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Day 6 (4/6/21) - Played 18 today at North Kingstown Golf Course and shot a 104, among my worst rounds ever on the course. The greens had been aerated and didn't putt well (38 putts today versus 30 two weeks ago), but that isn't really an excuse. Lot's of work to do!

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Day 90 (6 Apr 21) - Easy pitches with the PW this morning before a long day of work outside doing deck repairs and hot water tank change out at the beach place.  The pitches were simple - used the fire pit in the back yard (about 25yds) as the target.  Stayed focus on P6 before each swing - amazing how accurate the ball is when the swing follows a good release.   Tomorrow, at the beach, so it will be work in the large sand trap with the spare 60deg wedge.  

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Day 477:

Just some indoor putting work on bead (yardstick drill) and some feel drills for my trail leg/hip backswing priority piece. After being awake all night with a dog suffering diarrhea and needing to go outside and shit every 30 minutes and then almost 10 hours at work, actually doing work today, not sitting at a desk, I was too tired for anything else.

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Day 7 (4/7/21) - Practiced hitting chips and pitches with my gap wedge in the yard.

Last week I had watched Erik's videos on chipping and pitching from last year and got the pitching motion with my sand wedge down pretty well.  Yesterday while playing I really "got" how much more margin for error there is in the pitching motion than the chipping motion.  Going to the range tomorrow to hit balls and after will do more work using a pitching motion with my gap wedge. next will try the same thing with a pitching wedge, then 9-iron. 

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Day 178: Played 18 then went to the range to work on driver and 6 iron. Driver was sketchy during the round and I’m still toeing my longer irons. I will film tomorrow and send in to Evolvr.

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Day 45.  As is my usual on a workday, I snuck out to the practice room for a bit.  I hit a few 6-irons out of habit (usual routine), but then switched to hitting half and quarter shots with my U-Iron and 56 degree.  I snap faded two quarter-shots with the 56 (I hit more bad shots with it during my last round), but was otherwise okay.

I assume practicing these, for mechanical purposes, off a mat and into a net, indoors, is okay.  If there's a problem doing quarter and half shots, I'd like someone to tell me.  I feel like I haven't worked on my mechanics for these in a while, and that's what I'd like to do a lot of, and then go practice on a real green with them to hone distances. 

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Day 91 (7 Apr 21) - sand bombs on the beach with the 60 wedge.  Actually it was the club bombing the sand, using the weight of the wedge to bomb the sand and work the bounce.  Worked the drill with the lead hand, trail hand and both hands. 

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Day 8 (4/8/21) - Hit a medium bucket (70 balls) at the range today. Focus was on (i) hitting PW, UW and SW with a pitching motion (about 25 balls) and (ii) full swings with the 5SK "steady head" drill (about 40 balls) with PW, 7-iron, 5H and Driver.  I focused on feeling the stretch on my right side in the back swing and keeping my eyes focused directly on the ball. 

After finishing on the range, I went to the pitch and putt course and hit 9-iron, UW and SW to greens with the pitching motion.

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Day 92 (8 Apr 21) - Target practice today with the small (12"), med (16") and large (24") yard targets, whiffle balls and the 8i and 50* wedge.  Focused on getting the balls as close as possible - with a steady head/side wind it also meant working the shot to compensate for wind factor.  Though the shots were only 25yds or less, I could imagine I was on some windblown course approaching from 130 yds (the max of what I tend to shoot the 8i) and having to work the shot with the wind.  Much more mind work than mindlessly hitting balls around the yard.   Also mixed in with the white and orange whiffle are the Skilz yellow/black balls which allow you to see the spin (or lack thereof) when hitting.  

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Day 25. 

Range time.  Went in planning to try some long iron vs hybrid experiments.  Unfortunately still had some lingering shoulder issues and had to back off.  Chipping work instead.  Grabbed the 54 and swapped between high and low shots at varying targets.

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    • It doesn’t have Bluetooth.
    • Close enough for me. 🐸 Hovland was outside the cut line at +4 after 11, then found an eagle and three birdies to finish at -1 for the tournament. The eagle and one birdie were even chipped in. I like the leaderboard at this point.  Great finish by Zalatoris too, with five birdies on the last 8. Saturday could be interesting. Predicted more wind, showers and even thunderstorms. Leaders are going out into the worst part of it too. BDC finally got something going too, so he's still in it, especially with the weather coming up. Just six back before Saturday. DJ, Rory and Brooks were pretty far out of it.
    • It does. But you can also connect to the computer. I’ve only done that once to download a firmware update a couple years back.
    • Classic doesn’t connect via phone …?
    • Borked?😀 That’s a new one for me. I have Classic, but have not had to do a upload from my Mac. The rounds upload through the app. Maybe I’m missing something?
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