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What is Your Punch-Out Club?

Punch Shot Club  

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  1. 1. What club do you use when you have to punch out from the trees (and keep the ball under the low branches)?

    • Driver
    • Fairway Wood
    • Hybrid
    • 4I or 5I
    • 6I or 7I
    • 8I or 9I

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On 11/3/2017 at 11:06 AM, pganapathy said:

Situation dependent but normal rule of thumb is a 3 iron. Depends on whether there is grass to cut through or not. The more grass and deeper the ball is buried the more lofted club I need

For me, it used to be a 3 iron as in my 2 year old post.  Now that I have removed both the 3 and 4 irons from my bag, it is the 5 iron.  Though I am slowly trying to figure out if I can hit the 4 hybrid better for this shot


5 minutes ago, LAMountaineer said:

My #1 option is the driver.  Whenever I use a hybrid or fairway iron, I usually get the ball to high into the air and into the low-hanging tree branches.  I just choke up on the driver, move the ball back in my stands and swing the club like a putter.  this works great, plus it allows me to pick up some distance (depending upon how hard I swing the club).

This is something I struggle to figure out.  I understand that you have very low loft on the driver, but how are you able to cut through any grass or slightly bad lies in order to contact the ball properly.

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On 10/12/2017 at 10:45 PM, David in FL said:

Usually 5-iron, but I'll use a hybrid a lot too.  The hotter face gives me more distance for about the same swing....

3w for me for the same reason.  Also due to the low loft there isn't much thinking to go on for me; just get up and whack it!

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Not a range rat, but I will practice “get out of jail “ shots. 

3 wood to PW. Depends on the circumstances. To keep a cut very low usually ends up being the 3 wood.

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Most valuable lesson I had was one where my coach had me hitting my pitching wedge - hit it 100 yds and keep it as low as you can. Come on, that's not low. You can do better than that. I've used a GW to get out from under trees. Normally I use an 8i. I seriously deloft it. I've had to get good at getting out of the trees. 

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On 10/13/2017 at 11:41 AM, iacas said:

I use a 6I. I can hit it about 120 yards no higher than about 6-7' off the ground. If I hit a 5I, sometimes I de-loft it so much it doesn't actually get airborne.

I use a 7I sometimes when the trees aren't the typical 7' or 8' like we have around here (oak trees, maples, etc.).

Totally agree re 6I, the problem with the 5I for me is it is just not anywhere's near as reliable as I often lose it of the face or just miss it altogether because it is that little bit longer and flatter. The 6I is the first club in the bag for me that has enough angle and isn't too long, so as I want to keep it as flat as possible and have as much distance choice as possible in a 100% reliable club it's the one for me too, great to have this confirmed as not being a dumb choice!

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It depends on how much room there is for the ball to roll out and how low is low enough.  The club I use most often has 31 degrees of loft but I've used as little as 19 and as much as 42.

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4i works well but can go further than wanted like it did today punching out through a line of 3-4 trees 

So focused on the direction I ended up giving it a touch too much energy going past green.... 

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    • So I've really been working on getting into a "posted-up" position at impact, as I'm hoping it will ensure that my weight and body is in good position to strike the ball more consistently. I've nearly eliminated my dreadful hook with my irons, and the times I do hook, I'm pretty sure it's because I pull up out of my posture and come off the ball. Most of my iron shots now are going straight or fading. I've really tried to feel weight centered, hips turning and bumping toward the target. I'm trying to get my left shoulder low on the backswing and squat into the downswing. I'm still hitting some shots thin, which I'm hoping will resolve with more practice. My woods and hybrids, however, I still have this problem where I'm just spraying it all over. Upon closer inspection with video, I can definitely see I'm pulling up with the driver instead of getting deeper into a squat. I'm hoping for some feedback just to see if I'm on the right track here. I've never looked this good as far as getting my weight back to the left and straightening out the left leg, but I still need to work on getting my hands more in front of the ball and still work more on the "squat" so I don't come up out of my stance. Any idea why I might be pulling up (ie, some kind of compensation my body is trying to make)? I used to think that maybe I was standing to close to the ball, but it doesn't really look or feel that way.   
    • Good points, Knott. I am in the middle of this battle now, as I work on using my chipper. I've been practicing at night at a par 3 golf course, which is packed. I was fine, when there was no people around. Then some folks came up on my right. I said, to myself, oh no, don't shank it to the right, you will hurt these people (luckily I didn't hurt them, lol) and that's what I did-sending the ball to the right. I guess the remedy (hopefully) should be to focus on what I am trying to do. Say things like stick it close or play a low runner. 
    • The one about whether its mechanics or mental. Given the evidence… You should be leaning toward B, no? All I’m doing is asking you to back up your claims and reason through something.
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    • Ooh I didn't realise one could get a badge! Own it, have read it several times.  Have it to hand most of the time. I also own the Pure Strile 5SK book.  Please may I have stickers? 🙂
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