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    • Have her visit Merchant's Square near Willam and Mary. 
    • I do not know why that clip has been edited so, but my favorite part was when he wanders into the wrong door first - abuse.   One of their best, and entirely apropos. Please film that for me.   I'm quite curious about what is the down side is of simply allowing the guys to dominate the courses so that scores dip lower and lower.
    • Here in the Detroit area we are fortunate to have a good number of Ross courses, including a couple City Of Detroit Muni tracks.All the rest I am aware of are private clubs, but I have been fortunate enough to play most of them back in the 80's and 90's. Unfortunately one, Chandler Park was irreparably harmed when they built I-94 back in the 50's. But one Detroit Muni that isn't even in the City itself is still intact, Rogell Golf Course, next to the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak is a fairly unmolested Ross course. Given the entire areas lack of natural elevation changes, without excessive use of bulldozers, Ross displays his mastery of deception with false fronts etc. Country Club of Detroit (private and actually in Grosse Pointe) is a real gem,and a prime example of Ross' genius on flat landscape..
    • I have just reentered the game  in Sept. after a 22 yr hiatus. I have found the clubs I am going to stick with for a while whilst I figure out how well I will end up striking the ball. Today I played two balls off every tee, then hit two from the one I picked, etc. Still shot an 84 on a little 6300 yard track because I have only played 1 previous round with these irons, and (Mainly) my touch and feel around the greens, and especially putting need a lot of work. Mid round I changed the setting on my Taylormade SLDR driver to dead neutral (no, I didn't take a penalty for that). My worst issue with reentering the game as an old wound ball player seems to be finding a ball I like. Well, today under a leaf  I found a Bridgestone B XS with with a lot of what I have been missing with the balls they seem to make today. It was fairly easy to work, but more importantly, it had a nice, active and predictive response to spin imparted with the money clubs on shots under a full swing. I'm going to have to investigate the Bridgestone line further. The Titleist Pro V my coworkers play and got me to try was alright, I could jerk the string on full shots, but for me, it wasn't it for finesse spin on less than full shots.
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