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I won the Jean Forsyth Memorial tournament yesterday with a 77. I also won last Tuesday at Scenic Heights with a 76. I finished sixth, second, and third in some Tri-State PGA events over the last week and a half too.



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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

It wasn't easy, not the final match anyway, but I shot the second best score of all players in qualifying with a +1 74, then won my matches 9&8, 5&4, and 1-up to win my second EDGA Girls Match Play Championship.

Now for some rest!

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

13 minutes ago, iacas said:

Recorded these for her golf website.

:32 laying down the shaft like a boss.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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    • No. They have a minimum size and a maximum weight.
    • It doesn’t matter. Scorecards can say whatever they want.
    • @Vinsk, I’ll delete your posts if you keep posting them in 36 point fonts. Paste as plain text please. We’re not all blind like you seem to be. 🙂 My only other point is this: it’s high time the two of you just made a wager and then let it play out. So do that.
    • You can replace it yourself. They’re not replaceable really. Or get another unit. I’ll message the CEO. See what he has to say.
    • Driver can go just as straight.  You've just got to figure out why for you it isn't.  But before diving into that, you must realize that the less loft, longer shaft, more ball speed, and longer distance is by nature harder to hit straighter.  Driver isn't about hitting it straight; if you can play a predictable and somewhat consistent shape, then do it.  Driver is all about giving yourself as short of a shot into the green, whilst keeping it in play, as possible.  Distance is the premium here, but obviously no good if it's not in play. That said, you need to look at strike first of all.  If you're not hitting it out of the middle, all bets are off.  Start there.  Then look at controlling face to path.  For a functional draw, you want the face to point inside of the path in which you are swinging.  The ball should start right and bend back to target, but optimally not cross it.  The opposite is true for a fade.  There is nothing wrong with a bit of shape so long as you can play it. If you struggle with a push fade (i.e., a ball starting right, going more right), you're starting the ball out to the right and that is fine if you want to eventually get a draw, but you gotta get the ball to curve back.  My suggestion would be to get the feeling of the club head winning the race through the ball, instead of the grip.  This will give you more club head speed and allow the club head to "catch up" and release through the shot.  Be careful not to pull the ball or hit the ball out of the toe in an effort to make the ball draw back; that's a cheater way of doing it that will only bite you. If you struggle with a hook, I really recommend getting a driver that allows you to open the face at address and then gripping the club in your hands with the face open.  That will give you freedom to sling the head but without fear of the ball going left.  I have a Callaway Rogue Draw 9* that I have set -1* and I reinstalled the grip to that change.  Now, my driver sits flush on the ground with an open face to allow me to throw the head through the ball without a hook.  You might wonder why I have a Draw version; I like the draw version because I like the feeling of the weight of the head like that.   If you want advice on how to hit a nice fade, you'll need to talk to someone else haha 🙂.  I don't hit fades very well.  I know the science behind it, but I have a natural draw pattern and I cannot execute a fade pattern; it ends up being a straight push or push fade. 100%.  I understand a person's fear of driver.  I've been there.  It's no fun not being able to play golf because you're losing balls and getting out of position.  You've just got to take time away from playing and go practice and fix driver.  Driver is a must, in my opinion.  You can't get away from it unless you're Stenson.  You're giving up more than you are gaining when you look at the numbers.  It may not seem like it when every tee ball goes OB or in the water, but if you take the time to learn how to hit driver and hit it well, you'll play so much better in the long run.  Driver confidence bleeds into the rest of your game as well.  
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