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An Incredible Year

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So has anyone else had a good year? What are some of the accomplishments for your golf career this year? Tournament win? Hole-in-one? Breaking a best score? 


I have personally had an incredible golf year!!! I won my Club Championship, Presidents Cup tournament, and now today we won our team play league… Plus I have a few first place finishes from some mens club tournaments. And I shot my career best low round to date. Man, if I were a pro i'd be a Millionaire by now. Hahaha

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Wow, great playing this year!  I had a hole in one and that was about it, lol   Played in a few tournaments and just didn't make enough putts, hit the ball pretty good though.  I've become too much of a range rat ;-)  I'm a member at Bernardo Heights in San Diego, let me know if your ever in town and we'll play some golf

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Scoring wise it was not a good year at all. However, considering I played only a handful of times in 2009 and only once in 2010 this year has been great. Played about 50 rounds so far in 2011 and finally loosened up my back enough to get rid of my wicked hook. It's nice to be excited about the prospect of going to play golf rather than dreading what the result is going to be.

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Broke 80 3 times, found a better swing. Back is stronger than last year.


Nothing amazing, but a good year

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Holed out four times this year once from the sand for par once for my first ever birdie and twice for par including during my last round before knee surgery. 

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made some swing changes over the winter

really struggled out of the gate and was as high as a 6 index

there was a point where breaking 80 was tough for me


then I had a turning point (honestly I think it was switching from blades....uuhhgg again) and dropping the 4i for a 23º hybrid

once i put the S56's in the bag and the A12 hybrid, i was having some incredible scores

my low of the year was a 71 on a decent track here


last year held a 2 index basically on one course, this year i held a 2.4 on like 10 courses (no membership this yr)

but i played ONE tournament all year...lat yr I played almost 8 i think?


not sure, but just had ZERO interest in competing

really nothing to prove i guess?? not sure

maybe next yr ill get the tourney bug back again, well see



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It's been my best season to date. I started taking lessons, I practiced more often, I practiced the right things, and I lowered my index to an unofficial 14.6 from something like a 22.7 at the start of the year (I had gotten it lower but took a step back recently, but I'm still very happy). I am definitely NOT looking forward to the season ending. Oh how I envy you Southerners. 


PS- Keep in mind that this is a home course handicap. I played a totally new course this past weekend and I shot a 92 from the mens tees (about 6400 yards). I definitely felt like a fish out of water on the first 3 or 4 holes. Also, I've never played in a tournament, so feeling pressure beyond just simply trying to break personal scoring barriers has been nil in the tournament sense.

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my best year so far.  everything finally clicked around june and i've been dropping strokes big time.  i went from a 16 to a 10 this year.  no single change helped me, just everything has been working much better.  i credit lots and lots of practice and playing. 

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Well Im glad to hear others are having good years also! Its not always about the win, sometimes making a great shot can make a year successful! Keep posting guys, its nice to hear the good stuff in golf!

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My scores ranged between 79 and 82 for my last dozen rounds so I won't be winning a lot of "net" tournaments. I finished just above .500 in league play (matches) and our team won our division, but my two net scores in the playoffs were 73 and 69. It's not often that I'm accused of being a sandbagger. I didn't play in our Club Championship because I took my family on a much needed long weekend to the mountains. Shot an 80 at Banff Springs and hit my longest drive ever on the 15th (hit a big hook that followed the dogleg left - lasered at > 360 yards - thank you mountain air!! - and yes I missed my short birdie putt). 

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I had an all around horrific year of play! The saddest part of all is that I wasn't able to make it out enough to get in the requisite playing time. I'm looking forward to dividing my time a bit better next year.

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Mediocre year here.  Started the year with an index of 4.  I've worked hard on my swing with a really good teaching pro.  I'm now a scrambling 5.2.  I'm hitting 70+% of fairways, but only about 50% of greens.  The changes to my swing are taking longer than I'd hoped to really take effect.  It's been a year like no other when I'm standing over mid and long irons with little confidence in my swing.  Hopefully I can get it grooved better this fall so work through the winter can start next year off right.


On a positive note, my putting is better than it's ever been.

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Set some specific goals (GIRs, UP & Down %, Putts per GIR %) that I felt would lower my scores.  Finally got down to the plus side of scratch.  Two things that I felt made the difference: 1) Bought a tour striker club and immediately improved my ball striking, which led to more GIRs. 2)  Stopped videoing my swing on the range, and went with the "feel" that produced the best shots.


Going forward, putting is the next obstacle.  Need to drop the putts per GIR %.

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I was just very happy to finally be back out on the course after 8 years of highschool/college this year. My scores were satisfactory and I finally got a chance to really work on all aspects of my game. Shot a season best 81 on the last course we played (and probably will be the last of the season). Now I get to plan out a training/workout program for the winter so I'll be ready to go again in the spring!.

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Had an eventful year here.  On the heals of making my first ace on a par-4 last year, I followed it up this year with a double eagle and a hole-in-one (par-3 this time).  This years hole-in-one was very special to me however because I now have made eagle or better on all 9 holes at my golf course.  My career best score on the nine holes is eagle, eagle, eagle, ace, double eagle, ace, ace, ace, eagle that equates to 15 or -21.  As far as tournaments go, not much to report there.  Did win the member/guest and member/member and our club championship is a couple of weeks away, but my game is struggling pretty bad right now.  Wish I could have played more tournament golf but it was a tough year here as far as business went and with the big drought we had I spent most of my days and nights trying to keep the grass watered and alive.  Maybe next year. 

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I had a good year, got my first ever eagle and also broke 80 for the first time (78), My driving is still unpredictable and will be my first priority for the start of next season. But my ball striking, short game and putting have never been better and I am already excited to play next year. I hate winter.

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I had three goals this year, to reach an 8 handicap, shoot par or better on 18, and to win a tournament.  I reached a 7.7 handicap with the last release and should be a 7 with the next one so I passed that goal which I am really excited about. The golf pro at our course told me the other day if I keep practicing like I did this year I should easily get down to a 2 or 3 next year, great thing to hear at the close of our season. A week or so ago I shot a 71, one under so the second goal was accomplished. I played in a 2 man scramble a couple of weeks back and my partner had a tough day, didn't use many of his shots at all but I was just on fire and we ended up winning the tournament by seven strokes which felt great. SO I hit all three of my goals this year, now time to start thinking about next years goals!

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Some great stories guys!  Keep'em coming.....

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