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On 7/13/2020 at 8:12 AM, Papa Steve 55 said:

We have a small store in town. I know the owner so hopefully she will not steer me wrong. I'm not sure about THC content. I don't have to worry about passing a drug test, but not sure if i want to go with it or w/o. So more reading...

You can get broad spectrum without the THC and still get the benefits. 

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Hey gang.

I've personally never tried CBD. I'm wondering if anyone out there uses or has used it? What did you think? Did it help? 

Here's a link to an article which I found interesting.

https://southamptongolfclub.com/cbd-for-golfers/#:~:text=CBD oil can be taken,inflammation%2C and promotes sleep quality.



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After a month of using it I saw no help on my glucose levels. Also no help on arthritic pain in my hands. It helped me sleep I think, about the same as a Jack N Coke. Sitting around the fire pit is more fun that so I think I'm done with this experiment.

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    • Day 100.  Played 18 with a friend.  Five sevens, but no sixes.  Shot a 94.  Six GIR.   I'll do the GG thing later to figure out what's been going on. 
    • I have a TheraGun knockoff; KRAFT. Have had it for two years now. It is quiet (60dba); has three speeds 1800, 2100, 2400 - I usually use 1800 with the ball attachment. Once a day minimum I use it all over - well what I can reach - soles of my feet, calf muscles, front and back of upper legs, glutes, upper back - particularly the area between neck and shoulder and about 6 inches down. I will also take it to the course and use on the upper back - as that tends to tighten up during the round. Here is a youtube video by Bob & Brad (Physical Therapists) - they post lots of helpful videos.       
    • It’s kind of a weird situation, though, because the guy improved to the point that he wouldn’t even qualify for the flight he’s already in. I’m assuming the competition is gross scoring within the flight.
    • 79 today for a differential of 5.8. Ball striking with the irons was better but my wedges and putting were awful. Couldn't control the distance or direction at all with how bad I was striking it for some reason. SG (compared to scratch) Driving: 2.49 Approach (>100 yds): 0.19 Short game (<100 yds): -2.66 Putting: -2.40 I also track the "Tiger Five," which is a better way of quantifying all the silly mistakes I make during my rounds. These were: Bogeys on par 5s: 0 Double bogeys: 0 Three putts: 4 Bogeys with 9-iron or less: 2 Blown easy saves (which I quantify as any nGIR that isn't in a bunker/deep rough or terribly short sided): 3
    • Very recently a thread was started here about PingEye2 iron sets and subject was some folk (experienced players) were seeking out these clubs to play AGAIN.  I have played Eye2 irons for many years, now on my second set as the first set was stolen.  As old as this design is, people have always got good memories and respect for these clubs.  and you can find sets for $100 or less ALL DAY LONG.  Buy a set, re-grip, and he's set up - to see if he likes the game.  With the difference from buying sets suggested, you have $$ for that driver and putter (these clubs will be more per each than a couple sets of Eye2s). and a bag. Be sure to put new 'velvet' grips on the properly fit clubs (according to the Ping site) and your son will have the best starter set he could find - and he may just play them for years to come.  You know, you're Ping.  PS - I had been planning on a new set of irons just because but when I tuck one up close from 100 or 150 yards, I forget about it.  I am shopping putters tho.    
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