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Finish the sentence: 2018 was the year of (player)

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2 hours ago, TheMrLandon said:

In order, I'd say:

1. Tiger

2. Koepka

3. Molinari

If someone argued for Brooks or Molinari above Tiger, I'm not sure they'd be wrong. 

It’s the year of Tiger. The comeback and the build up to his eventual win was what this entire year has been about. Brooks had a POY 2018 no doubt about it, but he still doesn’t move the needle like Tiger. Molinari also had a fantastic year. However, as great as the other two performed this year, 2018 will me known for Tigers comeback over everything else. 

Also...this would make a great poll question. 

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Tiger is probably the right answer because he dominates everything when he's playing. Him winning was undoubtedly the biggest story of the year.

From a pure golf perspective, 2018 was the year of Koepka. But I think he was still behind Tiger.

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Every year is the year of Tiger on the pga tour.  

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It was the year of the golf ball that goes higher, straighter, and longer.  It was the year of the golf club that offers both explosive distance and maximum forgiveness.  Did I mention that the golf ball has amazing soft touch around the green?  In short...2018 was the greatest year (yet) to be a golfer.

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