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If You Had Only Five Clubs to Play With…



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  1. 1. What clubs would you choose for a Five-Club Challenge?

    • Driver
    • 3-4 wood (or hybrid 13*-17*)
    • 5-7 wood (or hybrid 18*-22*)
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • PW
    • Gap Wedge
    • Lob Wedge
    • Putter
    • Other (2-irons, more lofted hybrids, etc.)
    • Sand Wedge

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which five would you choose?

I recently was asked to play in a five-club challenge, where you play the whole round with only five clubs at your disposal. Have you ever done this? It's a great way to work on making different kinds of shots with the same clubs.

Though I wasn't able to play in the weekday event, I did start thinking about what I would have chosen to play the event. You can read my strategy in Trap Five after Oct. 12.

What would you choose and why?

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--Groucho Marx

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Well, I picked the "other" category because there was no "Sand Wedge." I love that club and use it for everything I can. So for me, 3-Wood, 5 iron, 8 iron, sand wedge and putter!

3-wood - Good distance off the tee, easy to use off the deck and can be used for chipping, it's versatile!
5 iron - this is the best club in my bag, I hit it the same distance every time on full shots, and have a good feel for it when trying to draw, fade, etc. I love this club, from 120 and out it's my "go to" club.
8 iron - from 120 and in, it's my "go to" club! Makes a nice pairing with the 5 iron.
Sand Wedge - 56/10, reacts lovely to Michigan ground. This is the best wedge in my bag, and it flys high and actually stops when it lands on the green (I suck at trying to spin the ball, so when the ball stops, I love it).
Putter - Though I hardly need this club, I suppose it would be good to carry for those rare incidents when I don't hole out from the fairway or tee.

What's In My Slingshot OSS Bag.

Driver: Sasquatch 460
Fairway: Sasquatch 3-wood
Irons: Idea A2 OS 3-PWWedge: Vokey Spin Milled Sand WedgePutter: Melbourne II

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3-iron, 7-iron, Gap Wedge, Lob Wedge, and putter.

3 iron for the tee shots. 7 iron for most of my approach shots. Gap wedge and Lob wedge because those two clubs are the only ones that I use for 120 yds and in. Putter for obvious reasons.

Driver: 905R 9.5*
3-wood: 906F 13*
Irons: Forged Blades
Wedges: Black Satin SV Tour 52* , 56*, 60*
Putter: FuturaBall: ProV1x or One Platinum---------------------------------------------------------My 2008 Tournament Qualifiers:Tennessee State Match Play - Qualified - July...

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I just picked the clubs that I feel most comfortable with. I just recently got my driver straightened out and I feel really comfortable with it. The only club on there that I don't feel comfortable with is my putter. Still trying to work "Mr. Wobble" out.

Driver - great distance and I am really comfortable with it.
3-iron - i only lose a little distance between this club and my fairway woods and I am a lot more consistant with it.
7-iron - my go to club for approach shots. this is the club I practice most with. If i had to go out with just one club it would be this one (could probably putt with it as well)
PW - Another club I pratice with alot. I have very few mishits with it.
Putter - common sense, my putting is bad enough and would get worse if I had to use another club on the green.

Driver:  Speedline 9.5° w/ Grafalloy Prolaunch AXIS Red Shaft
Fairway:  '07 Burner Fairways
Irons:  Apex Edge 3-W

Wedge:  52° & 58° /  60° 588 Satin

Putter:  Anser 4

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3 wood, 8iron, pw, 60*, putter... best clubs in the bag

What's in SiD's bag

Ogio Stand Bag
910D3 9.5 set to 8.5
907D2 9.5 VS Proto Stif

f3WoodCleveland XLS 15* Stiff

Irons TaylorMade Tour Preferred 4-9

Wedges Gun'd 48* & Vokey 58

Putter 34" XG #7

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We have a similar "4 clubs and a Putter" tourney.

I use a 4 Wood, 4 iron, 7 Iron, 52* GW and a Putter.

In the bag:
Driver: SS 350
3 and 5 Woods: F-50
Irons 3-PW: BH-5
Wedges: MP 52-07, 56-11, 60-09Putter: Bettinardi A-01Ball: NXT TourHome Course: Sherwood Forest GC

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2h- I am confident with it (not to mention I tend to beat the snot out of the ball with this club). It is also the only club in bag which goes farther when I actually try to swing harder

5i- Versitile, I can take a little off this club and hit it anywhere between 160-200 yards

8i- Very confident with this club, couldn't live without it

GW- I need a finnesse club around the greens, and I can still hit it 110-120.

Putter- If you have to ask, you might want to try out www.gardeningforums.com

"There is no miracle tip. Fix your swing."

In the bag:
Sumo2 w/ Aldila VS Proto 60g S
Halo 2h Apex Pro 4-PW Vokey 2 52.08/56.10/60.04 Red X #3 34" Tour Deep
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  • Administrator
I voted for: 3W, 4I, 7I, PW, Putter.

Erik J. Barzeski —  I knock a ball. It goes in a gopher hole. 🏌🏼‍♂️
Director of Instructor Development, 5 Simple Keys®/Golf Evolution • Owner, The Sand Trap .com • AuthorLowest Score Wins • Golf Digest "Best Young Teachers in America" 2016-17 • "Best in State" 2017-20 • WNY Section PGA Teacher of the Year 2019 • Penn-State Behrend Head Coach • • • • • • • • • • :aimpoint: :edel: :true_linkswear:

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

3w - Tee shots and long shots from the fairway
5i - My 175 club
9i - my 130-135 club
LW - Good from 90 and in, plus I could probably do most chips between this and my 9i, and I can hit the LW from the sand.

Bag: Grom
Driver: HiBore 10.5° Fuji Stiff
3W: V-Steel 15° Graphite Designs YS-6 Stiff
3h-4h: Bobby Jones Stiff
5i-PW: CG4 Steel StiffWedges: 588 DSG RTG 52°, 900 RTG 56° Low bounce, Reg. 588 RTG 60°Putter: Dead CenterBalls: Pro V1 Speed Cart V1Home Courses: Riverdale Dunes / Knolls,...

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driver, 6 iron, pw, sw putter im a long hitter and most of the couses i play i hit driver and the most i have a pw into the green so that is an advantage that i have so ill put the scoring clubs in for me and have a 6i to lay up on par 5. with that 6i i can play it like a 5iron or a 7iron if i only can use 3 it would be the driver, putter and pw

Titleist 905R 10.5* w/ Avix Tour Red 69(X)
Titleist 906F4 13.5* w/ Aldila VS Proto 80(S)
Titleist 585H 17 deg w/ S300
Titleist 690.mb w/ S300

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I went Driver, Other (3 Hybrid), 7 Iron, GW and Putter.

Driver and Putter are self explanatory.

7 Iron gives me a club that I can hit from 120-160.

GW gives me 110 and in. I can use it arround the green and if need bee from a bunker.

3 Hybrid I can hit from the tee on tight driving holes and on Par 3's from 175-220. I can also use it from the fairway at about the same distances.
Driver: 9.5° 905R Stiff Aldila NV 65
3 Wood: 15.° Pro Trajectory 906F4 Stiff Aldila VS Proto Blue
Hybrid: 19.0° 503 H Stiff Dynamic Gold S400
Hybrid: 21.0° Edge C.F.T. Ti Stiff Aldila NVS
Irons: 775cb 4-GW w/S300 Sand Wedge: Vokey 58° Puttter: Laguna Mid-Slant Pro PlatinumBall: ProV1Bag: Li...
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Driver - i would pick this so i would get shorter shots into par 4's

5 iron -

7 iron -

PW -

Putter - scoring club

Nike SQ 9.5 w/ ProLaunch Red
Titliest 906F2 15
Miura 202 3-5 Irons
Miura Blade 6-PW Irons
Mizuno MP 51 & 56Yes! Tracy IINike One Black

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Driver, 5 iron , 8 iron gw and putter.

I've done this a number of times and the funny thing is your score doesn't change all that much.

In My Bag: This week
Driver: Nike square Sumo 10.5
4-Wood: Nike square Sumo 14.5
7 wood Cleveland launcher,
5 utility 19* clevelandIrons: 4-7 Titleist 690mb 8-pw Mizuno MP 33Wedges: Gauge Design GAS II 52* and 58* Putter: Scotty Cameron TE 10 2.5TP Mills or Cameron's or Bettinardi's. let me...

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This is a really great topic and it made me think.

I chose the following:


DRIVER - Tight Lies/Graphite/10°
3 WOOD - Sasquatch/Graphite/15°
5 WOOD - Tight Lies/Graphite/19°
IRONS - X-22/Steel/3-PWAW - SV Tour Black Satin/Steel/52°SW - SV Tour Black Satin/Steel/56°LW - SV Tour Black Satin/Steel/60°PUTTER - Black Series #2/34"
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5 I
8 I

Cobra LTDx 9* | Rad Big Tour 15.5* | Rad Tour 18.5* | Titleist U500 4-23* | 718 AP2 5-P | Vokey SM7 50/8* F, 54/10* S, 58/10* S | Scotty Cameron Squareback No. 1 | ProV1  

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