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Congratulations Dave, Erik and Mike! You're great guys with great skills and you're going to do great. Oooooffff!

As a (nominally) current student, can I ask what this means for Golf Evolution, Evolvr 1.0 and your position within the general S&T-ish; circle of information?

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Originally Posted by secondary

What do you anticipate the prerequisite to be for potential instructors?

TBD. Quite frankly, though, we're looking for the best instructors in their area that want to be involved.

Originally Posted by Brunogolf

With the flat left wrist that only relates to impact correct?  Or throughout the swing i.e. top of backswing.

Yes, at impact. Plenty of great golfers have cupped or bowed wrists at the top of the backswing.

Originally Posted by Stretch

As a (nominally) current student, can I ask what this means for Golf Evolution, Evolvr 1.0 and your position within the general S&T-ish; circle of information?

Golf Evolution is the name of our group of teachers or, perhaps, our "location" or building or whatever. No changes there.

Evolvr 1.0 we may evaluate. Maybe we'll keep current students on and the last one out can turn off the lights. Not sure.

Our position remains unchanged. We learned and improved what we teach based on some S&T; ideas, but have continued to "evolve" in how and what we teach, and will continue to do so.

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    • Hmmm I realized that match play was hole by hole and having 6 strokes on a par 4 was just loss of one hole and didn't matter like it did of the stick which I couldn't win, I really like match play because I won alot of the time....
    • #40 Would You Rather... 1) Putt on greens that are fast (say 11-12 on the stimpmeter) but relatively flat and somewhat predictable, the major punishment being it will roll forever if you miss the hole.   OR 2) Putt on greens that are average (say 8-9 on the stimpmeter) but have great undulations, shelves that make you have to really think about how the ball will need to roll.    I'll take #1 all day long.   
    • Day 6 - did some pitching practice doing the 4(5?) ball challenge. Used this last week when I played and hit 2 high soft pitches from 20 yards to 5-10 feet. Feels good to hit shots on the course like you hit ‘em in the practice facility…doesn’t usually work the way
    • No, just in that match you didn’t.😀
    • On the course today, but only played nine holes.  Shot a 44, so a good round for me. Missed most of my fairways, but didn’t matter much 2nd shot was normally just trying to get to 30y or so. Never went for the green when beyond 140, except one hole where there wasn’t much danger. Throughout the round, everything was safe. I probably blew 1 putt, and 1 chip onto the green.  But never felt oh dear, this round might go south.  By the 3rd or 4th hole, I knew I’d beat bogey golf.    But here is the thing: i’ve never been more bored playing golf in my life!!  It was just plain boring.  I’m sure if I go out with my friends, who all struggle to break 90, I’d beat them every time.  But, I wouldn’t be having any fun    So, this seems like a safe way of playing, but it does not allow for a real breakthrough round of phenomenal scores.  At the end of the day, it is a lot more fun to go for the green. I probably need to work on getting out of green side bunkers so I won’t be so worried about hitting into them.    thanks for the advice, everyone. 
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