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CMP Challenge #001 - Pitch Four Balls at Once

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For some reason YouTube doesn't want to process this...here's a VIMEO. Got 3 (2 got up, 1 was basically bladed) on the first pass and got all 4 on the second and third attempt. There was plenty of

Not sure why I decided to set the camera up so close...

About a 25-30 yard swing. First swing felt clunky with the fourth ball, second swing felt better. With the third swing the fourth ball went way left No change in pitching technique, just made sure

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Originally Posted by boogielicious

Nice!  So I guess it's cold AND dark up there in Wisconsin!

Yeah, either that or I was just too lazy to turn all the lights on.

In some indoor places with fluorescent lights, if I film a 240fps, it has a seizure inducing strobe effect.  So darkness isn't so bad!

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Stripper knees.

I should write a book and start a website with **********10 FREE VIDEOS**********

"Learn the one mistake that is costing you 2, 4, 6 even 20 strokes around the greens!"

"Learn how to engage your stripper knees and add up to 20 yards to your green side pitches!"

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Just been trying to find out if there is a standing world record for this....not that i can find, however there is a record for number of golf balls fitted in your mouth (its five). Must be someone up for the challenge (hitting them, not eating them) :-P

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was reviewing quickie pitching video and reminded me of this older challenge - just wanted to give it a bump to see if there were anyone interested trying

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Wow, 2014! Time flies...

This would probably be easier now than it was for me seven years ago.

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    • Or just hit the club that can advance the ball as far as possible while not bringing the penalty strokes into play?
    • I will risk accuracy for distance if it’s still playable and I actually score better that way. If I hit it behind trees and lose balls frequently, maybe a shorter club off the tee is better, but going from a 6 iron to an 8 iron is a big difference. What I remember best from my best round to date was that I felt in control with the driver and could have at it without the fear if a push-slice. I hit fairways, rough and bunkers, but the advantage of being closer is big, even if I find a bunker or the rough. The courses also matters of course. Some people play regularly on courses with few trees and manageable rough. I’ve played on some really narrow courses where a bad shot often is a lost ball. You always have to evaluate the hole and where you are likely to land. On some holes the layout suggests an iron is better, or a wood. On other holes you can go for maximum distance with the driver. It’s easier to use numbers like that with the peofessionals than amateurs, so don’t get too caught up in decimals. Give it a try a few rounds and see what happens, but remember your shot cones and adjust club selections to the hole layouts.
    • In just the past week or so the pool noodles are out of the cups, and rakes are back out.  We've had food and beverage service on the deck all along, with limited indoor seating all along, and we still have limited seating indoors.  We're seeing a lot more two-person carts now as people are being vaccinated, but you can still ride as a single.  We're not planning any shotgun starts for tournaments yet, trying to avoid larger gatherings.  So we're progressing towards normal, not there yet. I think at the local Trump golf club, trolleys aren't allowed, caddies are highly encouraged.  Yet if you go to the home of golf, all the locals use trolleys.  Ah well, we all have our own opinions.
    • Don't worry the toes are in the sandals with the white socks...although sandals with black socks seem to be on the rise and more socially offensive especially in beach climes. 
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