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2021 (2020) Ryder Cup


2021 Ryder Cup  

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  1. 1. Who will win the 2021 Ryder Cup?

    • Europe
    • U.S.A.
    • Tied (Europe Retains)

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I just read an article that said all but one spot is known for Stickers picks. Can’t wait to find out who makes the team.  Any thoughts on pairings? I know tough since team is not fully formed. Calling the Thomas/Speith pairing. No brainer for Stricker. It is all but set. 

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On 8/30/2021 at 10:57 PM, klineka said:

Based on what logic? 

All around Harris English is a better golfer than both Horschel and Kisner, and it's not even really that close honestly.

English is the only one out of the 3 who has positive strokes gained in all 3 areas of tee to green this season (strokes gained off the tee, strokes gained, approach, and strokes gained around the green)

English is also ranked higher in strokes gained putting than both of them too.

English hits it further off the tee than both of them too. (299 yds vs 294 for horschel and 289 for kisner)


And you're choosing both of them over Xander too?? Xander is better tee to green than English is, and only a slightly worse putter than English, so the gap between Xander and Horschel/Kisner is even bigger than the gap between English and Horschel/Kisner.

Plus Xander averages 307 off the tee, which is further than English, further than Finau and only 1 yd behind Rahm, both of who are pretty widely known for their distance too. 


I'm just really struggling to understand what logic and facts lead you to believe Horschel and Kisner would give the US a greater chance of winning than Xander and English.

I think he likes Horschel and Kisner because they have proven themselves as great matchplay players. Horschel reigning WGC matchplay champion and Kisner with a 1st and a 2nd in the last 3 WGC matchplay events. Not choosing the reigning world champion in matchplay for your RC team would be pretty crazy don't you think? Regardless of what the strokes gained stats say. 

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23 minutes ago, iacas said:

When are picks actually made? I've done some searching and it says "less than a week after the Tour championship" and stuff, but when specifically?

Stricker is naming them on Wednesday.

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9 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

Stricker is naming them on Wednesday.

I feel like that's some weird state secret or something. 🙂 I only looked for a few minutes, but you'd think that information would be a bit easier to find.

Thank you.

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2 minutes ago, iacas said:

Wow so he went with Scheffler.

Olympics likely had some strong bonus points for him.

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6 minutes ago, DeadMan said:

I think those are good picks. I wonder what happens if Brooks cannot play because of his wrist injury - who does Stricker go with then? 

I'd guess either Reed or Na.  Not sure how bad Brooks' injury is, but I hope he can make a call early enough, one way or the other.

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1 minute ago, iacas said:

Highly doubtful. 😄

Seeing as he didn’t go to them.

LOL....my bad....I was reading "Schauffele"....duh!  


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    • I’ve got a bit of golf to catch up on here. A combination of good, bad and ugly. 10/23: First is The Cardinal. Not much to say about this round, so I’ll go ahead and say I shot 99 there from the blacks (72.3/137). Not a great round but it’s a tough course. And I twisted my ankle on the 7th hole so I was happy to have finished at all. My dad and I played an excellent match and it came down to the last hole. He ended with an even 100.  10/25: Back to the ol’ faithful Umstead Pines. Ugly start: +12 through six holes but I regrouped on the seventh hole and bounced back to shoot 93.  10/27: Yesterday was interesting. I decided to move up to the whites for nine holes to see what happened. Parred the first hole, but followed that with three bogeys (at least one of which should’ve been a par) and a double. Five over through five, and then I parred in for a 41. Then my coach invited me to play nine holes with him. I was a bit pressed on time, so I only played seven holes, but we had a great match. We both parred the first hole, then he parred the next three and went up three with three to play. I won the fifth with a bogey when he duffed a chip, then won the sixth after throwing my 60-yard approach to within a foot. He won the last hole, but I gave him a run for his money!   Saw a little dip in the handicap. Was 11.3, down to 11.1 after the paired nine. I’m hoping to get back out to the course tomorrow!
    • @DaveP043 is pretty knowledgeable with this stuff.
    • Has anyone played this format? It's kind of like a Stableford in that it has points for eagles, birdies, pars, etc., but it's different. For an explanation click here. In our league we normally play weekly individual stroke play contests with handicaps but the thought was it would be a fun mid-season break to have some sort of team competition as well so I'm trying to set up something like this for next year. The question I have though is how should we handle things if the number of guys who want to play is not divisible by four and we end up with one or more threesomes? Someone suggested that it shouldn't matter since it's each individual player's handicap that determines the team handicap which is what is used to set the team's quota. I'm thinking there would need to be some sort of reduction to the threesome's team quota that would have to be factored in or else they would be at a disadvantage.  Does anyone have experience with team tournaments with a mix of threesomes and foursomes?          
    • This is an absolutely horrible take. That is not anywhere close to the best way to determine the best team in college football. All that does is rewards schools for playing in weak conferences. Not all conferences are equal. The top team in multiple conferences is often worse than the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th best team in other conferences. There are at least 6-7+ teams in both the Big Ten and the SEC alone that would be favored heavily over whoever the conference champ is from the Mountain West, the MAC, etc. Based on your logic, one of each of the two teams like SDSU/Utah State in the Mountain West, Kent State/Northern Illinois in the MAC, and Appalachian State/Coastal Carolina in the Sun Belt would be in the playoff, and with only 1 at large bid for a non-conference champ, that means a number of very good football teams would be left out of the playoffs entirely including potential teams like Alabama, OSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State.  Please explain why a team like Utah State, Kent State, or Appalachian State would deserve to be in the playoff over any of those schools I just listed. Simply "Winning your conference championship" is not enough for me, not when there is such disparity between conferences.  How does your method prove who the best team in college football is for a given season?
    • Awesome, @Shindig. For those interested, I'm likely closing this out at the end of the month. LIST OF GEARS-Heads: @Vinsk💰 @boogielicious 💰 @Darkfrog 💰 @Chris Brooks 💰 @cipher 💰 @ChetlovesMer 💰 @billchao ✅💰 @saevel25  ✅💰 @GolfLug ✅ @BradSomrak @coachjimsc @bjfox10 ✅💰 Local Player DR Local Player BT Local Player ST @Shindig
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