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Five albums I am listening to on the Pod today, while I work:

new whit estripes album is fire. have you heard the buena vista social club cd Rhythms Del Mundo, where the "latinize" popular american songs. its pretty sweet.

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Ive been listening to Ti vs Tip, Sublime, The Roots, and John mayer lately

cant wait till late july Talib Kwelis got eardrum coming out and Commons got finding forever comin out

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right now I'm listening to alot of:

willie nelson
johnny cash
gym class heroes
the tragically hip

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Driving in to work this morning I had the iPod on shuffle, and got a really great mix of things: Dance Hall Crashers, Devo (2 in a row), Eels, David Bowie, ELO, Bryan Ferry, The Magnetic Fields, Ben Harper, and Miles Davis.

Albums I listen to recently include
Guided by Voices, Bee Thousand
Dandy Warhols, 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia
Shins, Wincing the Night Away

I also started listening to the GolfSmarter Podcast and the one from this website and really like them.


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In the CD changer in my truck:

Brad Paisley: 5th Gear
Big & Rich: Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
Toby Keith: Big Dog Daddy
Jimmy Buffet: Take The Weather With You
Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams
Trace Atkins: Dangerous Man

At arms reach I also have Eminem, Jimmy Cliff, The Who, Young Jeezy, Obie Trice, Keith Urban and Poison.

On Sirius Radio in my truck it's usually:

Radio Margaritaville
Hair Nation (80's Hair Bands)
New Country

My Space:

My buddy's cover of Walking in Memphis. Check him out.

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Note: This thread is 4363 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Well, apparently they weren’t printing my tickets...  
    • I tend to like it. In most cases, companies changed simply to match what was already happening.  People would, and always have, taken “sick” time for your aforementioned fun things, and still come to work while sick. Trying to verify and manage sick time, especially the one or two days when someone is (or claims to be) sick enough to want to stay home, but not so sick as to warrant the visit to a Dr, is a nightmare.   Now the employee can use their PTO however they want, and the company benefits from an easier to manage system.   Just for fun....the day most often called out for being “sick” is the Monday following the Super Bowl.  Imagine that.      Yup
    • I disagree, and both companies I have been at so far have had the 1 large PTO bucket, and I can't say I've really ever seen someone in the office who was so visibly sick that they shouldn't have been there.  Plus, for people who rarely get sick, the separate sick and vacation buckets would just mean they would either end up accumulating weeks upon months of sick time, or lie about being sick so they could actually use those days, especially if their employer has a "use it or lose it" policy where you can't roll unused days over to the following year. You just said you hated that policy of 1 PTO bucket, but then you said given the choice between those two policies you would choose the 1 PTO bucket. That doesn't make sense. Clearly the 1 PTO bucket must not be that bad of an idea if you would choose it over having separate vacation/sick buckets, right? I have the 1 PTO bucket and I think it is perfectly fine. When I plan out my vacations and other PTO days throughout the year, I make sure I leave a couple days unused in case I get sick, and then if December comes and I haven't used those days yet, I take random Fridays or Mondays off in December since we can't roll any unused days over.
    • so did I - was the classic gym rat with the weights before taking up golf.  Lots of power not too much precision in the beginning.   Over time I've changed workout routines to still get in strength work with weights  but I've incorporated  lots of body weight work, cardio, and flexibility work.   As a result (and I'm sure golf equipment advances help)  I'm tons more accurate.  had my best drive over the weekend that measured 320 in the heat and firm conditions.   I usually carry about 280.   In all I've been working out since I was 26, I'm 56 now. So I think weights should be a part of an overall fitness plan
    • I work for the government, and our sick leave policies are more liberal than most, I would imagine. We can use sick leave for any doctor/dentist appointment. We can also use it for any illness or anything like that. This includes a kid's appointment or illness. We don't have a bright line policy on medical documentation for using sick leave, except for extended leave for childbirth or something similar. I think it's in our supervisor's discretion to request some sort of documentation, but I've never personally had that happen. I can't imagine that happening for taking sick leave of less than 3 days, though. I hate this policy. I think it's shortsighted from management. People don't want to use their days off for being sick; they want to use it for fun things. I think it leads to sick people working more often, getting other people sick, and thus making the office less productive. If the choice is between 3 weeks vacation + 1 week sick time, or just 4 weeks PTO, I would obviously take the 4 weeks. But I would also be coming into work sick more often.
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