't even keep a running hdcp!!

It's not bad enough to keep me from joining him for a round, but sometimes I think I say some pretty awful things to him.

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This thread came to mind today as I was playing my round. I hate it when groups begin yelling at the cart girl who is two fairways away...she's coming that way, just be patient. Not only is it disrespectful to her, but your loud ass nascar whistling is slightly irritating. The marshal actually had to tell them to hold their horses, she's making her rounds. Thankfully we soon made it far enough away that they were no longer annoying...well, to us at least.

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I can't stand it when people laugh sarcastically after hitting a bad shot

People that complain that you haven't shouted "Fore!" when the ball isn't really anywhere near them

Also, I've played with a few people who, when looking for my ball in the rough, have actually pulled out their phone to time 5 minutes!

Some people, eh...

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    • Agreed. You always seem to have a brain-fart hole where you even just make bogey on a par-five and you’re toast. I usually am able to do it about 1 in 4 rounds, and it’s usually a bogey on a par-five that does me in. (Or the occasional brain-fart 6 on a par-3)
    • This winter I have access to a simulator that is being left with me so I am planning to start working through a few other issues. Nice time to do it when you have 6 months of winter!
    • Getting forward with more shaft lean at impact (and "longer arms" through impact) is a clear top-two or -three priority item. That's why you have a back ball position. You flip.
    • Might look at the Shelta brand hats . Reinforced brim stops flop in the wind. Look a bit dorky but they excell in wind or in a boat
    • I definitely know I have an interesting swing but I can consistently repeat it. I always tell the kids do as I say and not as I do…lol. I actually figured out what I was doing that at least put me back to my normal yardages. My hips were facing the ball at impact instead of being a little more angled forward. I was also cupping a bit, as soon as I fixed both of those my yardages were back to normal.    When I went from hitting my 8 iron 155 to barely hitting it 135 yards it became quite frustrating. There really are no competent instructors near me so I’m mainly left on my own. I coach our golf team so I can usually figure out the fixes but this one took me a while! 
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